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    Originally posted by Stoney View Post
    You sure that wasn't a dream?
    No way, fam. She was charming as hell in Simply Irresistible
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      Originally posted by Alce View Post
      I don't know. Sarah is amazing in Buffy, but all her other works that I've seen are ... just 'good' I think. And that's totally fine by me. At least she's lucky enough to have that one amazing role. There's no need for making her look as something she's not.
      I'm not sure I'd describe it as an amazing role, but she gives a fantastic performance in The Air I Breathe, a work that's about as different as possible from BtVS. I also think that everybody should watch Southland Tales once, if only once, for the sheer "WTF?!" factor. (She's actually quite good in the movie, it's just that no performance can save that plot.)


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        That’s an interesting article but parts of it are confusing, particularly the title. I do think SMG’s post-Buffy career could/should have been more than it has been, but I don’t think she’s the victim of injustice of any kind. "Justice for SMG’s Fans" would be a better title.

        Originally posted by a thing of evil
        She's never made a legitimately great movie.
        Scream 2 was a great movie, although she was only in it for about 5 minutes. But besides that, her best movie was Scooby-Doo. And I’m not even trolling, that’s my honest opinion.

        Growing up in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Sarah Michelle Gellar seemed destined to become a huge star. When that didn’t materialize, it felt disappointing.
        What is this author’s definition of a “huge star”? I was only in elementary school during that time period, so I’m by no means an expert on SMG’s cultural hype back then. But it seems to me that she was already something of a huge star during the late 1990s and early 2000s. She had a hit television show and a bunch of successful movies released in that time period. I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2, Cruel Intentions, and the Scooby-Doo movies weren’t critical darlings, but they were all very successful and advanced her exposure. If by “huge star”, this author means a huge, Oscar-winning film star then I honestly don’t think SMG was ever meant to be that. And that isn’t a knock on her, it is just to say that not every good actress is going to be Meryl Streep.

        While she was fantastic in Buffy (and gets a forever pass in my heart for that, as do nearly all the other actors), she never really blew me away in any of her other roles. To be fair, this could be due to the roles/scripts that she chose more than anything else but I never saw her as a leading lady film star. However, I do think she could have landed another great TV show or carved a lane for herself as a great character actress. Playing a character like Kathryn Merteuil during the height of BtVS popularity was a really bold move and it paid off. I wouldn’t exactly say she carried Cruel Intentions, but she did a good job adding dimension to a weak script/role as did the other actors in the movie. And my favorite non-Buffy performance of hers is her Kim Kardashian-esque character in Southland Tales. The movie itself was a mess but she was funny and I think she should have done more comedy movies, though not of the romantic kind.

        But the main thing that people tend to forget is that SMG made some really terrible film choices that pretty much killed all of the momentum she had built up for herself by the end of Buffy. She did about 10 movies between 2005 and 2009 and none of them were good, let alone successful (although ghoststar hit the nail on the head about the amazing ‘WTF?’ factor of Southland Tales). I don’t know why she kept doing those horror movies that were clearly beneath her. She had already done IKWYDLS and Scream 2, which were successful and she did Buffy, a horror show, for seven years. She wasn’t over the genre by that point? I’ll give The Grudge a pass because it was actually a big hit, but The Return? Possession? Her initial return to television (Ringer) was also a big disappointment but there was a lot of hype surrounding it. Basically, I think people wanted to root for her, but the stuff she put out really just wasn’t worth it. *shrugs*

        Honestly, I think the thinkpieces and discussions over SMG’s career are interesting but pretty moot overall. She had a good run, made a successful transition from a child actor/soap star to an adult actor with success in television and film, and is still a very wealthy, successful woman with a lot to be proud of. The overwhelming majority of actors experience dry spells in their careers at some point or another. SMG has talent, she has connections, and no major scandals over her head. She can easily get back out there if she wants to and that is what she’s doing now. I look forward to checking out her new shows in 2020 and hope they are much better than the ones she did in the 2010s.
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          You'd have to define "injustice". Her career has been screwed, but you can't say it's more than any other actor. In fact, much of it she brought on herself by passing on things.* The examples given, they actually weren't horror when she signed on. They hacked them up to market them that way because she was seen as a scream queen. The Return was originally called Revolver. The studio took the film from the director Asif Kapadia and chopped it up. He wasn't even allowed to see it. He had to buy a ticket. She refused to promote it, which in all likelihood is what hamstrung her career. Possession, more or less the same thing. I actually liked Southland Tales and don't get the hate. Ringer was turned into a teen soap by CW.

          She's made poor or unlucky choices and doesn't have a feel for projects, but them's the breaks in Hollywood.

