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  • Comic Continuations -- Better With Music

    I've done similar threads before, but I thought I'd try again and be more specific -- the lack of live performance and score and all the devices of live action television has long been considered an obstacle to engaging and enjoying the comics. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's actually blocked out and imagined various scenes from the continuations to try to grok more closely with them.

    Some of the best emotional scenes from the television featured both original compositions and licensed music as score that make them more effective. Think of scenes of significance to you from Season 8, 9, and AnF (or "after the fall" as well) that you think had some of that gravity and name a song you think might have really communicated something extra in that scene.

    For me, this came to mind because I heard the Great Big World song "Say Something" for the first time and, hewing away from its romantic context, it actually brought my mind back to the late Season 9 confrontations between Buffy and Xander and how their decisions put them at odds. When you have a friendship defined by loyalty that is being held over the volcano's edge, lyrics like "say something; I'm giving up on you" I think could have really pushed it up a notch if you had the actors playing it, Xander confessing to going to Simone and Severin.

    While I can't think of songs, I'm guessing Buffy and Spike in 9.06 would yield some ideas, or when Renee dies, or any sort of imagined post-Giles dying montage, etc.
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    I played Bohemian Rhapsody and Comfortably Numb for Xander when he was pouring out Reene's ashes if that counts for anything. I played them separately mind you.

    Oh and Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny for the fight between Angel and Buffy.
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      I always thought Coldplay's "Viva la Viva" encapsulated Buffy's arc in S8 really well. The downfall of a king, or in this case queen, from royalty to street-sweeper, or waitress. It's all about the pressures of leadership and the isolation of a leader.

      Whedon's own pick "Uniform Grey" is also a fitting song for Buffy's story.

      And The Killers "Dustland Fairytale" always reminds me of the Buffy/Angel in S8. From an idealised Fairytale;

      "The Dustland Fairytale beginning
      With just another white trash county kiss in '61.
      Long brown hair, and foolish eyes.
      He'd look just like you'd want him to
      Some kind of slick chrome American prince."

      To Angel turning on Buffy and scheming against her;

      "Saw Cinderella in a party dress, she was looking for a nightgown.
      I saw the devil wrapping up his hands, he's getting ready for the showdown.
      I saw the minute that I turned away, I got my money on a pawn tonight."

      A lot of the lyrics evoke strong imagery found in S8. For example, Buffy in "her nightgown" and "Cinderella don't fall asleep, the kingdom is under siege and everybody needs you" reminds me a lot of Buffy falling under Amy's True Love Spell whilst the castle is attacked in TLWH. With the added layer that Buffy falls under Angel's spell, best shown in Jo Chen's "Twilight" TPB cover. And the play on fairytales is really appropriate given how frequently S8 refers to them.

      You also have Angel treating her like "a pawn", Buffy being blinded by the idea of first loves and her own "American prince", and even "good girls dying", "minds being poisoned" and "souls on fire." I think it all resonates really strongly with B/A's story in S8 and the larger story overall. If S8 had been on TV that song would be a fanvidders's dream.

      I don't really have songs for individual scenes though. It's hard for me to imagine that as BtVS was very score-heavy and unlike many other shows, it didn't use pop songs to play over montages etc. I actually preferred that to be honest as not only do they date a show much more quickly but some shows seem to have a song/montage at the end of every episode and it gets tiresome, frankly. There's only a few times when the series every really did this ("Goodbye to you" in Tabula Rasa springs to mind).

      However, I did listen to the Kick-ass soundtrack and there's a couple of action scores on there that are really quite powerful and make your heart beat faster. I do imagine them over some of the battle sequences like in WatG.
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        I always though that this song was great to describe Buffy and Spike in Buffy season 8.

        Nickelback - Far Away


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          I think the best effect they've ever gotten out of licensed music montage was actually "Displaced" by Azure Ray in 6.19. Just this long, slow breath being let out watching the characters feel like they've truly spun apart.

          I like all your ideas (although Nickelback as a Spuffy thing kinda hurts, since that was a favorite Buffy/Xander video that has since gone "poof"). Oh, incidentally, the song I mentioned has its own Spuffy video, "Say Something" by Great Big World.

          Another song thought I had is actually a repurpose of a song I first heard in a Buffy/Xander video, "Wires" by Athlete. Great googa mooga, but does that fit well with Xander's whole mindset and emotional space about Dawn as she's slipping away from them late in the season.

          The kind of scenes I thought people might have some ideas for would be --
          • Buffy and Spike pool scene in Season 9.
          • Sequence of Buffy --> Xander, Xander --> Dawn in 8.28
          • Willow and Buffy talking serious in 8.10
          • Willow leaving in 9.05, up to and through Buffy's pregnancy test

          I know some of the moments begging for a scoring theatrical score would be Buffy vs. Twilight, Round 1; Spike's heroic rescue; the sequence ending with Giles' death, etc.
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            This is a little off-topic since we're talking about seasons 8 and 9 but I always thought that Leonard Cohen's song Take This Longing perfectly describes Spuffy in season 6 from Spike's POV. And probably it is also true to great extent for comic continuation. Maybe S10 will be different and will finally break that dynamics. Here's lyrics:
            Many men have loved the bells
            you fastened to the rein,
            and everyone who wanted you
            they found what they will always want again.
            Your beauty lost to you yourself
            just as it was lost to them.
            Oh take this longing from my tongue,
            whatever useless things these hands have done.
            Let me see your beauty broken down
            like you would do for one you love.

            Your body like a searchlight
            my poverty revealed,
            I would like to try your charity
            until you cry, "Now you must try my greed."
            And everything depends upon
            how near you sleep to me

            Just take this longing from my tongue
            all the lonely things my hands have done.
            Let me see your beauty broken down
            like you would do for one your love.

            Hungry as an archway
            through which the troops have passed,
            I stand in ruins behind you,
            with your winter clothes, your broken sandal straps.
            I love to see you naked over there
            especially from the back.

            Oh take this longing from my tongue,
            all the useless things my hands have done,
            untie for me your hired blue gown,
            like you would do for one that you love.

            You're faithful to the better man,
            I'm afraid that he left.
            So let me judge your love affair
            in this very room where I have sentenced
            mine to death.
            I'll even wear these old laurel leaves
            that he's shaken from his head.

            Just take this longing from my tongue,
            all the useless things my hands have done,
            let me see your beauty broken down,
            like you would do for one you love.

            Like you would do for one you love.