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BtVS's status given "Breaking Bad" and "Games of Thrones" are considered better?

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    Originally posted by Priceless View Post
    Canadians are brutal
    I prefer sensible. Canadians are sensible. You've got Boris. The states has The Donald. Happy to say you can't find Canada on this list.......yet

    “I like who I am when I’m with him. I like who we are together.”


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      Originally posted by BtVS fan View Post
      I guess its personal preference but I thought the last books Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons were boring. While constantly repeating the line "where do whores go" doesn't make it any better.

      I'm guessing you've not seen Killing Eve or Peaky Blinders then ?

      Sopranos lost points because of that ending which was awful. And is there no Mad Men love here ?

      You shouldn't need a TV show to make you a better person, you were probably a good person already you just didn't know it
      I don't think they have quite the caliber of the earlier books, but I will say I am wildly curious as to what word Brienne shouted to Lady Stoneheart to save Pod. There's so much in the books that can't happen in the Benioff world.

      I've tried Killing Eve twice. Just can't get into it, and this from someone who loves Sandra Oh. Same with Peaky Blinders, actually.

      I agree, you don't need a tv show to make you a better person. You don't need any form of entertainment, literature, art, music, drama, comedy, etc. But all of those can make you a better person, too. For some reason Buffy made me start to call myself on my rationalizations. It wasn't instant, and it wasn't a conscious WWBD. But getting through losing my life as a physically mobile productive Montessori teacher and having 4 surgeries a year was a ****ing hard transition. Now that I am facing surgery number 16, Buffy still helps me face it without drama or self pity. Maybe I didn't need the show to make me a better person - maybe it was just to access some part of me that was always there. To me that's a moot point.

      I'm not alone in this. Just google 'Buffy saved my life' and you'll find a fair amount of others, as we all know. You're not going to find that from any of the other shows we've talked about here. Buffy works on a visceral level in a way that great art works. The sum is greater than the parts.
      Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.


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        Originally posted by vampmogs View Post
        Whilst BtVS has inevitably fell out of the public conscious in comparison to more recent shows like Game of Thrones (it's over 20 years old!) dare I say that I think it's more beloved now then it even was back then? Like a lot of entertainment of it's era, BtVS has benefited greatly from 90's nostalgia and it is remembered of fondly IMO. I think the general TV viewer/mainstream is also a lot more willing to watch genre TV then it was back in the 90's and that the show's title and premise isn't so off-putting as it was back then.

        It's not a perfect series but it's a wonderful series. I've watched a lot of 'calibre' television that doesn't move me as deeply and with characters that may be interesting, well-written, and 'edgy', but who haven't touched my heart the way that these characters did. I've rarely been compelled to talk about other TV series on message boards and even when I do, it's short lived. The fact that I've been obsessed with this series for 23 years and have discussed it online for approximately 17 years, to me, speaks volumes about how much I adore this little series even if it's not objectively the 'best' out there. But it's pretty damn good, if you ask me.

        I really don't have any interest in passing judgement on people who prefer other series though. It says absolutely nothing about their intelligence. I do think BtVS is incredibly smart, nuanced, and complex, but it hasn't stayed with me for over 2 decades because it's cerebral. It's touched me emotionally and that's what matters. Whatever TV series captures someone's heart then that's fantastic and good for them.
        Agreed. I would not be here were it not true for me as well. When I say such things about fans being in an echo chamber regarding the show, it's only to point out that it's not taking into account the overall view of the show. It's not perceived to be on a level near GOAT contenders, so there's no reason to get miffed that it isn't high on IMBd or some other ranking site. To be honest, I find the constant need to rank everything tedious and dumb. Which series, which season, which episode, which character, blah-de-blah... But, as I said, BTVS fans don't even like great portions of the show. But of course BTVS fans by and large can't tell the difference between "I don't like this happening" and "this is bad writing".

        I try to view shows based on the execution of what they intended to do rather than some grand scale or even what I wanted them to be. I don't compare Buffy with, say, Rome because they are two completely different shows trying to do completely different things.