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  • It really sucks that we have to wait till next summer for the final season.

    At the very least I was hoping for a preview of Season 7 since they just finished filming the last episode a few days ago.
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      Not sure how trustworthy this site is but combined with Ming's Instagram oops and how the season ended it makes sense. Wonder if it'll wrap the other show's cliffhangers as well?


      • Oh wow that would be wonderful. I'd love to see Peggy on tv again.


        • Ooh Agent Carter with SHIELD Kool!


          • Endgame spoilers

            Especially since we now know Peggy and Steve got a happy ending.

            It will be cool to see more Peggy pre-the above.


            • Originally posted by BAF View Post
              Endgame spoilers

              Especially since we now know Peggy and Steve got a happy ending.

              It will be cool to see more Peggy pre-the above.
              Endgame Spoilers
              The Russos confirmed that Steve went to live in an alternate timeline. The Peggy of that timeline is not the Peggy of this timeline.
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              • With
                semi-confirmed to appear because of Ming's mistake, it'll probably be the
                Peggy from the show that doesn't see Steve again until Civil War on her deathbed

                I'll have to break this out again in other forums:



                • From the Ashes - I enjoy Izel's powers, not knowing who she's inside of. I expected Sarge to become just like her, although I always thought he was also Coulson on some level. It felt like a little twist when Sarge picked up the sword, like he's conned them in some way.

                  I love that it was Deke that solved the puzzle of Izel. He really is a great addition to the team.

                  The Sign - It was so clever of Izel to have Flint appear and then to possess him. Now she builds the monoliths herself.

                  Great to see Deke getting the plaudits he deserves, at least to start with. 'They identify as my grandparents, just go with it,' How could you not love him after his 'I built this company because . . . ' speech.

                  Coulson going on about 'the rage' was actually quite funny to me - it reminded me of Giles when he was a Fyral demon I've always thought Sarge sounded like Coulson, and he really does in this episode. Him stabbing May was so unexpected.

                  Great to see Enoch again. Hope this isn't the last time.

                  Really enjoyable episode. Now looking forward to how it all ends.


                  • Well that was...something. Since we had future SHIELD. Guess it's time for past SHIELD. Looks like this is how we'll meet Agent Carter. Wonder where er when Fitz is? Simmons says that she doesn't er can't know where he is? Really hope that they don't spend half the season having them searching for each other again. Those two are so great together, and I'm not just talking about them as a couple. They're just so much fun on screen together. 20th century SHIELD here we come!
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                    • Oh no, do they got back in time to the 40's? No, don't tell me. I shall read no more spoilers


                      • Heh, Meda I think they're in limited contact because of the thing that happened at the Lighthouse and how it relates to them.

                        General long interview with Jeph Loeb about Marvel TV covering everything and hinting at the future. More Runaways/C & D crossover likely, Robbie's show will be more mature then ABC could be part of a Fear Adventure set of shows including Helstrom and two others, possibly some Marvel Television on Disney+ (which so far is Feige's Marvel Studios characters).

                        New Warriors pilot has been in limbo for a while and they use some of those actors as animated voice cast in the kids cartoons so maybe that.

                        Sony hired the Spiderverse guys to develop live action shows based on their 900 characters from the Spider deal. They said they'll have something to announce about who/where in a few months. (If I were them I'd go Black Cat, she has fans, easy to do on a TV budget and you get some attention for being female-focused right out of the gate). So maybe something with that. Tom Holland has 1 more movie on his contract so those will be a sign of how well Disney and Sony are still getting along wither way.


                        • Originally posted by DanSlayer View Post

                          Tom Holland has 1 more movie on his contract so those will be a sign of how well Disney and Sony are still getting along wither way.

                          Guess today's new f---d that up!


                          • From D23.Season 7 teaser



                            • Disney+ is going all out. Ming-Na Wen is joining The Mandalorian. Obi-Wan show confirmed. Moon Knight, Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) and She-Hulk series all confirmed in addition to a Muppets and Lizzie McGuire series among other things. She-Hulk is the most surprising since Universal has the distribution rights but Disney has the film rights so this makes it apparent they have the supporting characters too; Jennifer is confirmed as Bruce's cousin in this.


                              • I don't have any streaming services.Disney + is the first and only one I'm leaning to getting.


                                • Originally posted by BAF View Post
                                  I don't have any streaming services.Disney + is the first and only one I'm leaning to getting.
                                  Launches in Canada same day as the US for me which is a first. They're going for nerds, families, nostalgic people all at once. If/when Hulu goes international they'll be even stronger.



                                    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast dish on final season, screen time-travel premiere at D23

                                    Contributed by
                                    Eric Vespe

                                    The seventh and final season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't air until well into 2020, but fans at D23 got quite a surprise at a panel for the ABC show Friday afternoon. Not only was Agent Phil Coulson himself, Clark Gregg, on hand to discuss his last six years working on this show, the crowd was also treated to a way early screening of the first episode from Season 7.

