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  • Who Did Wesley Love?

    Spoilers for AtS

    Ya'll should know the drill. Vote for who think Wesley loved/
    Roger Wyndam-Pryce

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    I think he loved Fred the most. I'm not sure if he actually loved Lilah but I voted for her anyway. When he's talking to Gunn about her death he does refer to her as a loved one, which may have been a slip of the tongue but I felt like he meant it. I don't think he ever loved Virginia, but their relationship didn't get a lot of screen time.

    In Season 2 he really forms a friendship with Cordelia and Gunn but that seems to sort of dissolve. He and Gunn really lose the friendship that had and by Season 5 it's pretty much gone. He seemed to care about Cordelia and was the closest to her in Season 3 (I do think that Cordelia is the only person he would have been comfortable talking to about the prophecy) and he looks into her disappearance, but Cordelia made no effort to even contact Wesley when she came back from her vacation, so that may have really hurt him and by Season 4 it wasn't really Cordelia, but prior to the Jasmine thing I think they developed a platonic love.

    Wesley was never really close to anyone in Sunnydale. Both Buffy & Faith didn't have a very high opinion of him and there didn't seem to be a lot of respect.

    I decided against voting for Angel because by the end of the show they just seemed so far apart.

    Spike & Illyria came into the picture late. Wesley had never even met Spike before he showed up. Spike had a prior relationship with Angel, but out of the rest of the group Fred was the only one who really seemed to make an effort to get to know Spike. His feelings for Illyria were complicated, I think his main reason for connecting with her is that she looked like Fred and then realized getting her to join the team would be a good idea.
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      Wesley was very hard. My only easy picks were Fred and Angel and to a lesser extent, Lilah.

      I did vote that Wesley loved Cordelia. He really profoundly cared about her whenever she was in peril in the first two seasons and a half. He attended her parties and was supportive about her acting. Franky, there's nothing that indicates that Wesley *didn't* love Cordelia except for the fact that he works to get Angel out of his water-prison in S4 but doesn't work at all to rescue Cordelia. But I guess...time management? Also, he doesn't mourn Cordelia when she finally dies in S5- but neither does anyone other than Angel for a bit.

      Wesley took a bullet for Gunn. That should be hard-core evidence that Wesley loved Gunn. And their bromance in S2 was easily the best bromance of the Buffyverse. He does become increasingly furious with Gunn, from the minute Fred chose Gunn. However, I'm going to rule that Wesley could have swallowed his pain and continued to be Gunn's friend even if Gunn has Fred if EVERYTHING ELSE didn't happen to drive him and Gunn apart and harden their hearts towards each other.

      Also, Wesley did end up shooting "Roger" save Fred. However, I did the impression that Wesley did love his father enough to keep contacting him even though it was painful and to whatever he could to get his father to love him. It's just that Roger's relentless asshattery and Wesley's total adoration and love for Fred made Wesley shoot his father. However, Wesley is utterly horrified and disgusted with himself.

      Considering where Faith and Wesley were in AtS S4, they should have been The Tightest Slayer/Watcher Duos Ever! Unfortunately, they didn't have time to really develop that potential bond of love because Faith was summoned to Sunnydale. One of the saddest missed opportunities in the Buffyverse.


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        Fred is an obvious choice of course, although it wasn't the most healthy kind of love. I had the feeling he made her all that was good in his world, instead of truly looking at her and loving her for who she really was. But it was love.

        I suspect that Angel is the other person he loves more than his other friends. Their relation didn't recover after the kidnap and the aftermath. But it didn't fade, it just changed into something less innocent. But I'm pretty sure that if Angel would go into battle, Wesley would always follow him. The loyalty is still there and so is the respect and the believe both share that the other is a good person. And I suspect that Angel's trust in the beginning, meant a lot for Wesley. So yes, I think Wes loves Angel and would always try to save Angel (something we even see in season 4, the worst phase of their relation). (And I still wonder what memory Wesley got as a replacement for the kidnap of Connor. He was suprised that Angel didn't trust him in season 5, but he still went through darker moments obviously.)

        Cordelia and Gunn are the last two characters I've voted for, Wesley was good friends with both of them so it seems strange to leave them out.

        I did leave Lorne and Connor out, because I never had the idea that Wesley cared all that much about them. Although you could say that if Wesley cared enough about baby Connor to kidnap him and run away from his only friends, he must care for the kid. Only after that it never showed again.

        Roger is for me the same case as Liam's dad, it's difficult to say what a son feels for his father after years of abuse.
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          Originally posted by Dipstick View Post
          Franky, there's nothing that indicates that Wesley *didn't* love Cordelia except for the fact that he works to get Angel out of his water-prison in S4 but doesn't work at all to rescue Cordelia. But I guess...time management? Also, he doesn't mourn Cordelia when she finally dies in S5- but neither does anyone other than Angel for a bit.
          He did work to find out what had happened to Cordelia. He clearly had spent the summer looking into her disappearance and trying to locate her. He figured out where Angel was because he took Justine, but he came to a dead-end in his investigation of Cordelia. He found Dinza and the lair but since only the dead could enter her presence he couldn't go himself. Wesley did hand over his research to Angel and told him where to go.

