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Will anyone get fired from the Scoobies? Discussion

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  • Will anyone get fired from the Scoobies? Discussion

    We're down to the last issue but if there's one thing certain...I doubt the Scoobies will have the same members as before. We've been spoon fed possible new members like Billy, Koh, Illyria, Anaheed and Dowling. This brings up an interesting question given the events that's transpired so far...after all this is over will someone be fired from the Scooby Gang?

    There are several prospects who qualify for being "fired" from the Scoobies and of all of them Andrew would be the one most would like to see go given his past actions by putting Buffy in an android body. But since he hasn't been part of the storyline absent the early issues in terms of significance I'd say he's a safe bet to staying on.

    This brings us to the other two suspects...Xander and Willow.

    These are the long time members, the "originals" as you would say. These are the Karen Valentines (Go-Go bassist for 30 years) who've been there thick or thin. But given the events from last season leading up to the upcoming final issue of Season 9...there may be a real chance one or possibly *both* could be fired from the Scoobies.

    Both Xander and Willow have their unique issues with Buffy given the stresses and conflicts each one has had over the years with her. The events of Twilight may signal the end of the road for the Scoobies and Buffy may have to replenish the dugout with new members. Which one has the higher chance of being let go after the events of Season 9? Or do you think regardless of what happens they'll still be around for next season?