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2nd half poll Buffy S5 v Angel S2 episode head to head

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  • 2nd half poll Buffy S5 v Angel S2 episode head to head

    Continuing on from Pt1

    E12 Checkpoint- the episode is ok not great but ok and still miles better than Blood Money. Though Glory not following through on her threat because reasons is annoying.

    E13 Blood Ties Dawn and Spike are a great team and so much better than Happy Anniversary which is just ridiculous

    E14 Crush despite the poor ending JM knocks it out the park. As for Thin Dead Line, how did Wes not bleed to death ???

    E15 Reprise Not even close the Elevator ride to hell and Angel's conversation with Denver are pure gold while the episode that Britney Spears was meant to guest star is just eww

    E16 Epiphany, I think the Body was cynical Emmy grab attempt by JW so this is a no brainer for me.

    E17 Forever What the Body should've been and besides Disharmony is boring.

    E18 Intervention For that Spuffy scene at the end. Though Dead End is not bad

    E19 Belonging I prefer this episode on rewatch to Touched, Dawn/Spike scene aside. Wes phone call to his Dad and deflation during it is incredible.

    E20 Spiral Can't stand either episode but if I'd have to pick maybe Spiral

    E21 Through the Looking Glass not a Pylea fan but Weight of the world was killing time until the Gift

    E22 The Gift Spike reinvite and Buffy death are miles better than the Reconstruction speech given go Gunn for no reason other than he is black.

    So Buffy and Angel flip for me in the second half with Buffy winning 7 - 4

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    E12 - This is a close one for me, as I'm not a huge fan of Checkpoint, but it does win by a slight margin.

    E13 - Blood Ties wins by a mile, because Happy Anniversary is awful

    E14 - Crush - see above . . . Thin Dead Line is pretty awful

    E15 - This is another close one. I'm not a huge fan of April and the robot jokes, so Reprise wins this round. I make it sound like it wins by default, but it is a good episode.

    E16 - Two great episodes, and I'd rather watch Epiphany, but The Body is just better.

    E17 - This might surprise a few people, but I'd rather watch Disharmony than Forever, though it's a decent episode, I just enjoy the AtS episode more.

    E18 - Intervention is one of my all time favourite Buffy episodes, wins by a mile.

    E19 - This is a difficult one because I like both eps equally, but I think Belonging just scrapes it . . . I think.

    E20 - It has to be Spiral

    E21 - Not a big fan of either episode, but I find Buffy's catatonic state annoying so it's going to be Through The Looking Glass

    E22 - It has to be The Gift because some gifts are better than others and although I don't like Buffy sacrificing herself, everything around that is great.

    Buffy 7 - 4 Angel

    It seems that for me, episode for episode, Buffy is better throughout the whole season, though there are some cracking episodes of Angel along the way.


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      E12 - Checkpoint, even though I don't like the Knights of Byzanthium because they're ridiculous, over Blood Money.

      E13 - Blood Ties >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Happy Anniversary

      E14 - Crush crushes Thin Dead Line

      E15 - Reprise - I do like I Was Made to Love You, but Reprise is one of the greatest Angel episodes.

      E16 - The Body - Poor AtS, it's one of the rare strong episodes in the 2nd half of season 2, but it goes against The Body.

      E17 - Forever always over Disharmony

      E18 - Intervention is also one of my favorites, wins easily over Lindsey's evil hand Dead End.

      E19 - Belonging, which is a pretty good episode (the Pylea arc is good on its own, in general, the only problem is the tonal dissonance from the first part of the season) over Tough Love - the Tillow argument is forced, cringey and biphobic.

      E20 - Spiral, which is really good in spite of the stupid Knights, over one of the Pylea episodes - Over the Rainbow

      E21 - The Weight of the World - Though the Looking Glass is fun, but I like Buffy's catatonic state scenes and the Ben/Glory storyline and Ben finally making his choice.

      E22 - The Gift Much better AtS episodes than There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb would have trouble competing against The Gift.

      So, 9:2 - a very easily and very expected win for Buffy over Angel.

      The first halves were 6:5 in favor of Angel, which makes it 14:8 in favor of Buffy, a very convincing win. I'm a bit surprised by that, because, while season 5 is probably the best and most consistent season of Buffy, season 2 is the best season of Angel IMO, and while I do prefer Buffy by a country mile, I really love season 2 of AtS and I thought they would be closer. However, matching it episode by episode is a different story - AtS's inconsistent quality is its downfall. All the great Angel S2 episodes beat the corresponding Buffy episodes (except for Epiphany, which went against an even stronger Buffy episode), but the other AtS episodes didn't stand a chance. So many AtS episodes are mediocre or bad even in its best seasons.
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