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  • Reacting to Reactions! - BtVS Season 3

    So this is just like the S2 reactions thread and is intended for any/all reaction vids for the third season of Buffy. Feel free to post your thoughts/recommendations/comments on any reactor's vids on a S3 episode in this thread.

    I'm going to continue to go through the season with the four reactors I'm following - alley box., failwhale34, Liam Duke and van. So please join in with commenting on those as I go along. Or, if you're following alley box. and failwhale who, at the time of starting this thread, were around the mid-season point, feel free to post as you watch their new episodes if you'd like. There's no need to wait for me to get to where you are if you want to comment on reactions you've seen. I'll get to chronologically and just look at posts about them once I've caught up.

    Let's see what people make of this season....

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    3.01 Anne

    alley box.
    Her total excitement over the new title sequence was absolutely fantastic. It made me smile so much.

    She really didn't get where Joyce was coming from when she talks to Giles. When I watched it for the first time this was one of the moments I really got Joyce's perspective. Perhaps that is in great part coming from a different age/personal context perspective myself to alley box. (I watched it first in my thirties and as a mum).

    So pleased by how much she enjoyed this. It's a fabulous episode and one where I really notice the sweeps in the camera work and framing on specific moments. So I wasn't surprised she commented on the camera work, although the one shot she talked about wasn't something I've ever noticed (or remember having heard flagged before, apologies to anyone that's pointed it out previously). Hearing how that worked for her in using the set and making the moment feel 'real' was great. Ending of course with the Xander/Cordelia initial reunion, which is so perfect for their age/awkwardness. I love that she really liked that.

    She gave some appreciation for Lily's return and how that helps build the world too. But the plot with Ken confused her, mostly I think because she became fixated on the idea of the kids getting identified via the blood bank. Her thoughts on Buffy's emotional gain from the plot and how and why it prompted her to return was good.

    She's noticed of course that DB was still in the credit sequence and then talked about how season regulars work and that it could just be for flashbacks etc. So she isn't sure what is happening there yet but is now hopeful that he is going to come back. So much joy that Seth Green was in there too.

    I'm so culturally dim, I don't get the 'R&B king' comment he keeps making about Angel. Is it a reference to corny music vids? It obviously just hits him as funny and I do get that, I just tend to find it somewhat romantic/corny.

    Interesting that he skipped the intro because he didn't want any hints of what might come. I really don't think that the brief flashes of the characters at different points that you get could qualify as being truly spoilery as there's no context and they are so fast. But it is interesting that he avoids it.

    I really like that the situation with Buffy missing has made him think to the structure of the watcher's council straight away when it is going to play more of a part of this season. I've never thought of that aspect being there from the beginning because Buffy is AWOL.

    He really feels for Buffy sat on her own in the flat and really focuses on her emotional state and the themes that tie to that in his end comments. He gives out a lot of credit to how they build the emotional connection he felt. He's naturally disposed to connect to the family side in his thoughts, we've seen that before from him I think, and so him considering during the episode how Joyce will be struggling before we even see her wasn't surprising. It's kind of adorable. He's pretty floored by the exchange between her/Giles though it seemed. But has a delightful response to the ending.

    Appreciation for the call backs again, you gotta love how much we get those. I'd never thought of the ties in the episode to Lie to Me, can't remember hearing that pointed out before, so that was interesting. too.

    I love the moment he has the idea Angel might be in the hell Buffy ends up in, he's obviously so enthused by the chance of it. But, nope, sorry. His interest in the aspect of what else goes on outside Sunnydale is great and will probably work well for him if he's going to watch Angel as well for the wider world building.

    He says at one point, "I didn't entirely pick up on the age rating thing" and I'm not sure what he meant by that, or if I just misheard??

    Liam Duke
    Another liking the season start and enjoying the call back aspects.

    Very typically for Liam, his comments at the end had a lot of focus on the themes and the significance of identity really stood out to him. His appreciation for the demon plot, the slavery and homelessness aspects and how they worked together alongside that was great.

    His thoughts on the Joyce/Giles element still missed what stood out most to me in Joyce's point about the issue with the hidden nature of the relationship Giles had been having with Buffy. He got a lot from the balance of humour with the two Sunnydale couples against the darker themes going on with Buffy. There's plenty of anticipation for the reunion of the group now but awareness of the potential of it going different ways and that it could affect their dynamic too. Very interested to see how he responds to seeing that in the next episode.


    As I said at the end of S2, van's reactions to episodes 1 and 2 of S3 aren't available for the UK so I'm going to take the gap to try a new reactor that was pointed out to me who has only just started episodes 1 & 2 of S1. I'll open a new thread for S1 too as the one I had for these four reactors was specific to them at that time. I'll get to that probably later today/tonight.


