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    One is absolutely okay!


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      Quick reminder: the Spring Equinox free-for-all is this Wednesday, and information on that was over here.


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        This is my first time doing Seasonal Spuffy in YEARS, so you have no idea how incredibly nervous I am about it. Excited, too, because I absolutely love the theme. That was part of why I decided to hell with my nerves and signed up. Now I'm just sorting through ideas, trying to find the angle that's most mine and won't run out of control. Because that is always my weakness, lol.

        BTW, thank you for thenewbuzwuzz for pointing this forum out to me! I've never stopped loving Buffy, but I've been itching for a rewatch since playing in a Buffy RPG in February. That started last weekend, and we're already halfway through S3 because we just can't stop. I'm so glad to find others who love the show, too.


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          Hi Eurydice,

          welcome to this forum. It`s so great to see you here! Yes it is amazing that you can still find people who are talking about the show more than twenty years after it first aired.

          You will have to post five times in other people`s threads before you are allowed to open your own thread. As soon as you are able, you are very welcome to post any questions or themes for discussion. This forum is very friendly and fun to be. There are many Spuffy fans around here but of course the whole variety of fandom can be found. We have comic fans, there are users who create fanart (and have battles), we have a fanfiction section, there are games to be played and there is a rewatch thread with reviews for each episode that has been ongoing for years. It´s currently at season six Seeing Red. If you are interested in following that thread or another reviews for a particular season or episode I`d be glad to link you to it.

          I hope you have fun around here and I am looking forward to seeing you here!

          P.s.: I`ll be posting something too for Seasonal Spuffy. It is my first attempt at writing fanfiction, so I am nervous as hell as well.



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            Yesterday on Seasonal Spuffy:

            "After Life" icons and a matching forum-size banner by sintonia

            A lovely, printable Spuffy bookmark by teragramm

            Two artwork posts by Double Dutchess, inspired by flower symbolism and cil_domney's art style.
            Yellow edition:
            And pink edition:

            Festive oneshot "Ostara Blessings" - the Seasonal Spuffy debut of fancyflautist, featuring grass facts, a hell-bunny, and an original Wiccan ritual

            For something completely different, a dark AU "Anywhere But Here" by the_wiggins, featuring an alternate and earlier route to s2 Spuffy partnership

            Cute, feel-good post-series fic snippet "Whac-A-Mole" by Passion4Spike


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              Hey y`all,

              I have just created an account at livejournal for my entry for seasonal spuffy. Just two questions - where can I check the site time? And the username flow was not available anymore. Therefore I registered on lifejournal as flowspuffy. Do I have to give the author`s name with flowspuffy then or is it okay to use simply flow because that`s the name I use everywhere else in the fandom?



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                Yay! I'm not sure what you mean by "the site time" but I don't think you need it anyway, because you just stick to your own time for posting. That is, your posting day starts and ends at midnight *German* time. See "When we post" in the Seasonal Spuffy Guidelines.

                Best ask a Seasonal Spuffy mod about the name use. But my guess is that in the description "flow" is probably fine, but if you want to be "flow" also in the author tag it's probably good to request this specifically.


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                  Ah I see, I should have read the guidelines :-)

                  Thank you so much!

                  Just to make sure - can I simply copy and paste my text from my word file?



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                    I'm pretty sure you can do copy-paste from Word, but it's probably safer to copy from plain text to keep unwanted Word formatting code from getting copied along.

                    Oh and I would advise sticking to the *old* visual editor, I have heard bad things about the new one.

                    Most important tip: be sure to look at thenewbuzwuzz's awesome and exceedingly detailed "How to Post an Entry to Seasonal Spuffy - the Beginner's Guide" stuck at the top of the Seasonal Spuffy LJ!
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                      Yay flow, so glad you joined. I shall follow you (not sue if that's what they do on LJ, but I'm a twitterer really)


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                        flow: when you post, you can put "flow" or whatever name you like in the post header, and we will use that to credit you when we link to the post. Do you want your creator tag to say "flow"? We can do that.

