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I guess the saga ended on a positive note, unlike some video game franchises!

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  • I guess the saga ended on a positive note, unlike some video game franchises!

    Back when I was a kid, I was really into Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While I never did quite get into the spin off series Angel that much, I did like the first season. After that, I don't know what happened.

    In general though, I think the series ended on a positive note, and all was not lost either, since we got the continuation of Buffy's story in the comics. Well, okay. It ain't quite the same as having Sarah and co doing their roles on TV any longer, but actors age. David Boreanaz is getting on a bit. Vampires are meant to look the age they were upon dying as a person, so it makes some sense that he enjoyed it then, but would rather draw a line under the past.

    Unfortunately, I think Capcom needs to end the Resident Evil games, and stop milking the series, to the point where it's a shadow of its former glory. You have just got to know when to give it up. Capcom has basically ruined their top franchise by making the series into action games. Now, okay. Say Buffy Summers was at her best, and one day, the network made the series into only one genre, like as a part of a ratings swerve, that ends up making the show the polar opposite of what it started out as. That isn't going to sit well with the fans, now is it? Well, for me at least, I see that with the Resident Evil games these days.

    I'm amazed that a lot of forums are not that active any longer. Compared to around 15 years ago, a lot of online communities are a joke these days. I'm only active on a few Silent Hill forums, but when people do post, they can be a bit on the arrogant side if you claim a franchise has gotten so bad. And the thing is, they hardly ever post anyway. So in general, it's like I'm left wondering why I even bother contributing my opinions at all. But has anybody else noticed this?

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    Well I'm glad you are contributing. I agree, Angel ended on a positive note and I'm very happy with the ending, although some of how they got there does't sit well with me, but that's the refrain of most fans

    I can't comment on Resident Evil because I know nothing about it. I think the same can apply to tv shows. I'm so glad Supernatural has come to an end because it went on too long. ER was another show I loved that lasted 15 seasons (I think) and it outlived it's storytelling abilities too.


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      Not many shows stay good through out there run.


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        My lads used to play (I know this because I seem to have inherited the odd game plus all the movies). I'm not sure whether they still do. I suspect the movie ownership had something to do with Milla Jovovich.

        I'm just glad there's another season of Lucifer!


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          Still can't see what folks see in that show. The lead actor just leaves me cold though which probably doesn't help.