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Combined/corrupted : Random Buffy Related Thoughts

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  • Combined/corrupted : Random Buffy Related Thoughts

    New thread as the old one isn't accessable by everyone. If you have any Random Thoughts About Buffy, here's the place to post!

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    Hope having a random thread is okay? Sometimes you can be watching an episode and just want to mention something you've noticed or a sudden inconsequential thought, well here is the place to post.

    I'm watching Touched and I just love how happy Spike is to tell Buffy that she was right about Caleb protecting something at the vineyard. He's pleased with himself for figuring it out and he's also trying to cheer Buffy up and it's so nice to see him happy


    • HardlyThere
      HardlyThere commented
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      The whole thing was obvious. It's a deliberate callback to it and fuels the reason she breaks up with him. Spike is not the long-haul guy she can commit to.

    • Cheese Slices
      Cheese Slices commented
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      Originally posted by HardlyThere View Post
      The whole thing was obvious. It's a deliberate callback to it and fuels the reason she breaks up with him. Spike is not the long-haul guy she can commit to.
      No this parallel of Spike/Riley I got from the start, it's more the Riley visiting the "whores" paralleling Buffy visiting Spike that I didn't get.

    • HardlyThere
      HardlyThere commented
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      That's because it doesn't really work.

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    Thanks. I'm one of those who couldn't access it either. I wonder why this forum keeps acting so weird now and again?


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      We've not got to the bottom of why the threads aren't all opening for everyone yet. The upgrade transfer has just thrown a bunch of glitches in the mix that need techxpertise to iron out and I don't have that.


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        Actually, I might try to see if it will let me merge the two threads with this as the destination thread. That could wreck this thread, but it isn't really in use yet, or I might have thought of a way to get around the glitch....


        • Priceless
          Priceless commented
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          Try it Stoney. If it doesn't work, we'll start a Part 3

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        Ha, erm that seems to have made the original thread disappear. It shows as there being the merged number of responses, but I can only see the original initial post and none of the 1k others. I think that counts as 'not a success'. I'll see if it can be recovered, but probably not. *sigh*


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          in the spirit of starting again with utter randomness—

          and with apologies for being so absent...

          (RL, in the form of multiple deadlines... )

          but i just thought i'd note the citation of an article i
          just finished reading, taking notes on,

          all in memory of poor slaughtered Professor
          Wirth (Worth?) in S3 and Andrew's mistaking
          of his profession in S7:

          Clark, Nigel, et. al. “Speculative Volcanology: Time, Becoming, and Violence in Encounters with
          Magma.” Environmental Humanities, vol. 10, no. 1, May 2018, pp. 273-294.

          actually pretty wonderful, if one has a taste
          for such things: Deleuze meets Volcanos...

          with promise of more directly Buffyish thoughts soon....


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            Okay we're going to close this thread, so if you could repost in the new one SoS that would be great. This one might be recoverable, it says it has all the posts of the old one too even though they aren't visible, but understandably Pricey would like to start again with a fresh thread. I promise not to have any brainwaves I decide to try out on that one!!