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Caleb vs. Hamilton

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    I have to agree, Nikkolas, I think, and have always thought, that that's EXACTLY what The First meant. Were Evil itself to become physical, it would need a host, apparently, and that host turned out to be Caleb. Not saying Caleb was all powerful, but that he was so corrupted that he saw beyond good and evil, so if The First inhabited him, he could still see the big picture, whatever that might have been. Just my thoughts anyways.
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      For me Caleb had something going for him that Hamilton never possessed. He believed totally and completely in what he was doing. Hamilton wasn't much else other than raw physical power, Caleb was much more. He would have been scary without any powers purely because he was so warped. Hamilton could have passed as normal. Caleb was more threatening in some ways particularly early on because you believed he'd keep going, keep fighting, never stop because he thought he was 100% correct. I always thought in that final fight if Hamilton could have run he may have, Caleb got up after being gutted and wanted to keep going.