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  • Skye

    I didn´t wanna say more in the description because it could be considered spoiler had someone not seen the latest episode.
    But now that you´re here, you´re aware: So, what did you think of Skye being shot?

    I was surprised and not expecting that at all, and also the scene was very well done. That second shot really gave us a sense of peril and that we might lose her.

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    I was surprised they actually had him pull Skye in for a hug a shoot her again, and it is medically wrong but I did like the image of the team lifting her into the tank. It felt like they were a family there, something I haven't been feeling before.

    Although I do see where some of the people who don't like her are coming from. Coulson and May puting up with her snark doesn't make sense when she comes off as Dawn-like a lot of the time, not Buffy like. Tryig to make her seem "special" as a "hacktivist" when SHIELD should have a whole computer division didn't work if we never saw proof Skye was actually doing more then pressing buttons. Her quest for her parents, while understandable, defanged any point she may have had about SHIELD being underhanded. And at times it seems like they want her to be the main character at the expense of the apparent lead Coulson.

    There is no way she'll die and her having a power was no surprise. This may tie into the half-answer they gave to how Coulson came back. Of the theories I've heard I like the one about Skye being part Inhuman the best.


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      I agree, they felt like a family and a team at that moment.

      I don´t know about you but I would like to see Skye die, just to change the show a bit.


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        It won't happen. They've spent way to much time trying to make her either the center of the show, or the secondary next to Coulson, and this will probably reveal whatever her power is. And this is a major network show, at 8:00 PM no less, so their are certain lines any experienced TV viewer knows they won't cross. And on top of that, it's a comic book show, so they have a real challenge if they want death to mean something. They already had one fake-out with Mike.

        This isn't really the fault of the show, it's part of a bigger trend why the networks are generally in a decline in the ratings, and a lot (not all) of critical acclaim is going to cable or even Netflix shows now.
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          Do you think the show will be renewed? And if it, will you be watching a second season?

          I am doubtful the show is being renewed.


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            The ratings have leveled off and aren't that bad for ABC. ABC as a whole has some problems right now-they cannot cancel everything that started this year. Plus they've sold the show pretty well internationally, it does well with the male demographic, the fact that it's another way to advertise the movies and Joss's pull with Marvel/Disney make me believe it will be renewed.

            I'll have to see how S1 ends before I make a decision about S2, and probably need to hear what the writers say once S1 is finished, what they thought was strong and what was weak to see if the show they have in mind sounds good to me.
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              Although this show works mainly as a guilty pleasure for me, I´m not sure yet if I´m gonna keep watching.
              I agree with you, I´ll have to see how the season ends to make up my mind.