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Buffy vs. Spike: Strength, Fighting Skills, Durability, etc.

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  • Buffy vs. Spike: Strength, Fighting Skills, Durability, etc.

    * Buffy being stronger than Spike doesn’t necessarily mean that she can hit harder than Spike.

    Force = mass * acceleration

    F = m*a

    a = m/s^2 (m = meters, s=seconds)

    Spike has more mass than Buffy, so Buffy would have to striker quicker in order for her strikes to have more ‘impact’ than Spike’s.

    The Troll Hammer helped Buffy in her fight against Glory in much the same way that the wrecking ball was able to have a better impact than if Xander had punched Glory. The Troll Hammer has a lot of mass.

    Buffy’s strength helps in fighting because her fist or foot isn’t stopped by the mass that it contacts with. Her strength allows her to ‘push through’. This means that the acceleration of the strike doesn’t as much stop upon impact as it would for a weaker person.

    Anyway, SMG had an 18-inch waist when fitted for her wedding dress. And she’s barely over 5’. She likely weighed less than 100 lbs. James Marsters likely weighed around 165-185.

    So, Spike’s strikes are likely to have more Force upon initial impact, but Buffy’s strikes are likely to have more follow through (meaning the impact of her strikes would perhaps last longer).

    Anyway, upon initial impact, Buffy would have to strike around twice as fast to have the same initial impact as Spike’s strikes. Her Slayer strength could be used to ‘push’ the opponent directly after that initial strike. This would be why she’d be able to punch through a demon and it’d be why she’s able to punch or kick a demon so that it goes flying.

    * An interesting thing is why Spike didn’t ever use superspeed while fighting Buffy or using superspeed before striking something. That superspeed would multiple the Force of the strike.


    * Spike can take a lot more damage than Buffy can and has a much higher pain threshold than she does. And Spike has more stamina than Buffy does. He mentioned on AtS that he fought a werewolf for an hour before killing it.

    Spike can only be killed by sunlight, decapitation, wooden stake through the heart, and possibly drinking Holy Water (though maybe not since his resilience is likely many times more than Kralick’s was).

    Buffy can be killed in any way that a human can.

    Buffy is stronger than Spike and can fight in sunlight and Holy Water is not dangerous to her. Buffy also is far more easily injured or wounded. Like in “Fool For Love” (5.07), Spike would have never had trouble with that vampire because unless that vampire could have staked Spike in the heart, Spike would have easily killed it. In the fight in “Forever” (5.16?), Buffy getting chomped that that demon would have been a serious thing and possibly-to-probably life-ending. To Spike, it’s an annoyance. Then there is the obvious “Pangs” (4.08) example: the arrows.


    * For something that I can understand, I’d say the Troll Hammer thing is something like Spike being able to lift – using only arm strength (meaning not using his legs to help lift it) – a Hammer weighing 50 lbs straight off the ground but not being able to wield it versus Buffy being able to wield that 50 lbs Hammer. Or if one wants to put in another way, someone lifting a 50 lbs. dumbbell off the ground but not being able to curl it versus someone who can swing that 50 lbs. dumbbell around.

    Their fights mostly seem accurate to how their strength is portrayed.


    * Buffy got more powerful through the years, but so did Spike. Their ‘fight’ in “Smashed” (6.09) wasn’t lopsided. In that fight, both were mostly ‘playing around’, but one was not putting in ‘more effort’ than the other was.

    * Buffy did get more superpowered as time went on. In “Prophecy Girl” (1.12), after she’s resurrected she’s stronger and is easily able to overpower the Master. And the Master’s ‘hyno-beams’ no longer worked on her.

    In BtVS S5, she trains with Giles and gets stronger and more powerful.

    In BtVS S6, after her resurrection she seems stronger and more powerful than she was in BtVS S5.

    She’s perhaps stronger and more powerful in BtVS S7.

    And she’s certainly portrayed as stronger and more powerful in BtVS S8 than she was before.


    * Spike mostly ‘kept up’ with Buffy in terms of their relative strength and power to each other.

    * It’s not explained why, but I always considered that the Hellmouth was somehow making Spike stronger and more powerful. Spike in “School Hard” (2.03) mentions to Dru that “The Hellmouth will restore you, put color in your cheeks, metaphorically speaking”

    * Spike became increasingly resistant to sunlight.

    * Glory tossing Spike into a wall knocked him unconscious. Illyria kicking Spike into a wall merely gave him a little blood in his mouth. Glory’s blows had Spike wounded for at least days. Illyria’s blows (though possibly she was more limiting her blows than Glory) didn’t harm Spike. And it’s implied that Spike’s kick could have hurt Illyria. This was full powered Illyria who didn’t seem much weaker than Glory.


    * Buffy wasn’t a better fighter than Spike. Spike beat Buffy in “School Hard” (2.03) and in “Out of My Mind” (5.04) because he’s a better fighter. Spike in “SH” gave up his weapon because Buffy did. And that made it that she no longer had something to kill him with. But he took about the first opportunity he had to get a weapon and that allowed him to easily beat Buffy. In “OomM”, Buffy got some hits on Spike but Spike took the first opportunity to get the ‘upper ground’ on Buffy. And from there he easily beat her.

    In “Fool For Love” (5.07), Spike choreographed an entire fight were her when Buffy at points was seriously trying to hurt him.

    Buffy was able to beat Spike because she’s stronger than he is and/or when she’s really pissed off it gives her a ‘fire’ and that made her able to beat Spike. Spike in “Harsh Light of Day” (4.03) was easily beating her until he pissed her off enough. Noticeably, during her ‘fighting while pissed off’, she strikes quicker and therefore her Force is increased. And she has more ‘follow through’.

    * BtVS made triggered Spike a credible threat to Buffy. And after BtVS S7, Buffy and Spike have not gotten into any kind of fight with each other.


    * It’s implied that Spike may have ‘held back’ because he didn’t actually want to kill Buffy because he was in love with Buffy (Drusilla words to Spike in “Fool For Love” (5.07)). Although, the same could be said about Buffy.


    * Sidenote: Angel is never shown to be a superior combatant to Buffy or Faith.

    * We’ve seen very few vampires that seem to have comparable superstrengh to Buffy. And these are the ones shown to be possibly stronger than she is: Luke, the Master (no longer true after Buffy’s resurrection in “Prophecy Girl” (1.12)), Drusilla (easily overpowered Kendra, overpowered Angel, in A&F
    it is implied that she’s stronger than Faith