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Joss Sci-Fi Drama The Nevers Ordered at HBO.

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    Originally posted by BtVS fan View Post
    People turned against Joss because of his arrogance and how he treated his wife. Alsohis6 scripts like Wonder woman were pretty awful too
    But that doesn't mean that ever article about Joss needs to keep bringing it up over and over again.

    I honestly don't think that Joss is anymore arrogant then other writer's in Hollywood.

    Yes he cheated on his wife, but cheating on your wife as horrible as it is is not a crime. Plus we need to take what his wife said with a grain of salt.

    Also his Wonder Woman script was not a final script.
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      Amen! I think A LOT of Joss' issues has been overstated. Grrr arrg!
      Don't get me wrong, I never felt that he was infallible. Far from it.
      I mean I never cared for Angel or Dollhouse. Wasn't even that big on either Avenger movie.
      Personally (as fan of good TV) am rooting for The Nevers.