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  • I am pretty sure, they are celebrating, that the ritual worked and Dru got better. There is a line by either Dru or Spike somewhere (I don`t remember exactly, where) before the ritual, that they will have a party after.


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    Mike B:
    Buffy has a bruise on her inner thigh in "Seeing Red" (B 6.19). But that bruise could have been from crashing into something, falling, happened on patrol, whatever
    Of course it is also possible, that Buffy woke up that morning off screen, got out of bed, tripped over a chair and got a bruise on her inner thigh.

    But...she comes home from patrol with a backache. The show emphasizes, that she has gotten that backache from a fight with a vampire. They don`t show a bruise on her inner thigh nor does she limp or use some ice or utters anything, about her leg being in pain as well as her back.

    Spike pins her down on the floor and I haven`t rewatched the scene lately, but I am pretty sure, he has his knee somewhere near her thigh. When he has left, the first thing, we see of her, is, that she has a bruise on her inner thigh.

    If the writers intention was, to show us, that Spike did not bruise her, they wouldn`t have shown the bruise or they whould have have her say to Xander "Oh, don`t get this wrong. I had the bruise before."

    We never see Spike kill the two guys, who were with Sheila in School Hard. We just see them lying in the streets with severe neck injuries and a second later Spike says Hi to Sheila. Of course it is possible, that the two guys were attacked by another vampire or a street mugger or got into a fight with each other (without Sheila noticing it). However, the most likely theory is, that Spike killed them off screen.

    Many scenes in BtVS allow us different interpretations. But I don`t think this particular scene in Seeing Red is one of them, to be quite honest.

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