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Willow and Angel in Quor-Toth - some questions.

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  • Willow and Angel in Quor-Toth - some questions.

    Of all the unanswered questions in Season Nine the most glaring in my opinion has been the actions of Willow and Angel in Quor-Toth. This may have implications going forward because they offer disturbing hints about both characters...and Buffy will have to be aware of them.

    One has been the inexplicable decision by both Willow and Angel to just give in to their worst impulses. While there Willow gave in to her cravings for more power and she literally turned evil. What's surprising about this is there was no explanation to justify Willow's sudden turn to evil...and this in itself is troubling because if Willow could simply morph into her evil self what's to stop her from doing this in the future?

    More importantly what are the writers really saying about Willow and Angel as a result of their actions there? Angel was even more surprising...because he had a plan to stop Willow from going overboard, but even this plan allowed him to indulge his worst impulse as well. As Angel bit into Willow's neck to drink her blood as he said later stimulate her pleasure center Angel couldn't stop wanting to feed on Willow. Faith would have killed Angel right there if Willow hadn't regained control of herself.

    The big issue with the Quor-Toth episode is the agency of evil as evidenced here and what it means for the future. Right now Willow is heading into the Deeper Well on a quest to help Buffy save Dawn's life. To do this the plan is to give Willow more power...but we saw the consequences to her in Quor-Toth. What difference does it make to Willow whether she's going to the Deeper Well or Quor-Toth - the end result may still be the same...she may turn evil. If this happens to her there would it really be her fault?