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  • Fray

    My copy of Fray has just arrived, so I thought I'd start a thread as so many people are reading it at the moment and we might like to post our thoughts.

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    Mine hasn't arrived yet but I can access it in-line. Sigh...Well - I could access it in-line but online might be more productive. Stupid computer can't spell!
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      I read this about 4 or so years ago so I'll wait to see what fresh eyes think.


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        I re-read Fray a while ago. It felt dated, in that late 90s throwback to retro science-fiction kinda way. The characters weren't very interesting either. If not for season 8, I'd never read it.


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          I read it ages ago a thing of evil and I have to agree, I thought it was quite dull. I feel like I have to read it again to refresh my memory because it seems it's going to play a big part in the final season and I don't remember it at all.


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            I skimmed it last week again just to refresh my memory, same with TOYL.


            You really get to know and see Fray develop in such a short time frame. While not as memorable or deep compared to her present day counterparts, they did well for what they had.

            A nice take on the "public & vamps" thing whereas Buffy was a case of willful blindness people like Erin know they're weird but not why.

            No love angst, a bit of a rarity in anything Buffyverse. Though I have to wonder if Harth's "goodbye" to Fray was a slight riff on shippers mad Buffy never really chose anyone at the end of her show.

            Urkonn and the twist on Watchers and Slayer mythos with Harth was well done.


            Future slang, just ugh. This is not Star Trek. While realistic, annoying.

            A bit bland cyber-punk in places.

            Unmemorable ultra-bads with the two Old Ones mysteriously pulling the strings for purposes that have never been expanded years later.

            Not the fault of the book itself but with one of Joss 's goals clearly to tie the main world to Fray, the changing of the Scythe in Willow's book, the "no magic" at the end of Twilight arc. Loo in Whistler's dead world in S9, teases that amount to nothing; until now. I'm not sure why Joss was/is so enamored with this story to have the entire comic continuation always hinge on it. It's nowhere near fleshed out enough to measure up for that.

            Random thoughts:

            In narration said Gunther is the result of people or their parents getting too close to sun radiation. He himself says he was born in the gutter literally. Obviously written at different times and everything, but could Gunther actually be a descendant of Magic Town?

            I saw mention in a thread of a future vision of Spike/Angel with flying cars in the Fall? I don't remember that at all?

            They said their were no more demons either right? Urkonn and Gunther are the only ones we really see. But in TOYL Buffy switches places with some kind of demon that fights Willow and Kennedy. Inconstancy? Or after-effect of Hath's plan?

            His little person doorman was killed off in TOYL, that's actually more bold then the main comics have been in a while.
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              I like Fray, and having read it made me appreciate Time of Your Life, which I didn't like in my first reading because I knew nothing about Fray and her universe.
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                I'm debating reading it. I'll watch this thread and if people are enjoying it I'll jump in. What I really love is Buffy not comics so not sure I want to read a whole different story about characters I'm not attached too.

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                  If you decide not to read Fray I don't think you're missing much. I found it was a very bog standard comic which dragged, not helped by the fact it took Whedon bloody ages to write it.

                  Out of all Whedons Buffy ideas I think this was definitely the weakest which is why I've always hated it when he's tried to connect what was his strongest/most successful show (Buffy) with this very ho hum product .


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                    I read it last night. I'm still in the "Yes - Fritz Lang made Metropolis - get over it" mode. Even the first frame seemed indebted to Lang's Moloch. I half expected the Buffy-bot to make an appearance.


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                      I am enjoying the story, though I'm a bit disappointed that Mel Fray isn't an ordinary girl. One of the reasons Buffy is so compelling is that she's just a normal girl thrust into an abnormal role. When we first meet Fray she's already a jewel thief used to fighting monsters. It seems a very small step from where she starts to becoming a slayer.

                      Icarus seems an interesting character. I enjoyed him making the other vamp bite his own finger off. I also liked the man setting himself on fire. It's a very violent and brutal book.


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                        Icarus seems an interesting character. I enjoyed him making the other vamp bite his own finger off. I also liked the man setting himself on fire. It's a very violent and brutal book.
                        Just wait...

                        Fray's run into lurks before but nothing too supernatural. She's a bit like Gwen.


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                          Fray is 19. She's drawn very young. So she must have been a slayer for a while. She even says she's been 'good at stuff' for a long time. So was she born a slayer as opposed to being a potential, who doesn't have the strength an agility a slayer does.

                          Fray's 'watcher' says that no slayer has ever turned her back on their duty, which isn't exactly true. When all the potentials became slayers, not all of them joined Buffy's army, and at least a couple went rogue (Simone, Genevieve)

                          ' Isn't jake . . . ' I thought 'jake' was slang from the 1930's and it seems really odd to read it in this book, which is attempting to move language forward and make it particular to this time. Does anyone else know when 'jake' was first used as slang?

                          - - - Updated - - -

                          Erin's a bit overly dramatic isn't she 'No . . . I wanted to be wrong' . . . but she knew Mel was a thief so I don't know why she's so surprised.

                          Some funny lines between Fray and her 'watcher'
                          - 'I simply don't trust that fishman'
                          - 'Don't worry, I'm sure there's no way he could possibly have noticed that' Some nice moments during training.

                          Like that the slayer in what seems like Indian dress has a watcher who looks like part of the British Raj, showing the differing culture/status in the watcher/slayer relationship

                          - 'He set himself on fire!'
                          - 'Maybe he was cold'
                          Dumb joke, but I'm enjoying the dialogue a lot more as the book goes on, there are some laughs here.

                          So no-one actually knows what happened during the ultimate battle between Buffy and the demons, or where magic went or why. Or if Buffy survived. But we know Willow still exists in this time. I am hoping with all my heart that we don't see Buffy dying again in S12


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                            I like the way they cut from Harth being turned to Mel fighting Icarus in the present. That worked really well. From here the story picks up pace and is more enjoyable.

                            The idea that the slayer dreams can be separated from the slayer is really interesting and begs the question, what makes a slayer? Is Fray really a slayer just because she has the strength when she isn't connected to the slayers that came before?

                            Harth battering Fray is brutal, and so creepy when he's talking about how much he loves her and feels close to her.

                            The fight scenes are really great and I like Fray's voicing of them as she realises she can kill them, and how they die.

                            Fray being eaten by the snake makes me think of Buffy saying the mouth of hell will open and eat us alive and it will choke on us! I wonder if Harth has dreamt of Buffy saying that? Probably not or he might not have bought the snake into being

                            I enjoyed the book more than I expected to. I don't find Mel very compelling as a character, she's far too cool to begin with to interest me. i liked Buffy because she was ordinary and wanted ordinary things, Fray does not. But as a continuation of the Buffyverse I thought it was good enough and I now feel ready to read S12


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                              This is quite long and ponderous, but it might interest some . . .