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  • Who Did Angel Love?

    I'm continuing the poll theme. I thought I'd just keep the polls together rather than start moving things to the AtS thread.

    So, who did Angel love?
    Liam's Father

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    I think Angel had loving feelings for all of the Fang Four. I think he obviously cared for Darla the most and had a very brotherly relationship with Spike, but I think it was a combination of guilt and love that compelled Angel to offer Dru the chance to leave Sunnydale in Lie to Me.

    *** Stoney, if you're reading this thread: SPOILERS FOR ATS S2**

    I have always maintained that whilst Angel loved Darla he wasn't in love with her and that they're really the 'divorced couple' in the verse. Even in AtS S2 when he obviously cares for human!Darla a great deal, I don't think he was romantically interested in her but still had a lot of love for her from when they were together. What I love about the Buffy/Angel and Angel/Darla parallels are that Buffy/Angel was incredibly in love but didn't know each other, whilst Angel/Darla knew everything about each other but were missing true love. I never thought it was more clear than in Reprise/Eiphany when there's an obvious callback to Innocence (sex, a storm outside, move to the bed, Angel wakes up in agony, Darla's "was I not... good?" etc) but the differences are obvious. Buffy/Angel are showing embracing each other whilst Angel and Darla lie far apart and the irony is that Angel's love for Buffy costs him his soul but his despair over sleeping with Darla "saves him" and is the catalyst for his epiphany. It's all wonderful.

    I believe Angel completely when he tells Wesley "I loved Fred" and I thought it was obvious he always had a great deal of affection for her.

    I think he loved Cordy as both a friend and romantically. I don't like it, but it's obvious he did.

    I think Angel loved, loved, loved Doyle and that because Doyle died so early that love was just cemented in Angel's heart and he's become this almost saint-like figure in both Angel and Cordy's hearts.

    I think Angel loved Wes as he became "uncle Wes" to Connor which, personally, I would never call someone in relation to my own child if I didn't love them.

    I was unsure about Gunn and Lorne so I didn't pick them. Angel's often pretty nasty to Lorne but he was really quite sweet and affectionate with him at the end of Life of the Party.

    Willow was a hard one for me. It was obvious Angel always had a lot of affection for Willow (their hug is adorable in Orpheus and Angel finds Willow very amusing in Lie to Me) and I think this is largely because she was always so nice to Angel back in Sunnydale. I wasn't sure if I should call it "love" but then I thought back to his reaction when he thought she had been killed and sired in Dopplegangland and, yeah, I'd say it was love. It looks like he's been crying on his way to the library.

    I think Angel and Faith share a lot of mutual love for one another.

    Buffy and Connor are obvious choices.
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      i think I checked just about everyone on the list. Angel is a very paternal figure. He loves in a protective, paternal way. Sometimes he's distant and harsh but I never doubt that he loves 'his' people. He doesn't always do the best by them, sure, but it's usually motivated by 'good' intentions which woks in with that whole fatherly vibe he's got going.


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        vampmogs and Tranquility, I noticed that you both voted that Angel loved Willow but not that Willow loved Angel. I found that distinction curious. I don't think either them loved each other but IMO, there are more examples of Willow caring about Angel than vice a versa.


        I voted for Buffy and Connor (natch), Darla, Spike, Cordelia, Fred and Faith. I really hesitated over Doyle. I think Angel had real affection for Doyle but his early death turned Doyle into a saint-like figure- but I'm not sure whether I should call that *love* or instead false idealization.


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          Originally posted by Dipstick View Post
          vampmogs and Tranquility, I noticed that you both voted that Angel loved Willow but not that Willow loved Angel. I found that distinction curious. I don't think either them loved each other but IMO, there are more examples of Willow caring about Angel than vice a versa.
          As I said, what tipped the scale for me was Angel's teary eyes when he comes to tell Buffy that Willow is dead. Also that he really wants a hug in Orpheus. I think it mattered a great deal to Angel that Willow was so nice to him in Sunnydale and more so than it mattered to Willow to be nice to Angel, if you get what I mean. I do think Willow had affection for Angel but she's pretty much nice to most people. Whereas, it's not the norm for Angel to care about somebody enough that he wants to embrace them tightly when saying goodbye, or that he'd open up to them about personal issues, and he very rarely sheds a tear.

          On the scale of Angel's "love" I think Willow ranks pretty low compared to the majority of other people on this list, but I do think he thinks lovingly of her.
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            Thanks for heads up mogs I think i'll avoid this poll until I have seen AtS, my current opinion of who Angel loves is obviously stunted.


