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  • Reacting to Reactions! - BtVS Season 1

    Okay, just like the other threads for posting about reactor vids on specific seasons of BtVS, this one is for S1.

    When I followed the first season for alley box., failwhale34, Liam Duke and van (all of which I'd recommend) I gave it a specific thread (here). But then the following seasons 2 and 3 I've made them general threads, so any reactors could be added. Now that I've had a new reactor pointed out to me I thought I'd create a general S1 thread too. So please feel free to post your thoughts/recommendations/comments on any reactor's vids on a S1 episode in this thread.

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    Okay, the new reactor that I had flagged to me is domi e. She has so far put up vids for eps 1-3 of BtVS. I've watched the first two videos (comments below). I'm not sure at this point if I'll stick with her. It's been interesting to see the difference in watching someone just starting again, someone who isn't connected to the characters yet and is responding in a far more distanced way. There is also an oddity here in that she has seen AtS 3-5. I'd be really interested if anyone else gives her reactions a try what you think...

    domi e. - 1.01 Welcome to the Hellmouth
    So this is her first reaction video. Slightly strangely she has already seen Angel 3-5, admits bias in her love for Cordelia. It shows in how much slack she wants to give her even when she's being really mean and does suggest she'll become more engaged with the BtVS characters. It'll be interesting generally to see how she reacts to characters she feels she knows when she sees them at a far earlier time. It's a different angle to this reactor that's intriguing. She says that Willow is gay is all she knows, but she also knows Buffy died surely? She must know that from Angel 3. And she knows Buffy and Spike were a thing, or at least that they slept together a lot as AtS 5 presented it most of the time. I suppose not having the background of Buffy may have just made all those things not 'stick' too much in her mind as there wasn't context and content to them.

    Her response to seeing early S1 Angel was interesting. She says having skipped the first two seasons of Angel she has no backstory to him, but again I was just left thinking that isn't strictly true as there are flashbacks in the later seasons of Angel and references to earlier events in the BtVS/early AtS years.

    She has quite strong opinions of the characters straight away, in part surely from the bits she's gleaned through Angel and just general knowledge of what the show is about. She seems fairly happy to watch it and enjoyed the quips, commented on the show's age at varying points but in quite accepting ways. She felt the main group all have relatable qualities but overall seemed almost clinical in her watching.

    domi e. - 1.02 The Harvest
    It struck me how uber aware she is of film/writing techniques and how she is constantly critiquing from that viewpoint. So it made sense when she said at the start here that she is a film major. And gave more context to her huge love for the power shot in the bronze.

    She talks a lot about the set up and background that is being given, disrupts the flow of the episode for this kind of comment quite often. When noting how they are differentiating the characters' skills she is considering it in terms of them setting up what will follow in this/future seasons. The effectiveness of the pilot for set up. It's interesting but, as I said before, feels very clinical. She's also noticing things that she is seeing as common elements in similar shows/stories and considering how much a part Buffy played in those becoming popular.

    She does a whole thing about really feeling the likeness between Angel and Stefan from the Vampire Diaries which I found funny when you bear in mind that Angel as a character isn't new to her. But I suppose it is a more reasonable comparison for him here than S3 onwards of AtS. It would be more interesting if she talked about what she sees as the differences in the character perhaps and I'd be surprised if she doesn't do some of this.

    Her thoughts on Buffy's lone wolfing is interesting and she seems intrigued by how the dynamic will play out between Buffy and her mum in particular. I'll probably watch her vid on Witch at some point in the next few days, but it isn't going to zoom to the top of my things to do.


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      Another upload for domi e. 1.03 Witch

      I found the flipped image really distracting, especially in the Summer's kitchen.

      She's harsh on Joyce but I was very much of the same frame of mind on my first watch. In considering the isolation Joyce is dealing with and the additional pressure as a lone parent on subsequent rewatches it made my attitude ease somewhat but I do understand seeing it more negatively initially.

      I like her thoughts on the comparisons between the parenting experiences, but she does interrupt the episode and talk over it a lot. She's perhaps overly analysing every moment in trying to present as engaged and interested. It actually makes it harder to judge how much she is genuinely connecting to it and she's making statements about what the characters are like seemingly based on just one scene.

      She obviously is interested in the themes and liked that element of the episode. She's positive about the set up they are creating for the show. I'm just not sure I can get on with her vids when she stops and talks during the episode so much. I might give Teacher's Pet a go. Not sure. I might try After Show Reactions instead. Has anyone else watched any of these?


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        domi e. sounds interesting if she's a new buffy reactor -- I haven't caught up with new reactors. One of the things I don't enjoy as much though is when the episode gets interrupted a lot - it's less fun (for me) watching reactions if it starts to feel like detached commentary over emotional investment. But it's not a problem if the dialogue can still be heard and followed. I'd def recommend checking out ASR though - I know not everyone loves her but she was one of the earliest pioneering Buffy reactors setting a trend for more Buffy reactors to follow. It was a lot of fun watching her progressive journey through all the seasons, especially comparing her responses to other reactors like Duke etc. She also (thankfully) didn't get spoiled on anything major though she suffered an avalanche of spoiler-y comments in S6 but was able to avoid them thanks to moderators. (And she followed the SlayAlive guide for Buffy and Angel so she watched everything in the intended order and sequence, without getting spoiled in advance.) I'd happily revisit her S1 reactions too (as it's been a while), if you do choose to check out her vids I think one further benefit may also be that her YouTube Buffy vids will have more consistent, less interrupted scenes from the episodes because the copyright rules were different when she started out (I think they only started changing by the time she'd reached the middle of S7.)
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