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Fighting vampires outside the modern West

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  • Fighting vampires outside the modern West

    Since vampires appear to be an ancient,*worldwide problem in the Buffyverse, I sometimes wonder how people are supposed to have fought vampires in different cultures. Can you stake a vampire with bamboo, or does it count as a grass? Is*any adequately-stiff plant material good enough to do the trick? Where did Slayers get their holy water if they lived in towns of Southern Baptists? Did crosses possess retroactive religious significance*before Jesus's crucifixion? Did pre-colonialism Tibetan Buddhists and Aboriginal Australians have equivalents of holy water, etc.? What did people from, IDK, the Thule culture hang up*instead of garlic?
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    Since vampires were present in most mythologies I reckon the slayers would simply follow the rules codified in their cultures. In Buffyverse beliefs shape reality to a certain extend (as seen in season 10) so it's not an issue canon-wise.


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      Admittedly, I haven't read the comics, but the series presents us with a world in which belief possesses little demonstrated power. Of all the Scoobies, only Riley is stated or shown to be a Christian, and Willow is explicitly non-Christian (first Jewish, then Wiccan). Their absence of belief doesn't render crosses or holy water useless against vampires. Cordelia has never heard of vengeance demons when she accidentally draws one to Sunnydale. Xander trips a spell by "speak[ing] Latin in front of the books," while in the act of attempting to demonstrate that such a thing is impossible. So I'm inclined to think that, in the Buffyverse, certain items are vested with spiritual power independent of what the wielder or victim believes. Whether the reverse is true (items one considers holy failing to work due to an objective inadequacy) is less clear.

      However, if anti-vampire items from different cultures do work, then why are our characters ignoring half their arsenal? Having a backup plan could literally save their lives in a crisis.