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    I have all season from Buffy and Angel and have watched them several times, but cannot get into any of the comics? Anyone else feel the same? Sometimes I just fee that the comics kind of ruined the story for two reasons. One, things happen too fast. This isn't Joss' fault, things have to be happening quickly in comics. It just doesn't feel the same as the television series to me. I also feel the same way with the Angel comics.

    This is indeed my first post, and I already cannot wait to contribute and discuss more with people in this forum. None of my friends will watch this show, whenever I mention it, I get laughed at. I don't mind it though. Most people who haven't seen any feel that way simply because of the name. After watching a few episodes, however, people change their mind get interested in the story. I myself started watching Buffy during season 2. I must have been six or seven years old. I remember when I watched killed by death, I was too scared to sleep. I stayed up, against the wall, with my light on for three straight nights. I was even afraid to go to the bathroom. Ah, memories.

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    Well you're not the only one who doesn't think the comics have the same feel as the TV show.

    I personally find season 8 to be not to my taste most of the time, and even AtF which I did like can't hold a candle to the quality of work that went into the 'real deal'.

    But they are just graphic spin off's after all and so can't be viewed in the quite th same way as they work under different constraints.


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      Because of how quickly the comics move, it almost gives it a movie feel, minus all of the random deaths and resurrections of course. I can imagine seeing David fighting through the demons in hell on the big screen. If only money weren't a constraint.

      The official story of Angel ends at the fight scene, for me at least. It really hurts my insides to think of how it ends, even five years later.
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        "Angel: After the Fall" definitely has a cinematic feel... it would basically be a "Dark Knight" or "Watchmen" length action/adventure movie.

        Buffy Season 8 is being produced to feel much more like a season of television. Structurally, I think it has the most in common with Buffy Seasons 5 and 7, and Angel Season 4 -- the central villain is introduced very early and the stakes are immediately huge and dangerous and epic in scale. Particularly similar to Angel Season 4 is the idea of betrayal that's built-in and the mystery of who Twilight is.

        Plot-wise, Season 8 has the most in common with Buffy Seasons 4 and 7 for its ties with the theme of power -- supernatural vs. mundane, whether or not the fact of Slayer power creates rights greater than those of normal humans to fight some fights, to "be the law". It has the most in common with Seasons 3 and 6 with regard to the intersection of mundane and supernatural life, and how being superhuman fits in with living a normal life, how it affects relationships, etc.
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