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Buffy:Tales of the Vampire.

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  • Buffy:Tales of the Vampire.

    I carn't wait to get this issue.The hyperlink is here >

    Any thoughts of it , I think it looks cool
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    Your hyperlink isn't working. At least not for me anyway. Also, are you sure you're not talking about the Tales of the Vampires oneshot that was released months agao?


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      Yeah the links not working for me either so something must be wrong with it I guess And if we are talking about the old Tales comic that was released 3 weeks ago does anyone happen to know if it was some limited time deal or anything? Because I've gone to about 10 comic stores around my area and they all say we can't order them anymore or it's not on sale. There was a death in my family and I never got the chance to go out and buy it. I'm thinking of just ordering it online but I'm not sure where? Help please!


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        Well there's always eBay of course. Or any online comic store. I'm sure they'd have back issues.