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Buffy Season 9 News Thread (2)

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  • So I take it Xander doesn't die? Is that what I'm hearing? Also what was the point of this season besides trying to fix last season mistakes?
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    • Originally posted by Maggie View Post
      Xander's story was the only reason to keep reading (for me) for most of the season. They screwed it up, pretty much because they just weren't willing to treat Buffy's story seriously, which meant they couldn't treat Xander's rage at Buffy seriously. And yeah, with the motivation a complete muddle, it's hard to justify the turn to Severin/Simone. But it should have been justifiable. Xander watched Buffy literally screw the world to hell, and then make a choice to break the seed that arguably was a choice to screw the world in a different way rather than decapitate her lover. I'm not saying those would be fair charges. But I can see why Xander might see it that way. And if that's so, why trust Buffy? Throw in the fact that Buffy has rivalry issues with Dawn over Xander, and that's further reason to not trust her.

      Anyway, there was a good story to be had... but not if they were going to treat Buffy's role in season 8 as issuing in a vague "something I did went bad but we're not about to say what" story.

      The only person who got a coherent story was Willow. She was quite consistent. Buffy did what she had to, but the consequences were grave. Buffy wasn't going to do anything about it, so Willow did it for her. Which is good for Willow fans (comparatively speaking), but bad for the book. Buffy's crisis was never defined, so we never got a turning point for her. The only plot point that ever surfaced was a magic-less world and Willow, not Buffy, is the one who fixed that. Buffy was left with a generic battle with an awesomely dull generic villain. She's going to win, of course. Bully for her. I'll eat my hat if she doesn't. But there's zero drama there. Less than zero. I'm bored just writing about it.

      It's a catastrophically bad season. But not, I would say, some reason for Xander fans to start crying in their pretzels about how they somehow got the worst end of the stick. Buffy got that. We can at least see where the moments were for Xander. But Buffy? I don't know. Was Buffy's big moment turning down Kennedy? I really couldn't tell you.
      But Maggie this is the second season they've done this to us. It hurts us and I only grow angry trying to process it all. What was the point of this season other than to make a profit?
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      • Originally posted by ChaddyMan1 View Post
        But Maggie this is the second season they've done this to us. It hurts us and I only grow angry trying to process it all. What was the point of this season other than to make a profit?
        Well, I've shed my share of tears since the comics started. I've been proud of how restrained Spike fans have been about his complete irrelevance to the season. Xander, at least, was a plot point. (And don't get me wrong, his story fizzled totally -- but as I keep saying that's because the book as a whole sucks beyond the telling of it. I'll stop here before I rant about that some more. Why are we all still on this board? There's no there there any more.)
        "I don't want to be this good-looking and athletic. We all have crosses to bear." Banner Credit: Vampmogs


        • Originally posted by Maggie View Post
          Well, I've shed my share of tears since the comics started. I've been proud of how restrained Spike fans have been about his complete irrelevance to the season. Xander, at least, was a plot point. (And don't get me wrong, his story fizzled totally -- but as I keep saying that's because the book as a whole sucks beyond the telling of it. I'll stop here before I rant about that some more. Why are we all still on this board? There's no there there any more.)
          We're still here cause of the vain hope that someday there will be a Buffy movie that will undo this garbage.


          • Hoping for a movie is about as realistic as hoping that the comics will return to the quality of writing of the show.
            "I don't want to be this good-looking and athletic. We all have crosses to bear." Banner Credit: Vampmogs


            • Originally posted by Maggie View Post
              Hoping for a movie is about as realistic as hoping that the comics will return to the quality of writing of the show.
              I said vain hope for a reason


              • This thread is very off topic. It is a news thread, not a general discussion thread. Please stay on topic. You can start another thread for general discussions based on the news but let's not make users read through pages of comments to get to the actual news.


                • An open letter from Georges Jeanty.



                  • I've met Jeanty at a convention before, he's such a lovely guy. Really nice letter there too, it's great to see that he really does care about these characters, and that he's not just an artist, but a fan.

                    I remeber really enjoying his art in early season 8, especially the Faith arc (No Future For You?). I think he draws some cool looking monsters. Loved Maloker, loved those dinosaur demons Giles associated with, loved Roden's gargoyles. When it comes to emoting the characters: when Jeanty is at his best he's great.

                    Sadly, I just don't think he was at his best in season 9. What do you guys think the problem is? Has he gotten lazy? Are the monthly deadlines just too much preassure and be needs more time or something?

