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Who In the Scoobies Did Buffy Love? CORRECT THREAD

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  • Who In the Scoobies Did Buffy Love? CORRECT THREAD

    Just like the Giles thread. Which members of the Scoobies do you think Buffy loved? This isn't a poll about who Buffy liked or felt camaraderie towards. This is a poll on which Scoobies Buffy loved.

    I messed up the choices on the closed thread and couldn't edit them. This is the correct Buffy poll.

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    I stated my answers on the Giles thread but bringing them back over.

    Buffy: definitely loved Joyce, Hank, Dawn (familial), Willow, Xander, Giles (platonically), Angel and Spike (romantically). Faith is the person she cares the most about/for after this set, but it's not really "love" so much as a complex stew of emotions. I do think she loved Riley as well, but I distinguish between her love for him (which was not "in love with" as it was for Angel or Spike and was not, imho, as strong as her platonic or familial loves). I also think she loved Tara (near end of s6), but it's a step down in terms of intensity from her platonic loves. I might put Satsu next down on the list. She has affection for but I wouldn't call it love for Cordelia, Anya, and Oz.

    Riley and Tara are the two I am by far least sure about in this selection. Riley I do think she loved but was not in love with. And so I rate her feelings for Riley as much less powerful than her feelings and passion for both Angel and Spike. Still, I do think Riley is above the "love" threshold.

    I think her feelings for Faith are actually stronger than her feelings for either Riley or Tara. I think that the Who Are You devastation is more significant to Buffy because of Faith than because of Riley, all things considered. However, because much of Buffy's feelings for Faith are powerful jealousy, anger and at times even hatred I don't think that they are love in the same way.


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      You forgot Dawn. Although I think we can safely say everyone would vote Yes to that option.

      My answers are Joyce, Dawn, Hank, Willow, Xander, Giles, Angel and Spike. I do think she had a kind of love for Riley, but that it wasn't on the same level so I left him out. She has a lot of affection for Tara, but it's also not on the same level as the main people in her life. She really liked Satsu. Buffy has all sorts of complicated intense feelings for Faith, but I don't think I'd call it "love".
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        Definitely to Dawn, I voted Xander/Willow/Giles/Hank/Joyce/Angel/Spike. I don't think she loved Riley as she never really connected to him in a way that seemed to mean that she drew emotionally from the relationship and turned to it for emotional strength. I just never saw Buffy/Riley get to a connection that went beyond dating personally and her lack of need for him with everything that happened with Joyce just made this clear to me. I agree she had a huge amount of affection for Tara but not on the same level. It probably would have been without much more time because they had started to really connect independently but I don't think it was there.


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          Buffy was the hardest of the Core Four to figure out for this poll. I voted that Buffy loved Willow, Xander, Dawn, Giles, Joyce, Spike, and Angel completely without reservation. Like Willow and her parents, I think Buffy really loved Hank and desperately wanted a relationship with him, but years of his neglect and piss-poor treatment hardened her to him. I think Buffy felt less for Riley and S6 Tara than the above at their peaks of Buffy-love but it was love. Actually, I think Buffy's love for Tara was on the verge of becoming a platonic love that rivaled or beat what she felt for Willow/Xander/Giles but we never saw that really happen.

          I didn't pick Faith but I really hesitated at Faith's name. I still don't know how I feel about that. It's too complicated.

          Buffy liked and admired Satsu so very much. Satsu is way up there for people that Buffy just plain *liked*. No resentment, no patronizing stuff, no inter-species issues. Just plain "I like you tons". But it wasn't love...

          Buffy also really just plain ole liked Oz. However, it wasn't as intense as a "liking" as Satsu and IMO, Buffy harbored the biggest grudge of the Scoobies against Oz for breaking Willow's heart. Her stony judgey "Are you here to stay or are you just passing through?" in New Moon Rising is made out of awesome. And if looks could kill, the Death Glare that Buffy sent over to prone Wolf!Oz when Willow was weeping on her lap would have vaporized Oz in an instant.

          Buffy has a real simpatico with Cordelia but it certainly wasn't love and I wouldn't even call it affection. IMO, Willow had more affection for Cordelia at the end of the day. (IMO, borne from the sentimentality of growing up from kindergarten on with Cordelia and a softening of Willow's heart to Cordelia out of guilt for stealing her boyfriend.) However, I do think that Cordelia and Buffy could have had really affection. They always seemed on the verge of a breakthrough, which Cordelia usually put the brakes on.

          Buffy was very eh on Jenny and Anya. Well-aware of their big importance in her favorite guys' lives, aware of what they bring to the table, generally cool with them- but ultimately, not particularly fond of them and more easily and permanently angered by their screw-ups than those that she loved/liked more.
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            I do keep waffling on Riley and Tara -- they are close to each other on the list. Right now, I'm feeling like I shouldn't have included them in the love category, but I will probably go back to including them afterwards. Argh!


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              It's going to take a lot of thinking to process how I categorise all these different people. I think the love Buffy has for, say, Angel and Joyce are radically different but I cannot say she loves either more than the other. But that goes for Xander/Willow/Giles, Dawn and Spike too. It's all so different but I don't know how to differentiate if she loves some more than others
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                I'm having trouble narrowing down my votes because I think Buffy loves people A LOT in many different ways so I was checking all the boxes down the list.

                I hesitated with Faith, but then I think it's utterly clear that Buffy loves Faith in GD2 when she kisses her forehead. That's her sister, that's her blood, long before Dawn arrives. Faith is the sister who Buffy loves and it's painful and complicated and she fights against it. Whereas Dawn is the sister who Buffy resists loving until she loves wholeheartedly. With Faith, Buffy loves and resists at the same time.

                Honestly, I think Buffy tends to love people fairly easily unless they repudiate her. I think Buffy tried to love Cordelia, but they just couldn't make it work (I'm remembering Buffy following Cordelia outside the Bronze in The Wish, calling back to Cordy following Buffy in When She Was Bad).

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                  So, it turns out that Joyce is the only undisputed pick in the poll - though I'm guessing Dawn would probably be another if she was one of the choices.
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                    My choices are self-evident.

                    * I reason she loved Riley but wasn’t “in love” with Riley. The reason has to do with Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Spike.

                    * She loved Parker Abrams though that stopped in “Beer Bad” (4.05).

                    * She cares for Faith to a certain extent, but it doesn’t seem to extend to love.

                    * She doesn’t love Satsu and it doesn’t seem she much even cares about Satsu.

                    * She had little moments with Tara in “The Body” (5.16) and “Dead Things” (6.13), but that mostly simply involved Tara comforting Buffy. There isn’t evidence that Buffy actually loved Tara.

                    * Oz, Cordelia, Anya, and Tara were mostly merely ‘her friends’ romantic partners’, and Scoobies. Outside of that, she had about no connection to them. And all of them seemed to like and have more feelings for Buffy than she had for them.

                    * After BtVS S5, there isn’t much evidence that Buffy loves Dawn. She about abandoned her in BtVS S6, in BtVS S7 she put Spike and then Spike and the Potentials above Dawn, in BtVS S8
                    somehow Dawn is closer to Willow than Buffy even though Willow had been away for about around a year, in BtVS S9 she seems even less close to Dawn than she was in the 3 previous Seasons.

                    * Buffy obviously loved Joyce more than Buffy loved Angel – she’d dust Angel if given a choice of having to kill one or the other; Joyce was the person the First Evil used with Buffy.