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              I voted for everybody except Nina, Liam's father and Giles. I think he liked Nina and there was potential for more (they share quite a lot) but it was over before their relation became more than a fling. He seems to respect Giles, but I wouldn't call it love.

              His dad is a difficult one, he obviously wanted his father to love him, so it only makes sense that Liam also cared about his father. It did seriously hurt Liam that his father was so cold. But it wouldn't suprise me if the hate destroyed the love. I think I would've voted for Kathy though, it looked like Liam was extremely fond of his little sis.

              I agree with Tranquillity that Angel is a paternal figure, which is probably not all that strange considering his age and position. This perhaps makes it a bit tricky to say who Angel truly loves and who he simply takes responsibility for.

              I certainly think that; Connor, Darla, Buffy, Cordelia and Wesley are in the group he truly loves, without a doubt. And I see little reason to believe that he doesn't love Fred, Spike, Dru, Gunn, Doyle and Lorne, he considers them all family despite not being related to them. Willow and Faith are the ones I'm not really sure about, he is certainly fond of them but love? Not sure, especially because he doesn't spend all that much time with them.


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                This one is the hardest for me, which is why I still haven't voted. Darla, Buffy, Cordelia and Connor are the easy and obvious choices, and I'd probably vote for Spike but not Drusilla for reasons stated above (and for the fact that when he's soulless, he seemed to be much more interesting in using Dru to torment Spike than in Dru herself, and that tormenting Spike seemed the only thing to come close to his interest in tormenting Buffy - which can be used as a proof of 'love' in that weird Angelus way!) and I guess I would have to vote for his father, too, for a similar reason - I'm not sure if it could be called love, but his father definitely was one of the people who mattered to him the most... Unlike his mother. I think his sister should be in the poll, he seemed to really love her. So, I'd vote for his sister and probably for the father, but not for the mother, who feels almost invisible.

                However, I'm still unsure whether I'd say he loved the other members of his team, and which ones? Or all of them? They were certainly his close friends, but not all of them were equally close, and I'm not sure where to draw the line. It's particularly tricky with Fred, since I think season 5 exaggerated the feelings that the other team members had for her (with the exception of Wesley and Gunn) - for instance, I don't think Spike "loved" her; they had known each other for a rather short time. In other polls, I was picky and tried not to choose too many options, so nice friendships with some affection were not enough to cut it (e.g. I didn't vote that Buffy loved Tara or that Spike loved Fred etc.).
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                  My choices:

                  * Buffy: Obviously. Among the list of choices given, his loving Buffy is the one that’s most certain in canon.

                  * Darla: this is mostly because of the flashbacks we see in AtS. The ‘present-day’ stuff in AtS could be because of Jasmine.

                  * Spike: they were BFFs for 18 years, and even after Angel seems to consider Spike his younger brother and/or son. Angel not loving Spike seems incompatible to how their relationships is presented and portrayed.

                  * Drusilla: one of the main points of “Lie to Me” (2.07) and “Passion” (2.17) is that Angel was in love with Drusilla. In A&F,
                  it’s obvious that Angel still loves Dru.

                  * Fred: Angel was contemplating whether the deaths of perhaps millions would be worth it to get Fred back. Spike seemed to love Fred more than Angel did and Spike’s the one who decides not to ‘bring Fred back’.

                  * Cordelia: AtS s1 through AtS s4 could have been because of Jasmine. But in AtS s5, Angel still loves Cordelia. We still don’t know what from AtF is canon.

                  * Connor: AtS s3 through AtS s4 could have been because of Jasmine. But in AtS s5, Angel still loves Connor. In BtVS S8,
                  Connor would have died along with everyone else who isn’t Angel and Buffy. But in A&F, perhaps Angel loves Connor again.

                  * Doyle: Angel not loving Doyle seems incompatible to how Angel dealt with Doyle’s death including years later in “You’re Welcome” (A 5.12).


                  Others’ choices

                  * Angel clearly didn’t love Wesley. Wesley was kinda a ‘stand-in’ for Doyle, Angel almost murdered Wesley and never even apologized for that, and Angel never seemed ‘broken up’ over Wesley’s death.

                  * Willow: this is ambiguous so I’m not going to ‘take a side’.

                  * Faith: I’m not sure if he actually cares for and/or loves Faith or if she was simply a ‘project’ for his trying to redeem himself.


                  Angel is related to Darla, Drusilla, and Spike. In ways, he’s more related to them than he is to Connor given that Connor only exists because of Jasmine.