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Nicholas Brendon arrested for third time at Florida Convention this past weekend

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  • Nicholas Brendon arrested for third time at Florida Convention this past weekend

    Just saw this news story - apparently Nicholas Brendon has been arrested again. He filmed a video at TMZ today that says sexual abuse as a child has driven him to drink and abuse pills. This appears to be the worst yet:

    Posted March 15, 2015 - 4:58pmUpdated March 15, 2015 - 6:56pm
    ‘Buffy’ actor arrested again at Florida convention

    Nicholas Brendon, the actor who played Buffy’s sidekick Xander on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief and property damage in Tallahassee, Florida.

    The actor, who has a recurring role on the CBS show “Criminal Minds,” was in Tallahassee for a comic book convention.

    Tallahassee Police encountered Brendon, 43, at the hotel “in a state of confusion” with toothpaste on his face, rips in his clothes and pants wet from an overflowing toilet he allegedly caused, according to a police report.

    When officers checked the room, they found overturned furniture, the phone torn off the wall and water flowing from the bathroom to the hallway, the report said. In another room where Brendon was staying, they found a “prescription pill bottle” with one pill left out of 10 that had been filled earlier that day.

    Hotel management asked to press charges, the report said, noting that Brendon was “cooperative” as he was placed under arrest.

    Brendon was arrested under similar circumstances in October and February.

    After his Februrary arrest in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after being accused of trashing a hotel, his representative released the following statement to the Hollywood Reporter:

    “Nicholas’ unfortunate incident in Fort Lauderdale has led to a reevaluation of his past, present and future choices,” the statement said. “He’s taking what happened very seriously and wants to improve upon the situation at hand. Nicholas suffers from an incredibly difficult disease that is misunderstood by those who have never been affected, but he’s not using that as an excuse. His fans mean everything to him and his intentions to get healthy are sincere. He apologizes for his behavior and intends on making changes for the future.”

    His representatives did not immediately respond Sunday to CNN’s request for comment.

    'Buffy' Star's Arrest

    I Was Sexually Abused and

    Depression Made Me Lose It in FL

    3/16/2015 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

    "Buffy the Vampire" star Nicholas Brendon blames his recent string of arrests on a deep depression ... brought on by memories of being sexually abused as a child.
    Brendon came on TMZ Live on Monday to explain why he was arrested Friday night in Tallahassee after trashing a hotel room in a drunken rage -- and revealed he's been dealing with his depression by drinking in excess and taking prescription meds.

    He admits it's time for a better approach -- and says opening up about being a victim of sexual abuse ... is a start.

    Brendon was arrested last February for a similar drunken incident, and in October for allegedly assaulting guests at an Idaho hotel.

    Watch this clip ... looks like he's searching for answers.

    Read more:
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    This is very, very sad. It's awful he had to go through that and I hope this is the right step in him getting some help. I certainly don't think he owed it to anybody to reveal that about his past but maybe getting it off his chest will help him heal. It's heartbreaking to look at that guy's face and see what a toll this has taken on him. The disgusting creep that did this to him has a lot to answer for

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      This, Bredon's condition and that of the room where he was found was quite unsettling to read and I found it a bit sketchy how the publicist is being very vague about the details of his condition but there were some details brought to light here that do encourage one to rethink any negative outlook they may have had of Brendon based on his previous incidents.
      The reveal that he was sexually abused as a child kind of hit me strongly, let's just say I've had my own experience so I feel for him for having had to go through that in any form.

      If he truly refuses to allow his illness to excuse his behavior and is adamant about getting help than I admire him for that and hope the best for him.

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        I really do hope he manages to keep battling this and somehow gets it under control. I dread to think what situation he will be in If he doesn't.


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          My heart hurts for Nick. It brings to mind the whole tears of a clown thing. I seriously hope he can get the help he so desperately needs. ❤️


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            From Nicks facebook page earlier today...

            Earlier today, with the support of his professional team, his friends, and his family, Nicky entered a rehabilitation facility in California to treat his depression, alcoholism, and substance abuse problems. He’s taking the steps necessary to better his health and give himself, and his fans, the gift of a healthy lifestyle.

            He has been aware of his problems for some time- and with each new challenge, he gained a greater understanding of what needed to be done to overcome these obstacles and move forward with his life. Since his arrest last October, Nicky had tried several treatment methods- from therapy, to outpatient services- only to realize recently that he needed to take an extended break and treat the underlying issues of his illnesses.

            Nicky will not be attending any events during the months of June and July- but has plans to return to the circuit in late summer after he has successfully completed his treatment program. We ask that this page be filled with positive messages as we support Nicky on his road to recovery. Words of encouragement can be emailed to us at so that we may forward them to him during his time away.

            Thank you for all of your love and support of all things Nicky.
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              I hope Nick gets the help he needs to get better. He's always been very friendly and gracious toward his fans.
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                Originally posted by Silver1 View Post
                From Nicks facebook page earlier today...
                Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely write an email to Nick to encourage him. Substance abuse is a dark, scary thing to overcome and I hope he can find the strength to beat this.


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                  I started a hashtag on Twitter for showing love and support to Nick. If you can, please tweet #LoveforNicky


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                    Nick Brendon returns to rehab following window incident

                    Oh dear..



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                      He is going through a really rough time of it and with everyone watching, it must be horrifically hard. I hope he just sticks with it for a good amount of time and waits to get equilibrium back to stop this constant seesaw he has going on at the moment.


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                        I hope so too, because If he carries on like this I can see this all ending very, very badly.


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                          I don't even know what to say. I am worried for him.


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                            Dare I say this may not be the best thing for him to to do at this juncture....



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                              I kind of think he would have been better to deal with it off stage so to speak.