                                    The reveal was well-concealed. The panel was set up like your typical convention conversation, with Gregg joined by fellow cast member Jeff Ward, who plays Deke, the grandson of popular series regulars Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge), who just happen to be around the same age. Did I mention time travel was introduced to this story a while back? Makes a little more sense now, doesn't it?

                                    Also on stage were producers Jeff Bell, Maurissa Tancharoen, and Jed Whedon, waxing nostalgic for the long road they traveled to get to seven seasons and one hundred and thirty-six episodes. When asked about their fondest memories of this journey, they naturally went all the way back to the beginning.

                                    Gregg said it all really began for him when there was a Twitter movement called #CoulsonLives, responding to his character's untimely death at the hands of Loki in the very first Avengers movie.

                                    People identified with Coulson, in large part because Joss Whedon figured out that under his tough S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent exterior he was really a big ol' geek. Coulson's as big a fan of Captain America as anybody in the audience, so it makes sense that his death, while heroic, wasn't taken well by the fans.

                                    Even if nothing else came of it, Gregg was moved by the outpouring of love because, much like his character, he's a big fan, too. On stage, he even mentioned being giddily excited they were making an Iron Man movie before Jon Favreau reached out asking him to be in the movie.

                                    After “that troublemaking Asgardian stuck me with a pointy thing,” as Gregg puts it, he thought done was done. It was nice that the fans were showing their appreciation, but he was just as surprised when he got a phone call from “the Whedons” with this exciting sentence: “We think you may not be dead.”

                                    Whether or not they were already kicking around the idea for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. before #CoulsonLives took off is still unknown, but Gregg is convinced that it was borne from that social media movement and as a result credits the fans in part with the show's existence. “This is really the show that you guys created,” he said.

                                    Others chimed in with interesting remembrances, like this one from Maurissa Tancharoen and her husband Jed Whedon where they recalled clearing out their attic recently and finding the original wipe erase board they used to break the pilot with the first time they wrote down character names like Coulson, Skye, Ward, Fitz, Simmons, and Agent Rice.

                                    Fans might not recognize that last name and there's a good reason for it. That was the ass-kicking Agent character that they ended up casting Ming-Na Wen as and the second she was in they knew she wasn't going to play “Agent Rice.” Agent Rice became Melinda May and the rest is TV history.

                                    There was also talk of the emotional season five finale, which was to serve as a final goodbye to the character of Coulson. Apparently, it was such an emotionally charged sequence that the actors couldn't get through rehearsal without crying, so they cut rehearsal short and just shot it. The very next day they were on location in a city street with explosions going off everywhere.

                                    Jed Whedon said that was the dichotomy of the show and why they loved doing it so much.

                                    “We have the best job in the world,” Whedon said.

                                    “Well, we did,” Gregg quipped, prompting a loud, drawn-out “Awwwwwww” from the audience.

                                    But he's right. Picture was locked on the final episode of the final season just a few days ago. That's still a bummer to lay on a huge crowd of the show's most ardent fans.

                                    That's the showman in Gregg and the rest of the folks on the stage, though. Bring the crowd down and then shoot them through the roof as they announce that we're all about to see the season seven premiere episode nearly a full year early. That is very early. Gregg asked his producers if they were sure they wanted to show the whole thing.

                                    “What are they going to do? Fire us?” Whedon responded.

                                    So Gregg warned everybody to put away their phones and any recording device, saying if the real-life security guards caught anybody recording the special screening, they'd be taken and turned into props for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland next door.

                                    I won't go into too many spoilers about what's to come, but if you're not caught up you might be a teensy bit spoiled. Fair warning.

                                    The episode reminded me a whole lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation's holodeck diversion episodes. You remember those, I'm sure. Like when Picard created a 1940s private dick program and we got a fun little gangster bottle episode or when Data made a Sherlock Holmes program.

                                    With the addition of time travel, our Agents are able to go back to 1931 New York chasing face-stealing robot bad guys called Chronicoms who are determined to end S.H.I.E.L.D. once and for all. They believe if they cut one thread in this exact time and place then SHIELD no longer exists.

                                    You may also remember the last season ended with a reveal of who I lovingly refer to as Robo-Coulson, a Life Model Decoy with Chronicom tech tweaks that brings back the Coulson we know and love. He's not exactly happy to be back, but he knows what's at stake and joins the crew on their mission.

                                    Most of the episode takes place in 1931 and brings us some really fun cameos, including the great Patton Oswalt who returns to the series again as yet another Koenig. He's constantly playing someone in this family on the show and this episode gives him an excuse to play an elder Koenig, a pencil-thin mustachioed gangster who just might have the right info Robo-Coulson and team need to stop the Chronicoms from knocking SHIELD out of history altogether.

