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J August Richards comes out

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  • J August Richards comes out


    Just saw this on a gossip blog and thought it was worth sharing. J August Richards has come out as gay on instagram;

    Congrats to him for coming out and wish him all the best

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    Good for him! Such a tough decision and I applaud him for being honest with his fans. He was super funny and generous with his time when I met him last year at the NY comic con.

    Even at this late date, it’s so hard for actors in Hollywood to come out because of the Inherent homophobia and prejudice in the industry and I admire his courage.

    Here’s hoping to see him starring in a show real soon!


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      I am glad he feels safe and comfortable enough to openly talk about being gay but I am sad at the same time that he didn't feel safe and comfortable enough earlier. I can't access his statement on his Instagram account. Maybe he had other reasons than just pressure from media and the film industry to not come out until now. Does he say anything about it? I guess, being Panamanian (I had to research that on Wikipedia - I actually didn't if he was Hispanic or black but Panamanians seem to be both) he probably already has suffered from discrimination in the past. I sincerely wish him happiness!

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        Good for him! Still not an easy thing for anyone to do unfortunately. Wish him all the best!


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          Good for him I wish him all the best


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            I am proud of him. I am glad for him not to have to hide any more. If he is Panamanian and especially if he is from those with Jamaican heritage, he could face a great deal of hostility. Jamaica is one of the more homophobic countries on the planet. People get murdered for being gay.


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              So glad for him! That's amazing news.

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