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“Becoming Part II” (2.22): If Buffy had taken Kendra to her meeting with Angel:

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  • “Becoming Part II” (2.22): If Buffy had taken Kendra to her meeting with Angel:

    In “Becoming” (2.21) all of the Scoobies and Kendra reasoned that Buffy could stall Angel until Willow successfully performed the spell.


    I just thought of this: If Buffy had taken Kendra to her meeting with Angel; Angel would have very likely been dusted. But what then? If Buffy and Kendra decided to go on and try to fight Spike and Drusilla, things could have gotten really messy. Drusilla would have still gone to the school and gotten Giles (or she would have had a vision that Kendra was coming along with Buffy or had a vision that Angel was killed). And without Kendra being there, the vampires or Drusilla herself could have easily killed the rest of the Scoobies. And Dru would have been more likely to kill the Scoobies if she had a vision that Angel was killed. Having both Slayers show up at the mansion, they would have still fought the vampire minions and Spike would have sussed out the situation and decided whether to fight the Slayers. He probably would have simply bailed. At some point, he would have met up with Dru and the vampires that had Giles.

    At this point, with Angel being dead, either Dru would want to go after the Slayers or she’d probably want retribution by killing the rest of the Scoobies. So, then the rest of the Scoobies could have been killed even if the police had still showed up. Buffy and Kendra after defeating the vampires wouldn’t have likely gotten back in time to save the Scoobies from Spike and Dru.

    In all, the ending result would be a dead Angel but also very likely dead Scoobies with only Buffy and Kendra still being alive. And for those two, Spike and Dru could simply come back to Sunnydale and kill each of them when they are not together.