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CORRECT THREAD- Who did you oppose/support- Revalations!Xander or Sanctuary!Buffy?

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  • CORRECT THREAD- Who did you oppose/support- Revalations!Xander or Sanctuary!Buffy?

    Inspired by discussion on the Angel Rewatch thread. I want to poll on what people have a bigger problem with or *support more*- Buffy's behavior in Sanctuary or Xander's behavior in Revelations. I wrote that I think Buffy's behavior in Sanctuary is VERY similar to Xander's behavior in Revelations. I wrote:

    IMO when I argued that Buffy was experiencing what it's like to be a shrill voice of justice without protagonist privilege, I was really likening Buffy to Xander in Revelations. Buffy and Xander were both pretty correct to be furious and mistrusting of both perp (Angel in Revelations, Faith in Sanctuary) and cuddler/kisser/shielder (Buffy in Revelations, Angel in Sanctuary). They are reacting like themselves- people who've been grievously wronged and their pain has been minimized and they're deeply concerned about everyone's safety because they've seen this movie before.

    However, the tone is angry and noxious in both cases. In both cases, the outrage cuts against the story to come (Faith REALLY felt sorry this time, Buffy never screwed Angel's soul out again). And in both cases, the smaller-character-objector is cutting into the redemptive, tear-jerky drama that the main-character-protaganists are going through.
    I was thinking about it today. They are similar outbursts and I'm pretty cool with both. But I had trouble deciding which was the most justified or the most unfairly OTT. I've been going around in circles like:

    Plus for Xander: Buffy had been lying to the Scoobies for a month in S3. That merits some yelling. Angel may have been insensitive and I think it would have been underhanded if Angel took Faith in without a word to the Scoobies and I think Angel was on the road to doing that. However, Xander was dealing with Lying!Buffy. Buffy wasn't dealing with a Lying!Angel in Sanctuary.

    Plus for Buffy: Buffy sought to save Faith's life in Sanctuary. Buffy's remedy was just jail. In S3, Xander would have killed Angel with Faith if he wasn't distracted by Injured!Giles.

    Any staking of Angel would have been totally unsanctioned by pretty much every Scooby who may have been cross with Buffy for lying to them and concerned about Angel but didn't want to stake him against Buffy's wishes. Putting Faith in prison was supported by every Scoobie and every Fang Gang member and pretty much every US citizen in the mainstream, even if Angel looked uncomfortable that this was the solution.

    Plus for Xander: I generally feel that vampires deserve much less clemency than teenage girls, crimes aside.

    Plus for Buffy: Angel, by Revelations, was documented as safe. Everyone tracked Angelu's awfuless to a lack of a soul but Angel got one in Revelations. Boom, pretty clear. Meanwhile accepting that Faith was on an honest road to redemption requires trusting that Faith went through her own process to genuinely change- much more difficult for Sanctuary!Buffy to believe.

    Plus for Xander: By yelling at Buffy, he was exercising his right as a Concerned Member of the Scoobies. If Buffy wants the Scoobies to help her and be around her and in so doing, take the chance that the Scoobies will be targets for any Big Bad who wants to get to Buffy emotionally, Xander has the right to object in the strongest terms signs that Buffy is being careless with everyone's safety in the name of Twu Wub.

    Plus for Buffy: Buffy was MUCH more of a victim of Faith than Xander was a victim of Angel. Xander was sucking the oxygen from bigger victims of Angel- Giles and Willow. Buffy wasn't sucking any oxygen- she's by far and away the alive person that Faith wronged the most.
    Buffy in Sanctuary
    Xander in Revalations
    They were both equally sucky.
    They were both equally awesome.
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    Since I already wrote up my opinion about Sanctuary in the other thread I'm just going to talk about Revelations.

    I completely understood why the Scoobies were upset. Buffy really should have told them about Angel. They also had no reason to trust Angel and I don't think they should have been expected to. Angel pulled Xander out a window and tried to kill him in Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (he was saved by Drusilla and then the mob of girls) but he could have been dead. Angel tortured and planned to kill Giles (Spike saved Giles because of his deal with Buffy). I don't think they should be expected to just forgive and forget at all.

    Angel is never really "safe" though. A couple examples being that he had no problems torturing Linwood when he a soul and in Conviction he shot someone point blank in the head. He's capable of doing bad things soul or no soul and I don't think that's something Buffy wants to acknowledge.

    I guess I sort of support/understand Xander (and the rest of the Scoobies) in Revelations more than I supported Buffy in Sanctuary.

    I'm not sure how to vote in the poll - because I don't know if we're supposed to be voting for who we oppose or who we support.


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      Good point. Its who do you support more.


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        I think they were both easily understandable, but I wouldn't describe either as awesome.


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          Buffy was being reasonable in "Sanctuary" (A 1.19). My only fault with Buffy is that she should have probably struck Angel to the ground to make it more clear that she's the Slayer and therefore has more authority over supernatural matters than he does.

          Xander was simply being jealous that Buffy was making out with Angel. It should have been obvious Buffy knew Angel was ensouled again. All the intervention thing did was make it clear Buffy was correct to keep Angel's being back a secret. Should she have actually risked Giles and/or Xander deciding to dust Angel?

          There is about nothing in common between these episodes.