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Which Is Better, Season 6 or 7?

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  • Which Is Better, Season 6 or 7?

    As we've done the other seasons, we should do these two too

    So which is the better season and why?
    Season 6
    Season 7

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    They are one season.


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      Originally posted by HardlyThere View Post
      They are one season.
      In many ways they are, but they were edited and released as two separate seasons, so that's how I am framing them for the purpose of this poll. It is difficult to choose one over the other, but I hope people will vote if they feel they can


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        They are very different, actually, and sesson 6 is easily better. Season 7 had some good ideas but a lot of poor execution. The only episode I put in my top 10/20 is CWDP. Maybe Selfless.
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          I'm with Hardly There. They might have been released as separate seasons (I'm not sure about "editing") but I can't understand them as different. For me, it has to be S7. Without S7, for me, BtVS would be a enjoyable and intelligent but I don't think it would hold my interest. At the beginning, S7 brings about a "fold", which structures not just the season but deconstructs and reconstructs what went before (I'm beginning to think something similar of S12):

          the fold is the form of connection that follows the general principles of a Deleuzian concept: open-ended & inexhaustive, non-exclusive and unlimited, exterior & infinite.
          Deleuze tends to make concepts: 1) open-ended and inexhaustive, e.g. always have the potential to differ and grow despite a certain consistency of operation (Holland calls this the “underdetermination of concepts”); 2) non-exclusive and unlimited, e.g. every application is creative, generative, and an ongoing process and therefore always allows alternate routes to be taken, as in every actualization enables counter-actualizations (cf. Deleuze’s preference of potential to the possible); 3) exist in exteriority to one another and are therefore infinite, e.g. a general rule of Deleuze’s metaphysics is that the relation between two terms itself is a third term, so there is nothing “necessary” or “intrinsic,” only determinants within differing sizes of infinitely

          a) Nope...I don't know what it means either and b) I bet you wished you'd never asked!

          However, I do understand Willow when she says "everything's connected".

          (PS. I've actually gone off S6 a bit. )
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            I love Season 6, but I have to say that talking to people (especially TriBel) about Season 7 has helped me to see that season in a different light and come to love it almost as much. It's not as easy a vote as it once was.


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              I haven't voted yet, but I'll probably go with S6. For too many reasons to list.

              My first DVD box set of Buffy was the S7 one, it was a while before I bought them all. So I endlessly rewatched a lot of S7 episodes until I couldn't watch them any longer and that made me less interested in this season.

              But I now have a renewed appreciation for S7 - a lot of it went over my head before, because I think it can be more cerebral (and that has the effect of making it appear more opaque in certain ways.)

              But I still love S6 just a TINY bit more. Having said that, I do seem them as very connected seasons.
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                So, season six has Bargaining, Once More, with Feeling and Tabula Rasa which are all great episodes and Villains, Two to Go and Grave are at least decent as well but everything else is mostly borderline unwatchable, just boring, lifeless, monster of the week episodes and spuffy garbage that doesn't even belong in this franchise. Season seven has Chosen, Conversations With Dead People, Selfless and...and Storyteller, I guess? Spuffy is still obnoxious and kinda gross, the potentials suck and, worst of all, the action/spectacle is suddenly gone? The entire season is just people talking, talking and talking in Buffy's ugly suburban house. You're supposed to be fighting the biggest, baddest evil - go punch something or whatever! And yet, it's all still more fun to watch than season six so season seven gets my vote this time.


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                  Oooo looks like this could be the closest vote yet folks! If you haven't already, please consider voting


                  • #10
                    I think tonally they're very different, even if they work in progression, and I ended up voting for 6. But I see that it's neck to neck!
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                      I'm actually torn because I'm starting to lose my love for S6 lately. I adore the first half of S7, and I love the second half of S6. I'm gonna need some time to figure out which season I enjoy more.
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                        I adore where they took Spike's story across S6 and how it works from S5 and then into S7. His relationship with Buffy and the complexity of the push/pull they both feel is a fascinating aspect too. Similarly though the best aspects of S7 for me is the continuation of Spike's arc and also seeing how his relationship with Buffy goes from having been mutually abusive to empowering and strengthening each other. So although S6 is my favourite season, I do have a lot of love for S7 too for how it takes S6 and keeps developing it. I completely agree with everyone who has said that they are really a pair, and I do very much see S7 as the continuation of S6. But if I'm forced to split them then S6 is my favourite. I find the inner struggles the characters go through in the season, how they unfold when they are in the height of the difficulties and how it isolates them and pulls them apart really interesting. Plus I find the potentials really frustrating in S7.


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                          Plus I find the potentials really frustrating in S7.
                          Agree - but read it as everyone (and all societies) having potential that's frustrating or, alternatively, frustrated and they become less so.

                          From the opening scene, S7 is functioning at a metaphoric level and it abounds with visual metaphors.
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                            Originally posted by TriBel View Post
                            Agree - but read it as everyone (and all societies) having potential that's frustrating or, alternatively, frustrated and they become less so.

                            From the opening scene, S7 is functioning at a metaphoric level and it abounds with visual metaphors.
                            The Potentials are meant to be frustrating, IMO. The pressure of having to deal and protect them throughout the season is rather crucial to it.


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                              Season 6. No question. And I don't understand how anyone could think of 6 and 7 as the same season. They are so different. I think of S4, 5 and 6 as a trilogy of sorts. 5 and 6 are especially closely linked.

                              Season 7 is more its own kinda thing, even if it deals with the fallout of S6. It is also the most poorly defined season for me, as I am not quite sure what they're going for. There are individual episodes that are amazing, but as a whole, the season is easily the weakest since S1. And many of the episodes are very boring. People don't give it nearly enough credit for all the great stuff, but still.... it's like the show is running out of juice.