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Who Do You Like More: The Scoobies or the Angel Investigation Team?

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  • Who Do You Like More: The Scoobies or the Angel Investigation Team?

    I'm polling to see which team people liked better- the Scooby gang or Angel Investigations.

    I recognize that this a broad question and people can prefer a group for being more professional, for being more social, for being more effective, for being cuddlier, for being more interesting, etc. Answer the question with your raw pick and feel free to expound on why in thread discussion.
    Angel Investigations

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    The Scoobies.

    I have a lot of emotional attachment to the Scoobies (particularly Buffy/Xander/Willow) because I grew up with them and they’re linked with some really great childhood memories. No other group can really compare with that and I doubt I’ll ever be as invested in a TV cast the same way again. More so, I always felt that BtVS placed a lot more emphasis on the Scooby Gang and its importance to the show whereas AtS dropped the ball in that respect (probably why unlike the Scoobies, they don’t really have a wildly agreed upon and textually acknowledged name – fans flop between Team Angel and “AI”) so as a group I never was all that invested in them.

    I'm always surprised when people feel that Team Angel was more like a family as, for the most part, I couldn't disagree more. I think it has to do with how they operated a business and every once in a while it would be a shock to the system when they pulled rank on each other (like Wes threatening to fire Gunn in That Old Gang of Mine) which left me feeling detached.

    As individuals, I also just prefer the characters on BtVS so that plays a part in it too. And I always feel that you have a very different relationship with TV characters when you see them *grow up* as opposed to meeting them when they're already adults. I feel like I knew Buffy, Xander, Willow and Cordy better than Fred, Gunn or Wes who were great fun in Spin the Bottle but felt like strangers too. Seeing a character lose their virginity, or get drunk for the first time, or experience their first love, or graduate from high school are always really significant moments and help build an attachment to that character.
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      I'm probably one of the few, but I prefer AI over the Scoobies. Mostly because I like the characters much more, the only character on BtVS I still like after all these years is Buffy herself, and even her I stopped caring about in their last seasons. Most characters of BtVS are just there for me, I don't care for them either way. And there are some I dislike, and one of them is Willow. So that's also a problem since Willow is always there.

      But I also think there is an irrational reason and that's how the Ats team has so much more to suffer through. I know it's a weird reason but I just think it's unfair how the Scoobies survive everything, get a more black & white world and are rarely punished for their faults/problems while they really weren't one hair better than their Ats counterparts. After a while it just felt fake and unearned to me. Remember Wesley & Angel.... their friendship was never truly restored while the Scoobies just continued to be fine after several moments that should've ended into serious trust issues. In the end most of the Ats characters and their relations felt more real to me I guess.

      I do wish that the writers were mature enough top keep Charisma on the show, I honestly think they killed the 'feel' of the show when they ruined and killed Cordelia. The show survived the loss of Doyle and Fred without a problem, but losing Cordelia killed both the show and indirectly the character Angel. The Angel/Cordelia relation (romance or friendship) was to me perhaps the most believable and strongest relation the Buffyverse had. Both accepted the other despite the many flaws both had, they were honest with eachother and always put the other first. To me it wasn't a trio with Wes (hence Wes becoming BFFs with Gunn and having less issues with Angel in season 2) but a duo. And these two should've started and ended the series together.
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        I apologize to NINA right off as I respect so mightily her views on ATS and her reasoning, and my choice re the scoobies takes on (the tone?) POV that I am contradicting her words and not just giving my opinion as I would have, had NINA not been ahead of me in her expressions.

        Scoobies. No doubt. They tell a human story that connects us one to another. ATS is nothing but existential whining; and bores me blind, and was dramatically set up to do the job Angel and Buffy have in “always opposites.” Buffy ends up with a human family and Angel ends up with these “monsters all, as Champions.”

        Everything dramatic about such existential views were done in the mirror images of Darla/Angel and Wes/Lilah. All the rest, just please. They literally use black and white stereotypes, for crying out loud, that should have emotionally had greater resonance in why Gunn actually does mirror Angel until they literally make Gunn a “jealous snit/power walking vampire” in ATF and make Angel human, capable of endlessly sacrificing his life for each and every being in Hell A, as is his real “job”—one at a time: sanctuary; since ‘world savage” is actually NOT his job, but Buffy’s. Yeah, that ATF Angel actually could learn from “stupid,” e.g. the “stupid” of Power Play through and including NFA. (Connor would have been the first hostage to “enforce” Angel’s reason to have even chosen CEO of Evil, Inc. Take away “Connor is okay to sacrifice for the grand plan of a (meaningless kick in the shins, but a whole lot of misery Angel wouldn’t be around to “enjoy,” in that “bigger vision” lasting less than one half second (for him) and you got a real not black white story; and you got the point: a monster who really doesn’t understand the heroism of a father and zero imagination).

        The Scoobies showed that ‘blood is thicker than water’ and the fluidity of changes that “really just keep coming,” no matter if each one goes through it, in a different light, or if something can only happen uniquely to each member; and still they find someway to be in “the same room” because they know each of them makes the other better, was inspiring, and not merely signing on to a mission that lasts as long as their own agenda agrees. They will love each other forever, no matter if they are not perfect and do feel hurt, angry, slighted, jealous and all the other things they are struggling with to find their standing and even power in the world, itself demanding and changing. This is not black/ white at all. That’s the problem with ATS.

        Everyone was “separate” from the get go and whenever the agenda shifted, so did they, not to mention they ALL died, except Gunn who “magically” gets saved, after becoming “the jealous snit/power walking vampire (eye roll) in ATF, by Angel, himself turned from human back to vampire, and season eight “picks up” with this same “jealous snit/power walking vampire” as the Only power in the room to decide anything in “save the world guy” —just like the utter suck of Power Play through NFA of the “jealous snit/power walking vampire” who can’t ever learn a single thing.

        Unlike the Scoobies, who figured out their strength was in each other, not merely some plan of “free will” Angel “clarified” for all to fit in their own agendas of “ending their own misery, or vengeance, or “search for simplistic purpose as self identification The Fang Gang didn’t deal with anything like reality: that A. would have extorted Angel or killed Connor first and absolutely—Angel’s reason for even taking on “the power” of CEO, of Evil, Inc, and actually could have been accomplished willfully and freely out of the door, in the quiet of no notice, with a whole lot less murder, death, damage to real estate, the entire city being ripped away into HELL; not to mention all those Angel called family, that were but contractors to their own agendas/ tucked into Angel’s designs. Not “blood.”

        I also utterly loathe the way women were portrayed in ATS, especially in pregnancies and each and every one was killed. Thanks, but really not. I think Cordy was also mismanaged. Often. I understand she was supposed to "mirror" Xander's position as the heart, and that was twisted to justify the (Oedipal) operatic "herald" of the Beast (Angel's original purpose in BTVS) re Jasmine, "the Beauty."

        HUGS to you, because I really do like a lot in ATS, but other than Tim Minear's stuff, feel each and every episode was a bit of a mess, and even a failure, with too many cooks trying to define what they were trying to say; and Joss's own hatred of the good looking guy that is also good, seriously got in the way, when I think we all got a good picture of his struggles "with the human world" from season one with Doyle.
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