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  • Stoney

    I had to look back and see why all this stuff is even being discussed in this thread. BtVS 9.06 is the Issue in which Buffy tells Spike’s she’s pregnant. My point (at the time) was something like Spike wouldn’t have a right to be upset that Buffy may have had sex with someone at the party or had sex with someone later and somehow got pregnant. This was before the reveal that
    she never was pregnant

    So, I was talking about things like:

    Spike didn't sleep around in S7
    In “Sleeper” (7.09), Spike tells her he was. It’s extremely naive to consider that he meant something else when he tells Buffy, “So, yeah. I go and pass the time... with someone. But that's all it is is time, 'cause—God, help me, Buffy—it's still all about you.” And, clearly, Buffy reacts to Spike’s saying that in a way that she knows he just told her he’s been sleeping around.

    and there is no reference to him doing so in S4 either.
    Spike knew that he could go to college parties: he did it in “Harsh Light of Day” (4.03). In “Where the Wild Things Are” (4.18), he realizes that even the Initiative soldiers don’t recognize him. After Harmony leaves, do you really think he was celibate until Harmony came back to him? So, again, Spike was possibly having casual sex with college students.

    Honestly MikeB it seems as if when it comes to Spike's sex life you have all of your own personal canon to draw from.
    No, it seems you prefer the idea of a Spike who only has long-term relationships. And even in BtVS 9.01, Spike’s making out with a random brunette mere feet from where Buffy is.

    So, for the IDW stuff, the point is simply, that if its canon, [spoiler] Spike was having sex with Spider and Spider was his girlfriend. Buffy hasn’t even been in a relationship since being with Spike. Spike was almost certainly having sex with other of the immortal beauties of Spider and Co. [/quote] And overall, Spike could have been with Buffy at any time after Buffy’s Cookie Dough Speech to Angel. Essentially, the point is that Spike not being with Buffy could have resulted in her having sex with someone else and her being pregnant with someone else’s child.

    I actually did respond some of the Hell-LA stuff, but that’s another thread topic and so I edited that stuff out. Overall, it’s canon that Spike wasn’t celibate after “Chosen” (7.22).


    • No it isn't canon apart from Harmony in his heartless reactionary sex after being recorporealised and I totally disagree that the S7 stuff means that he was sleeping around. I doubt he has been celibate but you infer any possible intimacy to mean that he had sex. Not everyone who is free and single has casual sex. Of those that do, not everyone has sex anytime that they are offered and do actually prefer to be a little more choosey. Even if they are happy to get a bit more frisky with a high number of people that doesn't mean that they are sleeping with them all. I don't think that Spike should only be in long term relationships but I don't think that that means the moment he sees someone, touches someone or kisses them that he beds them or even that he wants to behave like that. There is no textual, factual basis for your assumptions. In fact, as it currently stands the Spike mini has just directly contradicted your interpretation of him. Our characterisations of him just don't match so on this one I think we have reached the limits. I want to agree to disagree and no longer get into things that just aren't confirmed canon and are inferences, assumptions and extrapolations because I know that yours is always that he was given the opportunity and took it, Spike always opts to get some. Check. Got it. Don't agree. Please let's just leave it.
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