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Buffy making the bed with Faith

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  • Buffy making the bed with Faith

    Cut to Buffy walking through Faith's apartment her arms crossed in front of her. There are cardboard boxes stacked everywhere. Buffy stops and sees a cat jump up on Faith's bed.
    Buffy: "Who's going to look after him?"
    Faith: "It's a she. And aren't these things supposed to take care of themselves?" walks up behind Buffy and stops next to her.
    Buffy: "A higher power guiding us?"
    Faith looks at her then turns away and keeps walking towards the camera: "I'm pretty sure that's not what I meant."
    Buffy looking down: "There's something I'm supposed to be doing."
    Faith: "Oh yeah. - Miles to go - Little Ms. Muffet counting down from 7-3-0."
    Buffy grimaces: "Great. - Riddles."
    Faith standing in front of the broken window looking out: "Sorry, it's my head. A lot of new stuff."
    Buffy looks at her with a half smile. The cat on the bed turns for a split second into the image of a girl (Faith?) laying on the bed in white gown at the same time as Faith still looking out the broken window says: "They are never going to fix this, are they?"
    Buffy concerned: "What about you?"
    Faith turns around and gestures at her head: "Scar tissue. It fades. It all fades."
    Buffy looks down with a frown. For a split second Faith's bloody knife appears in the palm of her hand.
    Faith as Buffy looks back up: "You want to know the deal? Human weakness - never goes away. Not even his."
    Buffy with a half smile: "Is this your mind or mine?"
    Faith with a short laugh: "Beats me."
    Buffy gives a little laugh in return and looks down.
    Faith walks towards her: "Getting towards that time."
    Buffy looks at all the boxes and the weapons laid out on the table beside her: "How are you going to fit all this stuff?"
    Faith: "Not gonna. It's yours."
    Buffy: "I can't use all of this!"
    Faith: "Just take what you need. (reaches her right hand up to touch Buffy's cheek) "You're ready?"
    Flash to white and to Buffy waking up in the hospital.

    There is no evidence that I can find that Faith is ever aware of this dream or anything in it. Why do people assume this is a shared dream?
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    Well, I'm almost certain that Whedon has confirmed that it was a shared dream but besides that, I feel Faith was the only one close enough with The Mayor to be perceptive enough about the key to defeating him ("Human weakness. It never goes away. Not even his") and that it's fitting that she would be the one to reveal this as she is his weakness after all, as Angel points out.

    Also, Season 4 confirms that Buffy and Faith have some kind of telepathic/dream state connection as in Restless Buffy tells Tara that "Faith and I just made that bed" in reference to Faith's dream in This Years Girl where she and Buffy were making Buffy's bed right before her blood is spilt on it. So whilst this doesn't provide unequivocal proof that Buffy and Faith were both present in their dream during Graduation Day II it does give us concrete basis for knowing that such a thing is possible and does happen at least once. And since in both dreams Faith makes reference to Dawn ("Little sis coming. So much to do before she gets here") it seems likely to me that it's really Faith in both episodes.

    My interpretation is that it was Buffy's mind and that Faith had somehow telepathically slipped into her consciousness/dream state whilst they were both unconscious. It would explain why Buffy would remember the dream but Faith does not (or if she does she certainly doesn't reference it when she awakens). And as Buffy wasn't near death she seems more 'grounded' throughout the dream whereas Faith has insight into Dawn and Buffy's death that she didn't previously before ("Sorry, it's my head. A lot of new stuff"). Likewise, in This Years Girl I think that both girls are present throughout Faith's coma dream but that it was taking place in Faith's head which is why Faith remembers the dream and Buffy does not until she's in a dream state herself in Restless.
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