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  • Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sneak Peek Teases an Agent Carter Reunion

    ETA _ew&utm_medium=social&utm_term=891DCD50-AB26-11EA-B511-6FE3C28169F1&

    Agent Carter star Enver Gjokaj reacts to Peggy and Steve's Endgame ending

    By Chancellor Agard June 10, 2020

    Agent Peggy Carter and Captain America's happy ending didn't upset Enver Gjokaj — far from it, in fact.

    Gjokaj, who played Peggy's love interest Daniel Sousa on Agent Carter, will reprise his role in Wednesday's episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The last time we saw Sousa, who ran the Los Angeles bureau of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s predecessor, the SSR, he was making out with Peggy (Hayley Atwell) in Agent Carter's series finale. But then at the end of 2019's Avengers: Endgame, we learned that Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) actually settled down and had a life with Peggy while returning all of the pilfered Infinity Stones from the Avengers' time heist.

    Because of Endgame's time travel rules (you can't travel through time, only between dimensions), Steve and Peggy's marriage only happened in an alternate timeline. Nevertheless, you'd think Sousa would be bummed to learn there's a timeline out there where he didn't wind up with Peggy, but Gjokaj disagrees. In fact, he thinks Endgame's conclusion is in line with what we saw on the short-lived ABC drama.

    "To be honest, it's so clear in the writing and it's so clear in the way Hayley plays it that [Steve] was never gonna be replaced," Gjokaj tells EW. "I think that was the beautiful tragedy of his attraction to her is that he knew that and he wanted to be with her anyway. He knew he was always going to be second place, and I think that's a little heartbreaking about Sousa."

    Hopefully, we'll learn if there's hope for Sousa or not when Daisy (Chloe Bennet) and company cross paths with him in the year 1953 in tonight's S.H.I.E.L.D. episode. "We get to see him in a different light," co-showrunner Jeff Bell teased to EW in April. "[Sousa] had a particular role on [Agent Carter], and so we were able to show another color of him that you hadn't necessarily seen on the show."

    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Wednesdays at 10 pm on ABC.

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    • Moist, moist, moist.

      Poor baby turtle!

      "Stupid white privilege."

      Good humor even if the the plot didn't move much. Cool seeing Sousa so far even if it didn't answer any lingering plot threads.

      So May does have emotions. Another bout of PTSD like she had a the start of the series after the Calvary Incident?

      Did the Shrike infection mess up Elena's Inhuman side?

      Deke might now be the moral center. Not convinced they're putting him with Daisy romantically yet but there's obvious a thread there.

      7x04 Promo


      • I had a power outage tonight in my area.It just came back on a little while ago so I'll have to catch tonight's episode via On Demand in the next day or so.

        Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 'Stupid White Privilege' and Other Top Moments From 'Alien Commies From the Future!'

        By Matt Webb Mitovich / June 10 2020

        “How does it make you feel… when I say the word… moist?”

        In one of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s most entertaining episodes ever, Coulson & Co. this week landed in the year 1955, where they needed to stop the Chromicom hunters from getting their mitts on Helius, an ion fusion weapon that in this era is a useless “hunk of junk” but in Deke’s future is utilized as a “ship-to-ship killer.” Along the way, a couple of team members bumped into one familiar face from Marvel’s Agent Carter, whilst evoking the name of Peggy herself.

        In the name of getting themselves onto SHIELD’s secret base at Area 51 in Nevada, the team staked out a local diner, where Daisy deftly drugged a seemingly docile DoD wonk named Gerald Sharpe. While Mack, Yo-Yo and May did their best to interrogate (the not-docile) Sharpe aboard the Zephyr, Coulson assumed the bigwig’s identity and, with Simmons giddily posing as the Agent Peggy Carter of SHIELD lore, headed onto the base. There, the duo interviewed a team of scientists, using a variety of Americana-laced questions to hopefully root out any Chronicom imposters. But what they did not anticipate was that Agent Daniel Sousa, a CWPF of Peggy Carter’s, would also show up and immediately spot Simmons as a fake.

