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Parallels between Buffy and Ellen Ripley - an essay by Kelly Gredner

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  • Willow from Buffy
    I liked it. Maybe she over emphasised Buffy's alienation a little, but I think she was mostly on point.

    I think the vamps and xenos are quite similar. Even if vamps are sentient, they are still pure (almost innocent) in that they cannot be other than what they are, namely killers. There is also the sexuality inherent in the violence they enact. A vampire kill and a xenmorph kill (or facehugger impregnation) is meant to invoke the image of a violent sexual assault.

    If I had written this essay, I would have put more emphasis on how both Buffy and Ripley are deeply human heroes. They both get scared. They both cry. Their struggles seem real.

    Paradoxically, Whedon's Ripley is not really that much like Buffy.

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  • a thing of evil
    This essay is terrible.

    Now they must fight for survival and protect the world from evil.
    This is completely wrong, like, way to miss the point, Kelly. Xenomorph is not evil, at least not in the same way the vampires are. The alien is not even "Alien(s)" villain - Weyland-Yutani corporation is and Ripley doesn't really fight them. It's like Jurassic Park - dinosaurs are scary horror movie killers but they're not the real villains and they're not the real monsters.

    Unfortunately, Buffy and Ripley are forcefully resurrected.
    No. Buffy's resurrected - she dies and then her body is brought back to life. Despite the title of the movie, Ripley isn't resurrected. Ripley dies and stays dead (and thus, thankfully, isn't dragged into Whedon's garbage movie) Ripley 8, the clone, is not Ellen Ripley, she has a different personality and alien DNA superpowers because Joss "is it even a strong female character if she can't beat the crap out of me?" Whedon is a literal teenage boy. Jesus, I hate Alien Resurrection so much. Thank goodness for Alien: Isolation, makes it easier to ignore that absolute guano heap.

    Both are no longer 100% human.
    Buffy was never 100% human (season 7, hello!) - Ellen Ripley was.

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  • GoSpuffy
    She wasn't alone at the end of S7 but arguably you could say she was at S12. Gawd I hate S12.

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  • HardlyThere
    Other than both being women, I don't see many parallels at all.

    No, Buffy wasn't alone at the end. That was the point.

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  • Parallels between Buffy and Ellen Ripley - an essay by Kelly Gredner

    Warrior Women: Death & Resurrection:

    Do you think she is right about Buffy being alone in the end?