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The Seed - who will it be?

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  • The Seed - who will it be?

    First of all, lets dispense with the idea the new Seed will be some inanimate object stashed away in a cave somewhere never to be seen again. The more likely scenario is it will be a person who manifests as this new paradigm from this point on. The question that needs answering before its all over is who will become the new Seed?

    There are several suspects and each have their positives and negatives. Lets go through the list, shall we?

    1. Buffy. She's the protagonist to her own series so it stands to reason we have to include her. Everything revolves around Buffy so she gets to have top priority for storyline ideas. The possibilities with Buffy as the new Seed are endless. It opens up a new chapter in Buffy's storyline and the most interesting thing about this idea is how becoming the Seed affects her personality. Buffy's choices as to whom she dates, who she interacts with and how she views people after becoming the new Seed could really be interesting to watch. I really can't see the negatives here because right now Buffy as a character has really gotten into a rut. There's nothing "new" about her and the dangerous thing is to see a character become stale with no more room to grow. I think Buffy as the Seed offers the best opportunity for further growth for the character. But that's just my opinion.

    2. Dawn. This is the most obvious choice at the moment considering how dire the situation is for this character. Dawn is vanishing because magic is gone from the world...thanks to Buffy's stupidity for sleeping with Twilight/Angel causing her to being forced to save the world by destroying the Seed in the first place. Got that? Not that we're ever going to get an admission out of the writers for coming up with this idea or getting Buffy to admit this is what's causing her sister to be dying right now. But as an audience member I can't stop from putting two plus two together and not seeing the answer right in front of me. So excuse me for being a little blunt on this point.

    Now Dawn hasn't been used as the Key for a long time now and she really could use an infusion of something to make this character be more than just a plot device. So Dawn as the new Seed has its positives as well. The only real negative is this forces a dynamic change in the character interactions between the Scoobies and I don't know how the writers could pull this off without making it look forced.

    3. Xander. Surprised with this one, eh? Didn't think he could be a possibility, right? Well, given all the talk about Xander getting sired as a vampire seems to be getting mixed reviews on grounds his character would be treading old ground then making him the new Seed would be a surprising development to say the least. Xander would finally get to be someone who no longer would be in the shadows as becoming the Seed opens new doors of opportunity for this character and how he interacts with the Scoobies. Again I don't see negatives with this idea as well.

    4. Willow. We finally get to the biggest possibility of all. Well guess what? I'm not going to says a word about the positives and negatives for this character because what I think doesn't matter. It's up to the writers to decide whether she becomes the new Seed.

    So we have four possible choices for the new Seed. We don't know which one if any will be chosen but I think I've laid out a pretty good case for each one. What do you think?