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Did Fred and Willow know each other before "Orpheus"?

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  • Did Fred and Willow know each other before "Orpheus"?

    Did Willow and Fred know each other before the events in "Orpheus"? Cause they acted like close friends.

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    Well, they spoke on the phone. Remember the scene with Andrew in BtVS S7, when he said there was someone on the phone for Willow 'called 'Fred'. Seems kind of effeminate'? So, one could suggest that they bonded when Fred asked Willow to re-ensoul Angelus.

    Plus, Fred was there when Willow came to LA to tell Angel of Buffy's death at the end of S2/S5, so we could say that they at least spoke then, even though it was a difficult time for Willow/Angel/Cordelia/Wesley.
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      Fred seems to me (let me know if you feel differently) very upfront with her feelings, very trusting, maybe a little naive, people warm to her quickly, and maybe she gives people the impression that she likes them more than she really does? I've known people IRL who were like that.

      Remember when Willow said, "I'm seeing someone," meaning Kennedy? She seemed to think that Fred might want a closer relationship with her (Willow) than could be allowed to happen.


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        I think they could hae bonded over the fact that they were both really smart and good with computers. I also think that Fred was in awe of willow's magic. And I think it was really funny that they gave willow that line, escpecially with wesley standing behind her, cause Alyson and Elexsis(hope I spelled that right) are a couple
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