        Later, Sousa brought Daisy (posing as CIA) to see the locked-up Coulson and Simmons, but when actual trouble started brewing at the base, Coulson turned the tables and (respectfully) lobbed Sousa into the holding room. May and Yo-Yo stormed the lab, using tear gas (#awkward) to ID any non-humans, but once they spotted the Chronicom, Yo-Yo was unable to trigger her powers, while May suffered what I guess could be called a panic attack. Nonetheless, they persisted, chasing the Chronicom outside to where it planned to plug into and personally power up the otherwise useless ion weapon. May, Yo-Yo and the Chronicom engaged in a pretty brutal slugfest at the foot of the weapon, with the hunter eventually able to plug herself back into it. Luckily, Simmons had hot-wired a quaint EMP device that SHIELD was working on and switched it on just in time to power down the weapon and the Chronicom… and, in the hallways of the base, LMD Coulson, who quietly toppled over, mid-fight, like a zapped R2-D2.

        Sousa, happening upon Coulson’s abruptly ended scuffle with a second Chronicom, found the curious mess left behind by the defeated latter, and a non-responsive Coulson — though a flicker of energy was glimpsed in one of his eyes, as the episode neared its end.

        The bonus scene involved Mack and Deke depositing the real Gerald Sharpe in the Nevada desert, where they used Mack’s voice booming from the hovering Zephyr to convince the guy he had been abducted by aliens and better not say a word about what he saw — or else risk a good probing the next time around!

        Among the oft-hilarious episodes highlights:

        The 1950s-themed title card and outer spacey take on the opening theme

        After almost free-falling into 1955 with a thud, Coulson observed “we should probably be flying when we jump” through time. Lesson learned!

        Hey, it’s Bones Tamara Taylor as some sort of Chronicom queen.

        Simmons with the concerning fact that they only have a limited amount of forward jumps through time left — though hopefully they will “jump until we end it, or end them.”

        Coulson and Daisy agreeing it was “odd” that back-from-the-dead May was neither happy nor confused to see a Coulson alive-ish and well. Hmm….

        “You’re enjoying this way too much, ‘Peggy'” — because Jemma was.

        “John Wayne. A bit overrated, dontcha think?”

        “I believe this base may have been infiltrated.”
        “No, imagine that. An infiltrator, right under our noses.”

        Eight years after the events of Agent Carter Season 2, we learn that Sousa is running the old SSR office in L.A.

        “Agent Sousa! Wow, big fan.”

        The looks between Yo-Yo and Mack as Sharpe targeted both of them with racist barbs (“mamacita caliente,” “boy”) and they each held back on wanting to pummel him. (May didn’t get away unscathed either, dismissed as “an Oriental.”)

        Deke grumbling, “Stupid white privilege” upon being tasked to get intel out of Sharpe — though even he was summarily pigeonholed as a “Pinko.”

        “Who I am is on a need-to-know basis….”
        [Pointing to name on door] “Well, I need to know.”

        “The lady pretending to be Agent Carter? Worst fake accent I’ve ever heard.”
        “You should tell her that.”

        May and Yo-Yo each asserting, “Does it look I want to talk about it?” after they both pulled up lame during the gas attack.

        “Good guys, huh?”

        What were your favorite moments from “Alien Commies From the Future”? And what questions do you have after seeing Daniel Sousa again?


        • Agent Carter Actress Denies Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Cameo


          • Interview with Enver previewing 7x04


            • I caught up with last week's episode over the weekend and just watched tonight's episode.It was a great one.Love the
              twist with Sousa.His death being faked and now him being removed from history and joining the team for I'm assuming the rest of the season/series.
              .So far this has been a very strong season IMO.I'm really loving the time hopping element.