          The fact that nobody seems that upset about Cordelia's death is one of the things that really bothers me. Skip told them that she was going to be a head of cabbage so the only thing I could think was that they mourned her loss after "Home" and before "Conviction" because they didn't think she would ever wake up. But, even then they still should have been more upset about her death. It's such a contrast to when Fred dies and everyone cares and I'm not really sure why.


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            I went for Angel, Cordelia, Gunn, Fred, Lilah and Virginia.

            I hesitated for a long time on Faith. I think Faith is one of the very most important people in his whole life -- he is defined by Faith's villain turn, by her torture of him, and then by him breaking her out of prison. I think they have a fantastic rapport in season four. But it's too little to call it love. The problem with most of Faith's relationships -- I also peg Faith as one of the most important people in Buffy's life, but I don't think I can call that love either, for similar reasons. With both Wesley and Buffy, there is a big sense that things could have gone so much better if only --

            I didn't vote for Roger, but I could have. The thing is, it's really hard for me with most child/parent combos to decide where love ends and where the simple desire to be loved by someone who by all rights should love them begins. Wesley was never loved by Roger, or never felt that love, so it's hard to tell if he can really love him back or not just resent him. That doesn't mean he doesn't want to love him, and I think he feels like it's his responsibility to keep up the relationship. I could go the other way on this. Wesley hasn't totally written off his father and he does care about him.

            Illyria is someone Wesley didn't love, but he cared about a great deal for various mixed up reasons. There is too much anger and resentment and projection of his Fred issues.

            I do think he cared about Connor as a baby. But I also think it wasn't a close, personal kind of love -- he was trying to act in a child's best interests as he saw it, without necessarily being all that attached to the child himself.

            It's hard to tell with Virginia because the relationship was so short -- but Wesley was very much into it and had no part in ending it, besides letting Virginia get out of it easily.

            I think Fred and Lilah are clear. Angel, Cordelia and Gunn are a bit harder but I think that for all the rough patches in their relationships he does love them, for reasons others have articulated well.
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              Originally posted by Nina View Post
              Fred is an obvious choice of course, although it wasn't the most healthy kind of love. I had the feeling he made her all that was good in his world, instead of truly looking at her and loving her for who she really was. But it was love.
              I think this is true of Season 3 and Season 5, but Season 4 has Wesley gazing adoringly at Fred while helping her plan to murder the professor who sent her to Pylea. He wasn't idealizing her in that moment, so much as seeing the harshness within her that he recognized within himself.

              The mindwipe spell in Home changed how he saw himself, of course, which regressed how he related to Fred. Once again back to the purest form of love for her. He doesn't have his memory of himself and his dark descent restored until after Fred is dead.

              I think that's especially telling, that in his darkest hour, when Wesley would most need to find a symbol of "all that is good in the world", instead he recognizes the darkness in Fred and outright encourages and enables her to murder in the name of vengeance. Where you would expect Wesley to want to protect her purity, as Gunn does and Angel no doubt would do as well, Wesley hands her weapons and helps her make the plan.

              His love for her wasn't always about goodness, but it was about projecting his internal landscape, his hopes when he had hope, his darkness when all he could believe in was darkness.
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                * My choices are self-evident.

                * It’s obvious that Wesley didn’t love Angel. In Pylea, he has no problem with coming up with a plan that relies on Angel being sacrificed. Wesley had no problem with dating Lilah Morgan even though her and her firm is largely concerned with manipulating Angel and trying to make him go evil. Instead of actually talking to Angel about the ‘The Father Will Kill the Son’ Prophecy, he doesn’t – though that could have been because of Jasmine. Upon learning of Angel’s child, Wes was among the rest who wanted the child killed.

                * Wesley didn’t ‘take a bullet’ for Gunn. Wesley was naive and didn’t think he’d actually get shot. Wes became good friends with Gunn, but he’s completely unsympathetic that Gunn kept his former ‘gang’s’ demon-killing activities from him. And Wes certainly put his wanting to be with Fred over his friendship with Gunn. It got to the point that both Gunn and Fred reasoned that Wes might fire them if they continued to date each other.

                * In AtS s4, Wesley is simply using Faith because he seems to assume that Buffy may have simply dusted Angel and Willow would have simply re-cursed Angel.

                * Cordelia was in a coma for like a year or so and none of them ever seems to realistically think that she’d ever get better: Fred suddenly died. And Fred’s soul was destroyed – the two aren’t exactly even comparable.

                * Virginia was his girlfriend but he could have ‘left the business’ if he truly loved her.

                * I’ve always reasoned that Wesley helping Fred to murder her professor was a big sign that he loved her more than Gunn did. First off, the professor put her in Pylea and put others in hell dimensions simply because they were too ‘smart’ for his liking and therefore a threat to his position at the university or whatever. Secondly, the Fang Gang was already dealing with evil humans like those working for Wolfram and Hart. Thirdly, Fred’s already a killer giving she was killing vampires and demons.

                And, BTW, Wesley never ‘idealized’ her and thought of her as being ‘pure and all that is good in the world’. Wesley specifically loved her because of her strength to survive Pylea, her intellect and intelligence, her intellectual curiosity, and she’s pretty. For the most part, Gunn if anything mostly was interested in that last part.