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Selma Blair thanks SMG on Instagram

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  • Selma Blair thanks SMG on Instagram

    Selma Blair has posted this picture of her and SMG on Instagram. Selma Blair has been diagnosed with MS and SMG is at her side in the fight against this terrible disease.

    ................................ Banner by buffylover

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    SMG's has been a good friend both to Shannon Doherty who's had cancer, and Selma Blair who was diagnosed with MS.


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      SMG seems like a really great friend to have. Often people nick off when serious illness happens. Just proves that she only added to the charm of her character on Buffy


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        It must be hard for actors to stay real friends, when they are in a very competitive industry and competing for the same roles. I admire these women for being able to do that and put friendship before career.


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          Yeah its really great to see those stars that "make it" - real friends, good family, consistency in work. While they probably don't choose to be role models, they are perfect for people to be looking up to. Better than those splashing excess cash around and making petty arguments for the tabloids to run their popularity. Its the good people who should be in positions of power. And actors have far more power now with social media in the mix.

          Its beautiful to see fine people doing fine works.