              Post Mortems

              Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Dead Man Walking — Plus, Enver Gjokaj Shares His Take on Sousa's Twist of Fate

              By Matt Webb Mitovich / June 17 2020,

              This week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson did his best to keep the timeline intact — even if it meant allowing a hero to fall. Plus, when is the team heading next?

              Picking up where last week left off, Coulson (just a bit on the fritz, now seeing things in a black-and-white, film noir style) was questioned by Sousa, primarily about the molten mess that was left after his scuffle with a Chronicom. Recalling a bit of S.H.I.E.L.D. history, Coulson realized that on this day, Sousa would die after delivering some tech to Howard Stark. So he played along, convincing Sousa that he was fully briefed on and involved with his top-secret mission. They then boarded a train for Los Angeles, where they were to meet Coulson’s contact and claim the package.

              Thing is, said tech was to be handed off by the scientist whose face the ill-fated Chronicom stole, so Yo-Yo and Deke headed to that man’s house to find his faceless corpse and hopefully also find the tech. But while they were there, some toughs showed up and KO’d/abducted Deke, with powerless Yo-Yo unable to catch up to them in time.

              Empty-handed, Coulson did his best to stall with Sousa aboard the train, but at one point he had to pretend to spot his “contact” and then deftly take the sleeping stranger’s briefcase. When Coulson declined to reveal its contents (abiding by Stark’s orders), Sousa huffed and went for a drink in the bar car. While the gents were separated, the lead Chronicop from the season premiere confronted Coulson, advising him to let Earth be seized in exchange for humankind being shown some considerations. A pretty lady meanwhile tried (but failed) to distract Sousa from the fact that the bar car was being quietly cleared by goons, ahead of an ambush.

              Said brawl thus commenced, and while Sousa impressively pretty much held his own, he got an assist from not just Coulson but also Daisy and Mack, who had arrived via Quinjet to deliver the actual tech — a rhomboid-shaped slab of metal, no bigger than a breadbox — which Yo-Yo had found at the erased scientist’s home. Afterward, Sousa was brought on board the Zephyr, where he of course had more questions than ever. Coulson meanwhile explained to Mack how Sousa’s sacrifice was necessary, inspiring as it would be to other agents; cue nice Coulson/Avengers death comparison.)And while the team had other plans for Sousa, upon landing in L.A. he opted to escape via motorcycle, to complete his mission. He delivered the tech to his man at the Roosevelt Hotel, after which he was, as history foretold, shot. He then stumbled into the hotel pool, to die….

              But, we realized, Mack had made the executive decision to save Sousa. So Coulson had traded places with Sousa at the hotel (after tranq-ing him), grabbed his coat and cane, and then let himself get shot in the back by Malick’s gunman, tumbling into and floating in the pool until Simmons and Yo-Yo, posing as stooges for the coroner, fished him out. As Coulson later explained to Sousa aboard the Zephyr, the timeline would remain intact — the world (Peggy Carter presumably included) thought Sousa died that night at the hotel — while he in fact had been “taken out” of history, and now was accompanying the team on their next time jump… to the groovy 1970s?

              So, is Sousa now a de facto member of the team? “I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much,” his portrayer, Enver Gjokaj, told TVLine. “But he’s on the ride for the time being.”

              As for when they have just landed, “It was fun for me as an actor to play Daniel in that time period, reacting to that time period,” Gjokaj teased. “That was a blast for that particular episode.”

              In the immediate aftermath of this week’s episode, Gjokaj said that Sousa is “very conflicted about being taken out of time, as you can imagine, because of all of the things that he had to love for in that time period. That might, though, give us some clarity on what’s happening with him in the MCU universe [and] what ultimately happened between Peggy and Daniel.”

