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    If you could pick one particular scene which you feel is singularly one of the most important moments for Buffy or any other character which would it be?

    The one I pick is IMO slightly underrated and overlooked.

    The moment in the Church in Beneath You. To me that is a tremendously mind altering and even a spiritually enlightening moment for Buffy. Its not just the interactions we see here but its also the location which was chosen too. As Buffy walks up to that church with the slow drum beat you know she is stepping into something overwhelming and to me it feels foreboding and fateful. (I mean come on, you see Mary and Child just as she walks in above her head and then by the end of it and the way she is looking at him on the cross???? Also the use of the love theme between them making its first appearance here.)

    The main reason I like it is because it marks the end of Spike and Buffy as we knew them. If you notice the scene has a particular moment where it shifts from being very confusing, violent and fragmented (In Buffy's eyes) to becoming all about clarity in Buffy's eyes. This is portrayed through the use of Location, dialogue, mise en scene, body language and musical score.

    At the start as she enters Spike is a figure of malice and confusion, he lingers in the shadows, he rambles "nonsense" and the score is all over the place and fragmented. We also have the use of one disembodied word in the dialogue which literally marks the finality of Spike and Buffy as we knew them It comes just as Spike is a shadowy figure and is literally talking about their old interactions he then says: "Ending"..then "Angel" and with the moment of Buffy's dawning realisation it suddenly changes. Everything changes: Her defensive mannerism towards him immediately disappears (she lowers the stake), the music suddenly flows properly, he walks from the shadows into the light, he is making sense. The way she slowly turns around twice to face him is a method used in film where someone is looking at someone with new eyes. Especially the way she is looking at him on the cross. That is understanding between the two on a level we have never previously seen before.

    He walks out twice from the shadows in this scene but if you notice carefully "pre and post soul Spike" gets a totally different reaction from her.

    I adore Sarah's facial acting the second Buffy actually understands he has a soul. IMO you can literally see a wall between them which has been there for 6 years come crashing down in the space of about 6 seconds. This was the moment where everything changed between them forever, They never, ever revert back to the way they were.

    Anyone else have any scenes they particularly admire and would care to share and talk about? I love reading different views of Buffy episdes and scenes because it brings a greater depth of insight into understanding the show's characters and themes.
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    The moment that Spike turns up at Giles' because of the chip is the one of the most important moments for the character. His path is set, if he was evil to his core that would not have been where he turned. When I combine this with his grief at the foot of the tower and his awe on Buffy's return I feel no shock that his path ends up taking him to Africa.

    So if I had to pick one scene in someone's journey, for me, the (combined) scene in the caves in Africa is one of the most significant for Spike (not a great surprise there). The grit and determination he shows to achieve what he can to put things right is, I think, inspiring. He is there, as a demon, knowing he would rather die trying than carry on as he was because he realises what he was, where he was, is untenable with the man he wants to be, so there is no compromise. The decision to go there and then the grit to see it through perfectly displays the self awareness and strength of mind the character has and I love him for it.


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      Yes I totally agree with you Stoney. Its IMO something which makes him totally unique as a character in those caves. He cant even stand to be who he was, he'd rather die..

      Its something that Angelus or IMo any vampire would have never, ever done least of all for Buffy Summers. Angelus was perfectly content, his soul had to be forced into him twice. Spike on the other hand willingly wanted it and he couldnt stand being a vampire anymore

      Again it all feels very fateful. Like he was meant to always be William and William was always supposed to be with Buffy but he was in the wrong timeframe. Thats probably me just doing the typical spuffy thing

      But one thing is clear, he was certainly not really comfortable being a vampire towards the end.
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      the nonsensical vocabulary of Buffy and Spike


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        Buffy - Not killing Angel in "Angel" (1.07). This established that if she likes someone enough, she'll 'get past' that that someone is a possible danger.

        Willow - Willow in "Choices" deciding to stay in Sunnydale instead of going to a better college. This establishes witchcraft and Buffy are more important to her than academic and financial success.

        Giles - "Welcome to the Hellmouth" (1.01). Asks Buffy, "Let me help you." This established that he wasn't going to treat Buffy as his 'weapon' or whatever. And this was the clue that he'd take Buffy's side over the Council's side.

