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Character & Ship Discussions : RULES

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  • Character & Ship Discussions : RULES


    Rules Thread

    Due to the amount of spam and one line posts in the old Clubs and Ships section we have re-created it as ‘Character and Ship Discussions’. There are no club threads now that people can join but just discussion threads, either for a character or couple.

    Anyone can post in any discussion thread, whether you like the character or not as long as long as it stays a healthy discussion.

    Please remember:
    • No threads on couples that didn’t happen
    • No insulting anyone on this forum
    • No spamming – for more details on what we consider spam please read the general forum rules
    • Posting of videos or art aren't allowed - we have a fanart section for that.
    If you have any comments or suggestions you can make them public in the FAQ/Suggestions forum. Or if you wish to make a private comment or suggestion you can always send me or any of the Moderators a private message.

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    Nikki, why you destroy our favorite theards ? What we - Spuffy fans do now ? And where is the arhives of the Undeniable chemistry and It burns and consumes ? Buffy `s theard and Emi`s material were great too. I`m really so disappointed , because this theards are gone. May you bring them back ?
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      If you read my post above you'll see you can start a Spuffy thread but not a Spuffy club thread, it can be a discussion thread. I won't bring back the old threads I'm afraid.

      I also asked in my post above for any questions and comments to be posted in the FAQ section