              Elsewhere in Episode 4 of 13:

              * The goons who grabbed Deke were not Russkies but working for Wilfred “Don’t Call Me Freddy Anymore” Malick, who at first didn’t recognize the guy he met at the speakeasy 24 years prior. Once Deke divulged their connection, Malick spared his life and let him go. Later, Malick was approached by the lead Chronicom, who promised HYDRA success — if Wilfred did everything he was about to be told….

              * After a couple more odd encounters, Jemma and Yo-Yo divined that ever since May briefly crossed over into that alien world at the temple, she now is feeling the emotions of people she makes physical contact with. (But otherwise, she feels nothing, such as when LMD Coulson came fully back online and he saw her approach him in living color.)

              * Enoch in 1955 is still tending bar, at the Hawaiian-themed Crazy Canoe, where he longs to be summoned back to the team… but instead settles for transferring landline calls to the Zephyr (when not listening to a sad sack detail his workplace woes).

              * Tired of being the “Agents of Status Quo,” Yo-Yo and Deke agree that “first chance” they get to make any change to discrimination, they will.

              What did you think of the episode “Out of the Past”?

              Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 7x05 Promo "A Trout in the Milk" (HD) Season 7 Episode 5 Promo

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              • Enjoyed 7x04 even if the promos spoiled where it's going. Now we have a guy from the past and a guy from the future. I liked Sousa from the other show so I'm good with this.

                Interesting May can only reflect others emotions but not LMDs.

                Cool seeing Evil Freddie and the Chrochoms team up.

                Poor Enoch. At least Deke sounded happy to hear him.


                • Great episode.

                  The episode being in black and white like an old movie, and Coulson's inner dialogue being caused by the damage he took from last episode was a cute idea.
                  My deviantart:


                  • Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 7x05 Sneak Peek "A Trout in the Milk" (HD) Season 7 Episode 5 Sneak Peek



                    • Ming looks like she's having fun.


                      • Love the last two eps I hope Sousa sticks around, that made me so happy! I want to give Enoch a hug, he didnt even give Deke a chance awww. May's new empath power is a cool idea, she'll have to factor that into her fighting. I love these characters.


                        • The closest we'll get to a Buffy/Angel Whedon style opening credits! No Ian though...odds that he'll be back by episode 7 to at least be in "half" the season anyone?

                          Sousa being amazed by the phone was fun.

                          He's doing quite well with all of this and wasn't totally wrong when yelling at Simmons.

                          Did she become part Chrochom after all She was alarmed at feeling confused and scared at all.

                          So our team killed a high ranking SHIELD officer and destroyed Insight, they might be considered Hydra now by the 70's agents.

                          Nathaniel wasn't fed to Hive and wants to transfer Daisy's powers to himself Uh-oh.

                          Deke might end up being a bit more like his Lighthouse personality after all.

                          At least Elena's speed is somewhat returning.

                          OK, again with Deke worrying he won't exist. But he already does exist and even if his Mom is born and goes onto have him, he won't be the same person that grew up under the Kree in the Lighthouse. The Chrochoms were going to use Insight to bump of Banner, Fury etc. But they already had Mack's parents. If they wanted to get the team off their backs, why didn't the Chro-Cop that was with Wilfred for 20 years just track down May, Simmons etc., grandparents and kill them off then?

                          7x06 Promo:
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                          • Great episode tonight.


                            S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Gaining Insight — Plus, What's Wrong With Spoiler?!

                            By Matt Webb Mitovich / June 24 2020

                            This week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the team in the 1970s discovered a familiar face’s bogue plan for world domination.

                            Upon arriving in 1973 and dressing the part (or not quite, if you’re averse to “elephant pants”), Coulson, May, Daisy and Sousa made a beeline for the “Swordfish” hideout, while Simmons and Deke stayed aboard the Zephyr and Mack and Yo-Yo took a side trip to the Lighthouse base.