        Xander - He's attracted to the supernatural. He's attracted to Buffy and Faith. Cordy was pretty much a substitute for Buffy. He's into Anya and
        . He's very loyal to the Scoobies except in cases when he wants someone and that someone is attracted to someone supernatural.

        Angel - deciding to "be someone, someone to be counted" because he wants to be with Buffy. Also, "Eternity" (A 1.17) showing that it's only the affects of the curse that makes Angel 'not' 'Angelus'.

        Spike - "Surprise" (2.13): he gets the Judge together. This establishes that Spike goes for 'big'. He'll later get the Gem of Amarra and he'll later get his soul back. All three of this things were pretty much 'impossible'.

        "Becoming Part II" (2.22): his deciding to help Buffy save the world. I consider this the reason why he was 'let in' in BtVS S4 and a reason for why Buffy would eventually get with him.

        "Lovers Walk" (3.08): "Our love was eternal: literally". Buffy is the only relationship with a mortal that Spike's had since becoming immortal.

        "Pangs" (4.08): in desperation he goes to the Scoobies, is invited in, and snarks.

        "Something Blue" (4.09): Giles and Xander are mostly confused about why Buffy and Spike are together. There didn't seem to be much disgust or barfing.

        "Fool For Love" (5.07): what we learn of Spike's background: that he was a sensitive, romantic, member of the Victorian London upper class. Also, it's established that he pretty much only cares about himself, his girl, and his family.

        Riley: "A New Man": After hearing all Buffy's done as the Slayer, he's not sure that he couldn't take her in a fight. This established that he wasn't comfortable with her being so much more powerful, able, and capable than he.

        "Killer in Me" (7.13): He offers to remove Spike's chip. This seemed to be done without knowledge of Spike's returned soul. But this shows a lot of trust in Buffy and loyalty to Buffy and perhaps shows that Riley doesn't hate Spike anymore.

        Dawn: she takes the news that she's the Key extremely well. And after "Blood Ties" (5.13), it doesn't seem to be a big deal to her. She offers in "The Gift" (5.22) to die. And it's not an issue after BtVS S5.

        Oz: we find out that his cousin or whatever is a werewolf. So, he already knew about the supernatural and therefore he wasn't surprised about the existence of vampires.

        Cordelia: she falls for Xander. She fully joins the Scoobies. 'Substance' for her becomes more important to her in her guys than 'coolness' or wealth. And her joining the Scoobies means that she puts the larger world as more important than her personal popularity or wealth opportunities.

        Drusilla: she was going to be a nun. She falls for William Pratt. Other than that, her power and 'insanity' define her.

        Harmony: despite being considered a dimwit or whatever, she always successful. At school, she's either the most or second most popular person in the school. As a vampire, she gets with Spike which automatically gives her position and power. Plus, she gets a better lover than most. After that, she eventually joins Wolfram and Hart and eventually manages to be Angel's Executive Secretary (such people would be making 6-figures). After that, she manages to
        become wealthy
        in BtVS S8 and after and probably prevented more deaths by vampires than
        any Slayer in history

        Spider: another who managed to use her relationship with Spike to benefit herself. She
        creates Twinkle which is like a Spike/Spider version of Twilight

        Illyria: She takes the news that her army is dead rather well. She's relatively okay with having less powers. She helps out Angel and Co. instead of killing all of them. In Hell-LA
        she's pretty much Spike's bodyguard and muscle and has feelings for him


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          Too lazy to do more than one character, so I'll do only Buffy: the moment in Prophecy Girl where she accepts her responsibility to protect everyone she loves and goes to face the Master. It's the defining moment for her character which establishes the lengths to which she will go to protect the ones she loves.


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            I may pick many scenes, but there are two which shows an important side of Angel character in BTVS / not his character in ATS / -
            1. The top Hill scene in Amends - it shows that Angel is weak , when he refused to fight anymore. He told Buffy that not the demon but the man inside him makes him week , e.t.c... And it wasn't the only one time when he shows weakness and
            2. In Graduation when he drinks from Buffy .

            May be the fact that his soul is given him for punish is the reason that he becomes a weak sometimes and part of him wanted to rid of his soul.

            In Never leave me - when Buffy decided to give Spike a chance . She realized that he is not a monster anymore and while all the other refused him, she give him a chance ..." You think you know me ?You don't know even yoursefl ...." . Spike can't see but she can that he is not a monster anymore.
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