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Which Is Better, Season 6 or 7?

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    Same here -- peanut butter is not combined with jam or anything else. Just pure, unadulterated peanut butter. In fact, peanut butter and jam sounds pretty gross to me. On the other hand, peanut butter and marmite is a combination I'd be happy to try.

    For me, S6 would be the marmite in the equation and S7 the peanut butter. For the record, I voted S6.


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      Real peanut butter should only be combined with berries and berry preserves. None of this jam/jelly business.


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        Nothing beats peanut butter and honey but peanut butter and jam is also very good.

        “I like who I am when I’m with him. I like who we are together.”


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          And all of a sudden...."Tell anyone we had this conversation, I'll bite you"...takes on a whole new meaning!

          Hardly There's combination is crying out for Artisan Sourdough Bread!


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            Originally posted by TriBel View Post
            The simple truth being there is no truth? Or the simple truth being there's no truth - only truths in the plural?
            That truth is singular and easily uncovered. S6 has an unstable ontology. S7 reestablishes a stable one.

            Season 6 asks: Who is Buffy? Is she good or bad? Is she weak or strong?
            Season 7 answers: She's a hero. She's a hell-of-a-woman.

            Season 6 asks: What is real?
            Season 7 answers: Everything real. It is always real.

            Season 6 asks: Is reality subjective?
            Season 7 answers: No! Stop telling stories. Life is not a story.

            Season 6 asks: Is there any salvation? A way to improve the world? A way to find meaning?
            Season 7 answers: Yes. By breaking down the old prisons, we can find truth, community and freedom.