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Season 9's mistakes and missed opportunities. Discussion

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  • Season 9's mistakes and missed opportunities. Discussion

    I think we can safely start discussing this topic since now we're winding down for Season 9 and maybe we can tally up the mistakes made by the writers this time.

    1. So there was no Twilight...yet we were still dealing with Twilight by tiptoeing around the reason why Buffy did it...because she slept with Angel. Why did the writers bother mentioning the aftermath of last season yet chose not to deal with Buffy's biggest reason for her betrayal?

    2. In my opinion there was no Buffy this season at all. She almost wasn't here and it hasn't escaped my attention that having Buffy in a android body can be viewed as a metaphor for someone being absent in spirit if not in body. This in my opinion has been true throughout this season.

    3. Except for the last arc...there was no interaction at all with the Scoobies. Totally nonexistent. The Xander payoff is happening now but was left offscreen for almost the entire season. As good as the Xander story is really could have been even better had this character been building up this this payoff earlier this season had the writers bothered to remember showing him.

    4. No female friendships or bonding. Where was the female interactions this season between Buffy and her sister? Zilch. Where was the interactions between Buffy and Willow? Nada. With the brief exception at the beginning of this season and the very looooonnng intermission with her absence in "Wonderland"...there's been no interaction at all between Buffy and Willow, hence the lack of female bonding or interaction in my opinion.

    5. The plot. What plot? I still don't know what this season's theme was all about except for alot of isolation between all the characters involved. Maybe it's "all alone"...and that might account for the lack of a plotline for Season 9 but that's my opinion.

    So let's have it. I think the above points pretty much covered it unless there's something I missed.
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    OK, this will be kind of a rant, mostly about plot holes, most of them are located in "Apart of me" arc which is IMO the worst written story arc in entire season. But before I start, let's talk about biggest missed opportunity in season 9:

    - unwanted pregnancy/abortion arc - this story had some much potential! It had moral dilemma, it was about real social issue and it was great opportunity to do something new and interesting with Buffy's character, to develop her character. Doesn't matter if you are pro choice or pro life, issue of abortion is worth of discussing and this story could provoke such discussion among people who are usually not interested in this topic - among comic book readers.

    It turned out that there was no pregnancy, so there was also no consequences and no character development. This arc ultimately goes nowhere, it contribute nothing at all to the overall story and issue of abortion is completely abandoned. And if authors wanted to get some point across, then they IMO dropped the ball because any argument they wanted to make is moot since Buffy was not really pregnant, at all.

    Plot holes:

    - robo-Buffy - seriously for all that time Buffy didn't know that she was an android? I find it hard to believe. But what's make me even more flabbergasted is the fact that Siphon could absorb Buffy's energy even though she wasn't even human then and authors stated that Siphon can only absorb mystical energy. What he was absorbing, electricity? Is electricity form of mystical energy now?

    - Andrew's plan - it make no sense at all. He transferred Buffy's consciousness into a Buffybot and it supposed to be a decoy for mysterious enemy, meanwhile Buffy's body was implanted with fake identity and was moved to the suburbs. WHY, WHAT SENSE THAT MAKE? If this mysterious enemy would attack and destroyed Buffybot which contained Buffy's consciousness, then it is game over! What difference does it make if body survives when consciousness is gone? Stupid plan...

    - Pregnancy test - differences in PH levels can't give you positive result on pregnancy test! Where is science in your science fiction? And yes I call it SF story since it have androids, spaceship, aliens and consciousness transfer.

    - From where Andrew got all this money? He bought big house and luxury car. They never explained why is he so rich all of a sudden and why he never used this money for his own benefit?

    - How Simone knew when Buffy's body was being kept? They never explained this.

    - How can you knock down an android? Seriously, it's mechanism, you can't just turn it off by smacking it over the head. It's extremely silly. Especially that we know that this "robot" is bulletproof.

    That's it for now, if I feel like it I will continue to point out flaws in season 9 stories.