                        Copying pre-formatted text from anywhere into the LJ visual editor can make the post look weird. LJ might keep the white background from Word, and if the background color in the current Seasonal Spuffy theme is not white, then it may look like all of your text is highlighted white. It's safer to copy-paste into the HTML editor instead, or copy into the visual editor from a plain text program like Notepad, and then add only the formatting you need.
                        Double Dutchess is right about everything else, as well. Thank you, DD!

                        In other news, the banner contest is open!

                        The theme is “Dark Carnival”, but it’s up to you whether you use it.
                        The deadline is April 25th (midnight EST).
                        You can submit banners via LJ comment, DW comment, or email.
                        More info HERE. Have fun, and show us your fabulous work!

                        P.S. It turns out my email spam filters are not fond of BuffyForums notifications at all, so you CAN ask questions here, but it might take me several days (or more) to notice them. For urgent questions, try a LiveJournal message or, or commenting on one of our mod posts over on LJ or DW.
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                          A quick poll for participants (and potential future participants), to do with the solstice/equinox free-for-all days.


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                            Reminder: banner contest closes on Thursday (April 25th) midnight EST

                            - - - Updated - - -

                            Originally posted by thenewbuzwuzz View Post
                            Yesterday: a "Lucifer" crossover by Slaymesoftly, "The Lines Get Blurred". Knowledge of "Lucifer" not necessary.

                            And today: vid "Choosey Susie" by Double Dutchess!

                            Neither of these is worksafe.
                            how useful is it for you folks to have such links to new entries here in this thread during the round? Is there anyone who's interested but isn't already following us on LiveJournal? (If somebody doesn't know how to get email notifications about LiveJournal posts & would like to know, I'm glad to assist.)


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                              To me it’s very useful, because I don’t follow the entries at livejournal!



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                                It helps me personally as I'm always on here, but I rarely ever go on Live Journal. In fact I'm normally prompted to by seeing something linked here that I fancy looking at. I then look through my messages when I've gone on LJ. I don't have email notifications instead because they'd just get drowned in the masses of emails I get and more readily deleted without flicking through in trying to keep my email clear. So it works for me like this, but if the messages stopped coming on here to prompt me I'd probably start trying to get in the habit of checking LJ now and then anyway.


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                                  I don't follow Live Journal - bugger me, I can't follow a map or GPS...or Stoney's post above!

                                  On a different note:


                                  I've just had a quick glance at Slaymesoftly's entry.

                                  "The jury may still be out on my father,” he responded smoothly, “but, no, my mother loves me… in her own somewhat warped way. The name didn’t carry quite the same negative connotations when I first got it. I had to earn that.”

                                  “They named you Lucifer, but didn’t think it would make people think you were… you know, evil?”

                                  “As I said, those connotations didn’t exist at the time. But enough about me.” He gave her a warm smile."

                                  Yay! Love this...and the remarks about The First Evil. And Lucifer's on Prime Video!

                                  And Lux which means "bringing light". My head is making all sorts of connections between the Temple of Luxor, the temple in End of Days, light and basking etc. I'v also managed to include LA after the fall, the Luxor Hotel and the Elvis impersonators. Tell Slaymesoftly thanks...I really enjoyed that!


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                                    Cool, thanks, everyone! There shall be links here, then.

                                    TriBel, I passed on the message.

                                    As a reminder, though, anonymous comments are currently allowed on Seasonal Spuffy, and they will prooobably stay allowed through May. So if anyone wants to talk directly to an author, it's as simple as we could possibly make it. We aren't even demanding any CAPTCHAs at the moment (we like to live dangerously).
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                                      Has anyone seen the new banner poll on Seasonal Spuffy on LJ? There are 8 entries and they are all amazing. Honestly I have no idea who to vote for as they are all so good


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                                        Originally posted by Priceless View Post
                                        Has anyone seen the new banner poll on Seasonal Spuffy on LJ? There are 8 entries and they are all amazing. Honestly I have no idea who to vote for as they are all so good
                                        I hadn't I'll go and nosey.


                                        • Originally posted by Stoney View Post
                                          I hadn't I'll go and nosey.
                                          It's never taken me so long to vote for anything They were all so good. Seasonal Spuffy should have proportional representation so I could vote for the top 3 at least