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    Have Ethan show up, and let Giles know that he was killed by the initiative! That would be a lovely gut punch - great way to make Giles doubt his decision making.
    Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.


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      I would have liked having Xander in an episode on AtS, during S5 BtVS and S2 AtS. During the time Angel and his friends were at odds. His construction company sending him there for business, and how ironic it would be to have Xander talk Angel or his friends into patching things up, showing how much he'd grown - especially in S5 where I always thought Xander was at his most stable and mature self, aside from S7.

      I would have liked if Jesse appeared to Xander in Nightmares S1, taunting him about Angel and how much of a hypocrite Buffy was to let Angel live when he was a vampire, this IMO would add an interesting layer to Xander's hatrad of Angel and his reaction to giving Angel back his soul in Becoming. I would've also enjoyed Xander at the end of The Pack connecting his situation with how Jesse must have gone through when he was turned into a vampire, asking Buffy is it was the same experience, she would ponder this and then tells him that the vampire was not Jesse and he shouldn't beat himself up over killing him. It would have been a perfect setup for the next episode "Angel" when Buffy discovers that he's a vampire, and it would have given Buffy and Xander a real conflict over what Xander was told in regards to Jesse by Buffy and Giles, and why both are letting Angel live.

      An interesting epsiode would be in S1 showing a hunter who was playing the role of the slayer in Sunnydale before Buffy's arrival, and it would be revealed later that s/he was part of a group let by a former watcher who saw that Sunnydale needed someone to gaurd its people because of the Hellmouth. Everybody in that hunter group was killed in the past years, leaving this one hunter, who finally got to put down their stake and live a normal life now that the slayer showed up to carry on the mission. A last scene of Buffy looking wistfully at the hunter's back as they left and asking Giles if this would happen to her one day, that someone would carry the load and that she'd be finally free to live a normal like that hunter.

      I want a Willow birthday episode in S1. None of her parents at home. Xander siezing the occastion and inviting the whole school for a party at Willow's empty house. Poor Willow not enjoying her birthday at all, and one of the kids uses her birthday to make chaos.

      One more thing: I want an in depth exploration of the Xander/Giles friendship! I want it!

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      I do think it would have been interesting to have Buffy appear to him because he wouldn't have been able to put 2 and 2 together, perhaps even after they realized who the Big Bad was. It was a missed opportunity to not have First!Buffy appear to anyone aside from Buffy herself and Spike.
      Exactly! I have already written a fic about this: Fooled by a Sauron. The First appearing to the gang as Buffy and sometimes Spike and planting doubts in their minds. This is the only way to explain the infamous Empty Places scene, having the First fooling the Scoobies as either Buffy or Spike.
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