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James Marsters' career since BtVS/AtS

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    Here is another review of The Sins of Captain John. Warning: it's pretty detailed and has SPOILERS.

    It includes the same cast picture as in the link posted by Silver1 above, plus another one. Still not with names, but at least with captions this time.


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      Just read that James Marsters in joining the cast of Duck Tales Season 3. There's not word on what character he'll play or when we'll first hear him

      Any Duck Tale fans on the forum?


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        I dont even know what duck tales is. Hewey Dewey's and lewey perhaps? I can't picture that being good for James

        “I like who I am when I’m with him. I like who we are together.”


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          Yeah, I'm hitting on Disney ducks too??


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            Originally posted by GoSpuffy View Post
            I dont even know what duck tales is. Hewey Dewey's and lewey perhaps? I can't picture that being good for James
            I think that's exactly what it is.


            I remember the Duck Tales of the 80's and quite enjoyed it, and I think this is similar, maybe? It looks to have had a lot of famous people in it, or guest starring.

            And I did not know that Huey's full name is Hubert. Dewey's is Dewford. Louie's is Llewellyn.
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              Yeah that's it. The original was quite popular with 80's and early 90's kids. Apparently the reboot is supposed to be pretty good too.


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                I was an 80s kid that loved cartoons, but I was always pretty meh about Duck Tales. I didn't know their full names before now either Pricey.


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                  All the reboots of stuff can make the head spin. I grew up with the Disney stuff of my time (Family Channel in Canada) and some Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network stuff through Teletoon and YTV. But YTV also had anime which had just started making it big in the West. There's several different approaches:

                  Have a set story and a handful of arcs then end it, but the property still endures over and over (Sailor Moon, though in the English version I grew up on they made a lesbian couple cousins to explain the closeness; and the last season has never aired in English either for some quasi trans characters I believe)

                  Keep adding to the property ever other decade and make stupid amounts of money on video games and such in interim (Dragon Ball (which didn't catch on in the West as muich), Dragonball Z, Dragonball Super. It even has a whole show that's non-canon now in Dragonball GT.

                  Technically reboot it every 3 or so years but keep it all basically the same-Pokemon.

                  Have a hit for the first two seasons and revisit that every once in a while in one continuity but also do unrelated series as well-Digimon.


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                    Aww bless.....


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