                                    The crowd loved it and it was very nice seeing Gregg back in the suit.

                                    The cast and producers came back out for a short round of audience questions and the very first one was a woman who was very emotional talking to these guys, one of the original #CoulsonLives proponents and overwhelmed by her love for the show.

                                    Gregg couldn't let her go on without a hug, so he jumped off stage and gave her a big embrace. This is the passion he was talking about earlier. A lot of people give lip service to appreciating the fans, but it is clear that when Gregg says Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. exists because of the fan that it's not empty words. Love it or hate it, this show was born from fandom and everybody involved with it clearly had those fans in mind every step of the way.


                                    • Ooh maybe someone will upload that episode?



                                        Robbie's Ghost Rider show not happening at Hulu. It's been recently rumored the film side wants a GR in the movies and film/Disney+ is informally setting up a team called Midnight Sons which GR is usually on with Blade and Moon Knight. Hulu will still have Helstrom but he's not possible film level like GR is/was. Marvel TV is really shrinking with only Runaways S3 in production now, SHIELD wrapping and C & D technically in limbo for months now, Runaways episode aside.
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                                        • If anyone is on Tumblr and interested, there's an Agents of SHIELD rewatch going on - it started yesterday (this week is for the first 5 episodes of season 1) and you can see the schedule in this post:

                                          24th September - 30th September : Episodes 1.01. 1.02. 1.03, 1.04. 1.05

                                          1st October - 7th October : Episodes 1.06, 1.07, 1.08, 1.09, 1.10

                                          8th October - 14th October : Episodes 1.11, 1.12, 1.13 (Canadian Thanksgiving)

                                          15th October - 21st October : Episodes 1.14, 1.15, 1.16

                                          22nd October - 28th October : Episodes 1.17, 1.18, 1.19 1.20

                                          29th October - 4th November : Episodes 1.21, 1.22, 2.01, 2,02, 2.03
                                          and further explanations in this one:

                                          - We start on Tuesday the 24thSeptember, the 6thanniversary of the pilot .

                                          - During the first week we plan on watching episodes 1x01 – 1x05 and it’s totally up to you how you schedule watching them during that week.

                                          - Since most people asked for a maximum of 4 episodes a week, we’ll try to stick to that as often as possible but sometimes there will be 5 (especially until Christmas) because otherwise we won’t be able to finish all 6 seasons until May 2020 (when Season 7 will probably start airing).

                                          - There will be breaks during US Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years (this one will be a big break of about a month) and Easter since those are the breaks most people asked for. For those that don’t want or need to take a break during those weeks, this is a great time to catch up if you need to!

                                          - If a weekly schedule is not for you, fret not you can still participate! Our rough plan is to finish S1-2 before Christmas, and S3-5 before Easter and S6 until May. But even if you binge it in one go (and if you do, kudos to you!!!), please feel free to use the tag . The schedule is very good for a communal viewing experience like many of us have that watch the eps live or during the weeks they came out.

                                          - The main tag will be #aosrewatch. For each season we’ll also have a separate tag, i.e. #aosrewatchS1, #aosrewatchS2 additionally.

                                          - We’ll post the schedule for the respective weeks every Tuesday.

                                          - We’ll also try to make a masterpost each week for the content that was created during that week. But already an apology in advance if we forget a post (and if that happens, which we don’t hope, please give us a quick heads up + the link via DM or replies and we’ll add it ASAP!) or if we can’t make it every Tuesday to make one, both @lilsciencequeen and I have rather tight schedules. If that happens, you can always check out the tags of course

                                          - The content you create is totally up to you. Gifsets, fotosets, edits, manips, fanfic, fanart, metas, your thoughts while watching the ep and/or live-blogs, etc. etc. Sky(e)’s the limit . I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with .

                                          - Additionally to creating content we also thought it would be a nice idea if everyone would go through the archives of their blogs and reblog old posts that concern the episodes they are watching at the moment. Like that, old posts that haven’t been on our dashes for ages will get a revival . It will also be a nice way to celebrate all the fandom content that has been created the past 6+ years!

                                          - As soon as the Earth vs Space contest starts (October 14th!), the content created for the rewatch can also be a part of that. You can sign up for the EvS contest HERE. You don’t have to participate to take part in the rewatch but it would be a nice thing to celebrate the show and fandom even further, so it would be really cool if as many as possible sign up Sign ups are until 23th September!

                                          Thank you so much to all the people that participated in the poll, that info helped us a lot . I can’t wait for this to start and I hope many will participate I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun. And probably also shed a tear or two and get VERY nostalgic!
                                          You can follow the tag #aosrewatch:
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