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    Originally posted by Vampadvo View Post

    I think that would be a very interesting experiment in the influence of viewpoint actually as we as fans very often watch the show from the POV of certain characters but to have someone literally do it I imagine would help you understand how that character sees the world.
    It is a thought experiment. As they say, if you want a straight up review podcast, there are dozens. It's a deconstruction, where they rebuild the show from limited viewpoints. For those who say we never saw a scene where... Well, they actually have that limited a scope. They have a patreon now where they watch the entire episode together and then discuss it, and we can ask questions. Last show was The Gift where they discovered that Giles killed Ben, and we talked about how that changed their view of his later attempt to kill Spike.

    The group gets to decide which episode is chosen, and this time around it looks like they will watch Becoming (both parts). So we get to watch alongside and see their reactions, then hear their discussion and ask questions or make comments.
    Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.


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      Originally posted by flow View Post
      A guy called Michael Rosenbaum is doing a podcast called insideofyou and this week's guest is no other but James Marsters. Apparently he talks about acting, art, Smallville, his niece, and the cast and crew of BtVS. I haven't listened to it yet and can't say if it is worth listening too but I thought there are so many podcast fans here on this board that one or the other might want to give it a try.

      Finally, I have managed to listen to the Insiede Of You podcast I recommended six weeks ago and I really liked it. Once again I think James Marsters seems to be very down-to-earth and actually pretty normal. Michael Rosenbaum asked him why he took in his niece and raised her (fun fact from a non-native speakers - I got really confused and wondered why he questioned him about raising his knees...) and he said it's nothing extraordinary in his opinion. His brother couldn't take care of her and asked if his family could help out. He said it's something most people would do for a family member. Lex Luthor said he wouldn't but I was impressed by how JM basically said it was nothing to write home about. Not in this exact words of course and he also said that actually raising his niece - not only offering to do so - was the hardest thing he ever did in his life. No comparison to being a dad to his his son because he mostly saw him on weekends and holidays.

      I have also listened to the Joss Whedon stuff in context now and I find nothing shocking about it at all and it's clear to me JM doesn't either. On the contrary, he basically defends JW.

      There is a podcast version and a YouTube video version. If you have leisure time, tune it. It's nice.

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        Oh yeah, I really liked that one as well!

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      Chipperish have done the Gift