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    Really interesting thoughts.

    I especially like the idea of the cycle, the repetition and breaking that. Isn't it stated during S7 that Buffy has changed how things are done even before the empowerment with the scythe that breaks there being only one. And of course your quote from unsouled Spike before he changes himself meaningfully in questing for his soul works with this and then against Buffy breaking the cycle in S7 too when he sacrifices himself. By putting the mission first whilst wearing the coat of a slayer, one who die by his hand doing the same, but this time Vampire saves Slayers.


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      Originally posted by TriBel View Post
      ]The other (blindingly obvious but I've only just thought of it) reason for her being white is Joyce, the real mother. Joyce crops up several times in S7 trying to offer advice and I'm never sure whether she's the First or whether Buffy's dreaming. The First qua Buffy gloats when Buffy is hurt in the Chosen battle and mentions her mother. As a result, Buffy rallies (she falls and her mum picks her up...I kinda like that). [/COLOR][/FONT]


      Can I just play with this cycle metaphor? Yes - it's cyclical but it's a series of cycles: Vampire kills slayer...Vampire kills Slayer...etc. It's a series of small cycles on a timeline. A timeline usually indicates progression but this is just repetition - it's a continuum of homogeneous empty time. "Homogeneous empty time is the kind of time measured by clocks and calendars. In homogeneous empty time, every moment of time is equivalent and empty. It is homogeneous because one “day” or “minute” or “hour” is treated as equivalent to any other." Empty, I think because we know what's going to fill it (in this case Vampire who kills a slayer...another slayer). Giles knows what's going to fill it because it's written in the Watcher's Diaries. Those diaries are not only records of the past, they're projections for the future. Until Buffy...Buffy breaks the continuum. But isn't this what the First Evil break the slayer continuum? To break the continuum and send the world back to a past state (a pre-slayer state). Okay…I can see now why there’s a good Buffy and a bad Buffy. There’s some really good stuff here when you unpack it. [/COLOR][/FONT]

      I can’t help but think it’s deliberately ambiguous as to whether or not Buffy is dreaming of (longing for) Joyce, or whether it’s First Joyce. If the two ideas aren’t being conflated or merged somehow.

      ​​​​​​​I also would love to quote Stoney here but my tech skillz aren’t up to it. I think it’s your classic vicious cycle.
      You know what I am. You've always known. You come to me all the same.

      "There's a lot of comedy to be gotten from the world's doom spiral right now." Tracey Ullman, June 2018


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        I don't know, it doesn't seem like too vicious a cycle if it can be broken up. That the future can be changed is one the most consistent and positive messages of the show (and comics).

        Regarding multiple quoting, this is the 'fix' from the Report a Problem thread's first post...
        Multiple quoting isn't possible - click the 'quote' option on all the posts you want to quote (quote will turn orange) and then scroll back to the top of the page where the 'post reply' button will show the number of posts you have selected in brackets and clicking on that button will enter them into your text box at the bottom of the page to edit in your responses.