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And the BEST supporting bad guy is......

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    Caleb: So you're the Slayer. THE Slayer. The strongest, the fastest, the most aflame with that most precious invention of all mankind: the notion of goodness. The Slayer must indeed be powerful. *casually punches Buffy across the room and to the floor* So, what else you got?

    Caleb for the win.


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      Darla. Who can not love a vampire in a school girl uniform? She totaly made the series work at the start, I gotta say without her in the pilot, I don't think the series would have the same kick. She makes the BEST introduction in the series teaser and she just has the great tragic charisma. (Though that all has to do with Julie Benz)

      I like her most in season 2 of Angel, after Dru vamps her. That was a great couple of episodes with the two teaming up and I would have LOVED to see that as an on going arc for the entire second season, but sadly we don't get as much Darla and Dru together as we need. I think they could so rock their own series.


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        Oh man I cannot choose! So many of them were great a secondary villains..I really have no idea which one is the best.

        Let's see if it wasn't for Caleb I might have not given any thought to what Buffy and the gang had to fight in season 7. He was powerful and creepy, plus I love the actor haha.

        Really liked Mr. Trick too, he was great. Loved his idea of Slayerfest haha.

        I am not going to pick Dru or Lyndsay or Liliah because it think the latter two go together and Dru was a part of the fabulous tandom of Spike and Angelus so I don't really have her seperate.

        Okay very hard but I am going with Caleb. Whew that was exhausting


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          I loved the Beast. It was sort of like if thats the ''minion'' what the hell is the Master/Mistress like.


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            Caleb. He gave Buffy *something* to fight besides stupidass Bringers and the Ubervamp. A character that not only taunted her like The First, but could actually hurt her, unlike The First. It was great!