                            At the bar, Coulson & Co. found agents awaiting an announcement from General Rick Stoner, who hailed/introduced his boss Wilfred “Don’t Call Me Freddy” Malick. The thing is (as Jemma had just told Deke), Wilfred is supposed to have died three years prior. Meaning, the Chronicoms did some timeline tampering. In fact, the Chronicoms also helped Malick fast-track the Project Insight concept from Captain America: Winter Soldier. Except in the absence of next-gen helicarriers, the kills would be executed by a satellite that is on track to launch in 1976 — and some future heavy hitters such as Nick Fury and Bruce Banner are on the target list!

                            After briefly feigning obliviousness, Malick told Coulson that he full well remembers him from this same location 42 years earlier. At that point, Chronicoms appeared and held Coulson and May at gunpoint. Luckily, Daisy — who had earlier been hit on by a young Gideon Malick, until “fiance” Daniel butted in — spotted the future HYDRA honcho’s brother, Nathaniel, so she held him at gunpoint, compelling Wilfred’s men to lower their guns. Daisy and the others then slipped out to the street, where she demo’d her Quake powers in front a wowed Sousa. Enoch, sporting a mod mock turtleneck, unexpectedly pulled up in a sweet ride, to whisk his friends away.

                            Alas, soon after the team reunited/debriefed each other aboard the Zephyr, the dashboard went haywire and they quite unexpectedly jumped in time, to 1976. Meaning, Project Insight: Retro Edition is soon to launch, from the Lighthouse — which jibes with the suspicious activity Mack and Yo-Yo had observed there in 1973. Coulson and May don “throwback” jumpsuits to infiltrate the base and plant explosives that will flood it. At one point, stalled in their tracks because Nathaniel Malick had spotted and KO’d Daisy and Sousa near a computer port, Coulson and May bumped into Rick Stoner. Though Coulson did his best to snow the general, May “felt” that Stoner was not in fact falling for it, so she decked him.

                            Deke and Yo-Yo meanwhile confront Wilfred Malick at his nearby estate, at gunpoint. When he refuses to stand down — insisting they have no idea what they are up against, the the Chronicoms are and have been 10 steps ahead — Deke puts a fatal bullet into the out-of-time baddie, to maintain, he quips, the “status quo.” We then realize who was in the photo that the lead Chronicom had slipped to Malick, representing their “leverage” against SHIELD: Mack’s parents, who are being held inside the Lighthouse. Mack thus chooses to spare his folks and orders Coulson and May to abort the bomb detonation, after which they get captured. The Zephyr then takes off and shoots down the launched rocket — unfortunately disclosing their position in the process.

                            Elsewhere this week:

                            * Jemma repeatedly rubbed the back of her neck, seemingly during moments of frustration/fatigue — but as we come to realize, a pulsing something is embedded in the back of her neck. When she at one point rubs it and worries to Enoch that she is becoming forgetful (e.g. about Deke’s “Bobo” nickname for Fitz), he pulls her aside to tend to the matter. But because an increasingly curious/irate/resentful Sousa stormed in to confront her about the time jumping, we never saw what Enoch had in mind.

                            * In the bonus scene, Nathaniel Malick, having abducted Daisy and Sousa, pulled over his van to phone a prison and ask to speak to Daniel Whitehall — specifically, about a theory the “old man” has about surgically transferring enhanced abilities, such as those he witnessed Daisy use in ’73….

                            What did you think about “A Trout in the Milk”?


                            • 7x06 Sneak Peek


                              • Poor Mack. So we really can throw Whatever Happened, Happened time travel out the window. Are we going to run into Alternate Orphan Mack down the line?

                                If Mack and Deke can find LMD Coulson maybe they'll be alright.

                                I thought May was mostly avoiding this Coulson because he's actually a robot, but she seems to have accepted him after all.

                                Simmons' chip is to not think about Fitz and have time machine knowledge then? (Sounds like a Spike chip).

                                So is Nathaniel just dead?

                                What the new ship name? Daiousa? Dansy?

                                Patrick Warburton seems to have had fun.

                                7x07 Promo: Is that