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David Boreanaz says his phone and computer were compromised/hacked

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  • David Boreanaz says his phone and computer were compromised/hacked

    Dunno if I should even post about this, but I guess it’s news. Boreanaz himself reported this on Twitter about a month ago. And now it looks like the someone who hacked David Boreanaz’s phone and computer is now spreading private Zoom./Skype Video chats on the internet that are extremely personal and sexual..

    What’s gross is how many people are apparently waiting for this thief/blackmailer to download their stash and there are already small pieces of it all over the place on twitter and various sites. I’ve been trying to ignore it for a few days, but I was looking for an interview with Boreanaz last night and came upon an entire message board breathlessly waiting with their (censored) in their hands for the videos to drop..

    This kind of stuff really pisses me off. Actors are just human beings, not toys for people to play with. They’re not elected officials subject to public approval or religious leaders. They’re just people like you and me and deserve some measure of privacy.

    I’m also surprised that Boreanaz wasn’t more careful considering he’s had stuff get out there before. Actors need to learn that everything they put on the net is potentially hackable and stop sharing nude photos or sexting or whatever. I know we live in the internet age, but some people are too invested in the personal lives of celebrities, that’s for sure. Creepy AF.
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    I hope that he's able to do something to get some of it blocked or taken off when it emerges. But, as you say, anything on the internet never truly goes. Most of us are just lucky that noone cares enough to want to invade our privacy but, as stupid as doing anything sexual across the internet is, it's the hacker that is doing something wrong. I feel really sorry for him. It must be incredibly stressful having something like this hanging over you.


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      There are some really nasty people out there. We all live out lives on the internet, every photo, every video uploaded from out phones etc. Banking, shopping etc. everything is on there and if someone malicious wants to get it, they can.

      Look at all the big businesses that have been hacked and all the public's private information that's been stolen. Those companies must spend a fortune on safeguarding, and they're not really safe.

      Boreanaz may have already paid them off, which is why we've not seen anything about it. I think that's what most people would do in this situation, if the content is graphic/embarrassing.