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      Originally posted by Stoney View Post
      She really didn't get where Joyce was coming from when she talks to Giles. When I watched it for the first time this was one of the moments I really got Joyce's perspective. Perhaps that is in great part coming from a different age/personal context perspective myself to alley box. (I watched it first in my thirties and as a mum).
      Yes this surprised me a bit! I love Giles and the Buffy/Giles relationship but I have always really felt for Joyce in that moment. Her anger towards Giles is totally justified and I would imagine that most parents would feel the same way.

      I think most mothers would react very badly to finding out that an older man has had an entire relationship with their daughter behind their back. To make matters worse, Giles was sending Buffy out to jeopardise her life and actively encouraging Buffy to lie from Joyce and keep everything a secret. I think most parents would be livid and that Joyce handles things remarkably well all things considered.

      To be honest, I always get a little peeved with Giles and his reaction to Joyce in that scene. I'd expect him to be a little more understanding or apologetic but instead he gets stern and defensive.

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        vampmogs I think that alley box.'s Giles love meant that she was taken aback by him suddenly being verbally attacked by Joyce. I felt like she was reading the scene as a jointly supportive one, wanting to see them coming together in their affection for Buffy and was a bit floored when Joyce spoilt that for her. She then just seemed to fail to get the point about that alarming side of the relationship between Giles and Buffy from Joyce's perspective.

        I think there is a good deal of projecting her frustration and guilt from Joyce wrapped up in it too. Buffy had pressed her about not questioning the bloodied clothing etc, but regarding Giles she must have felt angry/guilty for just accepting the times when Giles turned up and she just took it as him representing the school. There is possibly also a bit of blame shifting as well because she was so unprepared for this secret life Buffy was leading being revealed that she tried to put her foot down in frustration at her lack of control over Buffy, when clearly she didn't really mean it or want Buffy to not return, it was all in a heightened emotional moment. So there is definitely a lot at play within Joyce when she verbally lashes out at Giles, but feeling angry about the secret relationship Giles was conducting behind her back is a legitimate part of that for sure and one which she definitely has a right to feel bothered by.


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          3.02 Dead Man's Party

          alley box.
          Her reaction to the camera work between Buffy and Willow when they are still avoiding voicing the issues is great. Her thoughts on this at the end were interesting and how this reminded her of a similar effect she'd talked about in Ted.

          I enjoyed how she looked to consider the characters' perspectives and the effect of how things went. It was interesting that she commented on being pleasantly surprised that Buffy could be presented as being flawed, that the show will go there. It's hard to relate to someone who's shown to be unquestionable.

          I've given her some slack for not seeing some of the tying themes and messages in the motw episodes because I'm damn sure that I didn't with a lot of it on my first viewing either. But I nearly laughed aloud when she said she was sure there was a metaphor in there that related to Buffy's situation re: the zombies/mask. You can't get much more blunt than Xander's line in response to Buffy saying she needed to deal with things on her own, "You can't just bury stuff, Buffy. It'll come right back up to get you." Still, I'm glad she did enjoy it as a follow on from the last episode, for showing how people are processing everything.

          I liked that he appreciated that Buffy having run away wasn't just going to be brushed off. He really gets both points of view and is feeling the tension in the episode. You can see his increasing connection to the characters and his response when the conversation gets pushed at the party is just brilliant to watch. I love that it exceeded his expectations.

          I've gotten the impression family is a big deal to him so seeing him react so strongly to this episode, praising the writing for what it addresses in how the group impact each other makes a lot of sense. Interesting that he's so enthused here and makes the distinction for him that it's the character drama that he loves and the supernatural elements vary between episodes. Lots of praise for the writing and performances.

          A great literal reaction to watch to this episode and his end comments were interesting too. I'd definitely recommend this one.

          Liam Duke
          Comedy reaction to the cat dropping from the shelves.

          Again seeing both sides, and they do really present both so well, I love that it works for everyone in that way. The character work stood out again, the zombie plot very secondary but as he says, it wasn't the focus of the episode.

          The rebuilding of bridges still feels in progress to him. His commentary gave plenty of thoughts about the character dynamics which were good. I like that he picked up on the miscommunication as that so often plays a part and talked about how Cordelia and Oz are slotting in. The Snyder aspects and where that is going creating some intrigue, as you'd expect.

          van - again the vid isn't okay for the UK for this one, but she will be back with episode 3.


          I really enjoyed watching these, especially failwhale's reaction. Have you caught this one flow ? I might watch the new S1 reactor's vid for Witch later today/tomorrow. Still not sure if I'm going to keep watching hers.

          Really looking forward to seeing how these four respond to Faith's arrival.