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    They are very different characters, Ford was only around for one episode and Ben had a longer arc, but which did you prefer and why?
    Billy Fordham

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    Why? Okay, for one Ben was better looking than Ford. Secondly, although both of them betrayed Buffy (or Dawn in Ben's case) Ben tried to do something worthy. He was an intern. He aspired to become a man who helps others. He failed, but at least he tried. Ford never tried. `Hey, I have cancer? Yo, I go evil and kill people, because I have been treated really unfair.`
    Ben has been suffering from an unjust fate from his early childhood on and he stood up against Glory (and her minions) for a long time. In the end, he acts evil. But he tries not to. He tells Dawn to not tell him about her being the key because he knows he might let it slip or he might sell her out. He knows what he does in the end is wrong. Ford doesn't care that what he does is wrong. He doesn't care about Buffy, who has been a friend of his. He doesn't care about anyone at all except for himself.

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      No way was Ben better looking than Ford


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        Ben - for the worthy reasons flow gives and for the more mercenary fact he has the potential to earn decent money. I don't care what they looked like - it's immaterial because neither's Tom Ellis or James Marsters.


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          I don't think Ford was attractive at all. But although I'd say Ben was more attractive he wasn't my 'type' and why I prefer the character has nothing to do with his looks anyway. As I have said in the supporting character elimination game, Ben's situation and his struggle in choosing what to do was really interesting. The layering to his character in both wanting to make the right choice but also the uncertainty in how mixed his feelings were at points in wanting to defy Glory, to end the situation but also in wanting to survive. And he was making morally questionable decisions to protect himself/Glory from the start too (calling the Queller demon). The uncertainty of which choices he would make at varying points made the character quite intriguing. I think Ford was interesting and in a great episode, but he in himself would have been more interesting if we'd seen more of his initial responses to his illness and the emotional toll. We saw a lot of what Ben went through and how he eventually fell. Far more interesting overall.


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            I have to say Billy, and I don't like him all that much. Ben is the most generic nice guy character ever. If he wasn't the body in which Glory was imprisoned there would be nothing interesting about him. Except that Ben is also a mass murderer. No one gives a damn about his victims because they are mentally ill. Ben called down his queller that kills it's victims in a horrific manner, and it's completely dismissed by the show.
            Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.


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              Ben has more time to develop and could have had a more interesting story but I find Billy's actor's performance superior overall, so I picked him.
              In terms of character, they're pretty similar actually : they have something bad happening to them through no fault of their own but they deal with it in a very selfish and pretty despicable way.
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                I don't agree that the show dismisses the poor morality in the choice Ben makes over the Queller demon. Max's review of Listening to Fear in the rewatch was fantastic and really opened up the hidden shame of madness in society and silencing. Ben's actions and how he was able to hide the indicators of Glory's actions were very illustrative of hidden aspects/shame society has.


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                  I voted for Billy.

                  I find Jason Behr to be a much more charismatic and interesting actor whereas Charlie Weber was very bland and forgettable. It has little to do with their morality as I agree that they're pretty similar and that regard and their dark actions makes them more interesting anyway. But Charlie Weber really was very underwhelming to me whereas I thought Behr made Billy really interesting and that he was a better fit for the tone of the series.
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                    Ben cause he has a season long story arc whereas Ford just shows up in only one episode, and is interduced as Buffy's friend who we have never heard of before.
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                      All caught up.

                      All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

                      * Billy Fordam is there in “Lie to Me” (B 2.07) simply to show that Buffy would prefer to date someone like Billy than date Angel or Xander. This wasn’t exactly new information.

                      And the ‘meat’ of “Lie to Me” is actually about Buffy/Spike anyway. Buffy learns Spike has a girlfriend. Buffy view and consideration of Angel lessens because of what Angel did to Drusilla. Buffy decides not to try to dust Drusilla: something that also applies to “Innocence” (B 2.14). Literally the next episode has Buffy calling Spike “honey” and smiling because Spike seems interested in her. Plus, you know, Billy = William.

                      * Ben is evil but he’s an interesting and compelling character. And he’s the reason Glory doesn’t simply easily kill Buffy.

                      Illyria in Angel S5 has the problem of why she would subordinate herself to Angel given she doesn’t like Angel (the nonsense of post-Season 9 notwithstanding) and given how weak Angel and Co. are.

                      RESPONSES TO THE THREAD:

                      * Tastes differ, but Ben is a doctor and Billy Fordam was a dying student with brain cancer. Points for Ben. Plus, Ben is actually charming and actually likes Buffy and is interested in Buffy.

                      * Buffy has a past life in Los Angeles. In some respects, it would have been interesting for Pike to show up. The main problem with Buffy/Angel is Angel was Buffy’s ‘backup option’ arguably until BtVS S3.

                      Buffy/Spike is superior because—for whatever reason—Buffy in BtVS S6 and BtVS S7 specifically wanted to be with Spike.

                      Billy was simply someone else Buffy would have preferred to be with than Angel.


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                        MikeB I am going to ask that you stick to the topic of the thread which is Ford and Billy and begin a new thread if you wish to discuss shipping and Bangel VS Spuffy.
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                          Ford. Sometimes "one and done" is just more memorable than "drawn out and dull as a dishrag."