          *I actually listen to her hubby's podcast in hopes of hearing BTVS-related factoids and he laid out once that they don't like to be working at the same time, so if one has a show, the other supports and they sort of take turns. It limits their careers but it's helped their marriage last near 20 years.


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            Originally posted by HardlyThere View Post
            You'd have to define "injustice".
            I mean, I’m sure SMG has been victim to the same kinds of injustice that pretty much every actress in Hollywood experiences (misogyny, ageism, etc.). But my point is that she has not been iced out or deprived of opportunities to advance her acting career. There are many accomplished actresses who have played iconic roles only to experience trouble booking projects or to have their careers completely deaded, but that’s not the case with SMG. She’s not a blacklisted actress whom everyone hates or has no interest in hiring. In fact, it is the opposite. As you mention, she has gotten many offers over the years that she has turned down. She is still a well-respected actress who is beloved by the media and people inside the industry. In the past year, she has booked a Super Bowl ad and two regular TV roles. Stuff like that shows that she still has a good amount of pull in Hollywood even if she hasn’t done anything major in years.

            But thanks for explaining the situation with The Return and Possession. It sounds like typical studio meddling and I applaud her integrity in not supporting it.

            Originally posted by HardlyThere
            I actually liked Southland Tales and don't get the hate. Ringer was turned into a teen soap by CW.
            I really wanted to love Southland Tales. It was an interesting, thought-provoking movie with some ingenious concepts, hilarious moments, and a very talented cast of well-known but underappreciated actors. However, the plot was muddled and the film kind of went on with no real focus or direction. Members of the cast such as SMG and Justin Timberlake have hilariously admitted that even they didn’t understand the movie either. I think it would have been better if they had cut out about 40 minutes. But as the article mentioned, it has become a cult hit over time and with good reason. The themes of nationwide destruction and political chaos that the film explored resonate even more post-Trump than it did back then in 2007/2008. From a creative/artistic standpoint, I think she was right to do the movie which is why I singled it out in my previous post. But from a more strategic/business standpoint, it was a critical and commercial failure and did very little for her film career.

            The soapy aspects of Ringer aren’t even what bothered me so much as the bad writing and lack of compelling storylines. I still stuck with the show throughout all 22 episodes simply to see SMG’s character finally discover her twin sister was trying to kill her. But by the time she finally did, the show was cancelled! It was massively frustrating. Although, I love the fact that her husband’s name was Andrew.

            Originally posted by HardlyThere
            *I actually listen to her hubby's podcast in hopes of hearing BTVS-related factoids and he laid out once that they don't like to be working at the same time, so if one has a show, the other supports and they sort of take turns. It limits their careers but it's helped their marriage last near 20 years.
            Yeah, I remember reading that about them somewhere. I wonder if it's the same thing with Alyson and Alexis Denisof. Alexis went a long time without doing anything really memorable and a big part of that might have been because his wife was on a long-running TV series. Once HIMYM ended, Alexis was able to do more and his career has improved. He was even nominated for an Emmy last year.
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              All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

     The new Grudge review.

              * I've always said Sarah Michelle Gellar made some essential mistakes regarding her career.

              - It's very possible that if SMG had left BtVS earlier that she could have had a superior career to what Reese Witherspoon eventually had.

              - But staying in the Buffyverse, SMG made the very bad decision to quit BtVS in BtVS S7. Her only upcoming movies were The Grudge and Scooby Doo 2 . The ratings for BtVS S7 fell because it was too boring. And SMG was getting offered upwards of $750K-850K an episode for BtVS S8. She should have done a BtVS S8. The Grudge would have done as well or better and she'd still get an enormous payday for her post-BtVS interview.

              - Regarding The Grudge , she very stupidly fired California Creative Artists (CAA)--then the most powerful agency in the entertainment business--because someone from there said her acting in The Grudge was bad. But that person also said the success of The Grudge made SMG an actually valuable client. Translation: had SMG stayed at CAA, she'd get better roles and bigger paydays than she got after she quit the agency.

              - Regarding The Grudge 2 , the ONLY reason The Grudge made so much money is because of SMG's star power and her Scream Queen status. She could have easily gotten $10-15MM for The Grudge 2 and had The Grudge as her movie franchise. The promotion for The Grudge was essentially SMG and she did a worldwide premiere tour for The Grudge --which at the time was extremely rare. Instead, somehow SMG is only in The Grudge 2 for barely longer than she's in the trailers for the movie. And if i remember correctly, she got around $1.5MM for that cameo.

              - Finally, SMG should have changed for hair color at least for some roles. SMG as a blonde is Buffy. Even Lucy Lawless doesn't have black hair in Battlestar Galactica and in Spartacus . SMG should have done more roles with black hair (her natural hair color) or brown hair or whatever.