                    I think he's a great guy with a lot of passion for the characters, but I really wouldn't mind seeing someone else take a shot at season 10. Frank Quietly would be my top choice, the guy is a master of so much stuff that the audience doesn't even think about like composition and flow. Seriously guys, check out All Star Superman or his Batman and Robin run.

                    I hope Jeanty stays with the title in the future, maybe doing fill-in issues like Karl Milone or Cliff Richards do. I guess I just wouldn't mind seeing someone else do the bulk of the season to see what someone else could bring to the table. I think Jeanty has the potential to be great if he's given more time and if he was the fill in artist when the main artist needed a break, I think everyone could win. Just my thoughts.


                    • Vampire Ball 4' Recap by Shangel
                      I have been a fan of Georges Jeanty's for quite some time due to his artwork in the Buffy season eight and nine comics. After listening to George talk for an hour, I am a much bigger fan of Georges. Here are some highlights from Georges' talk (I didn't take notes for this talk, so it will be rather brief) :-
                      • Georges was approached by Dark Horse to work on Buffy The Vampire Slayer season eight. Scott Allie (editor of Dark Horse) told Georges that Joss Whedon had requested Georges personally. Georges thought that Scott was just saying that to be nice, so he called Scott's bluff. He told Scott that if Joss really wanted him to work on the comics, he should get Joss to give him a call about it. A few days later, Joss called Georges, and Georges couldn't believe that it was true.
                      • Georges prefers Buffy season nine to Buffy season eight because it was 'back to basics'. He felt that Buffy season eight went a little too far in the way that they pushed the envelope (Buffy and Angel's super-sex and Spike's alien bug-ship were mentioned).
                      • Georges will be working on the six-issue Serenity/Firefly comics "Leaves On The Wind". He notes that *SPOILERS COMING....WELL, NOT REALLY SPOILERS AS IT'S IN THE PROMO MATERIAL FOR THE COMICS, BUT STILL...SKIP THE REST OF THIS BULLET POINT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW* "Leaves On The Wind" will take place nine months after Serenity. Nine months is significant because it turns out that Zoe is nine months pregnant with a baby Wash! Georges wouldn't reveal the sex of the baby, but did note that you will find out (obviously). Georges also mentioned that a new crew member will be added to the comics. I assume that it's a replacement pilot.
                      • Georges said that the biggest challenge he's faced during drawing "Leaves On The Wind" is getting the internals of the ship (Serenity) correct. The internals are actually slightly different for "Serenity" than they are for "Firefly", so Georges has had to pick and choose little details to a certain extent. He also noted that he didn't have this problem when working on Buffy The Vampire Slayer because Sunnydale was destroyed at the end of season seven.
                      • When Joss asked Georges to draw for Buffy season eight, Georges hadn't seen a single episode of the show. Dark Horse sent Georges season six and seven of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Georges became hooked instantly. After finishing season seven, he immediately went out and bought seasons one to five. Soon after that he bought all five seasons of Angel. He considers himself to be a massive fan by this point and would happily talk to anyone about the Buffyverse for hours.
                      • With that being said, he is terrible at remembering coupling names. He referred to 'Spuffy' as 'Spufflettes' and 'Bangel' as 'Spbangel', which obviously drew a big laugh from the crowd as 'Spbangel' would be a combination of Spike-Angel-Buffy. Kind of funny when you think about the fact that Georges drew Buffy's dream involving a nurse outfit, Angel, and Spike!
                      • Georges is Team Spuffy

                      For someone who isn't a 'celebrity', Georges is a very charismatic, loveable guy, who doesn't seem to get nervous in front of an audience at all. That could be due to the fact that Georges is a regular convention goer and usually comes to a Starfury Event every year or two.


                      The following are screengrabs from Scott Allie's interview published in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fan Phenomena"
                      "Gunn dies, Illyria Survives, Spike shanshus, Angel looses an arm and Xander looses an arm too, which is odd because he wasn't even there."
                      Joss Whedon at the High Stakes convention - 2004


                      • Georges is Team Spuffy
                        Well, THAT’s a huge change from pretty much all his previous interviews, especially the Q&A’s on SA.

                        * Regarding the Scott Allie interview, I think all that matters is whether Allie agrees with Joss and how much influence Allie and Co. has over what actually is in the comics.

                        I consider all the interviews and Q&A’s simply PR and advertising. I don’t consider it much different from celebrities posting on FaceBook and Twitter and doing a bunch of interviews.

                        I consider a big problem with the interviews is when it seems the interviewee is speaking as if his – Rebekah Isaacs never did this – interpretations or opinions are actually canon. It’s nice to get their thoughts on things, but that’s all it is.



                          WC14: Jeanty On "Buffy," Wrapping Up "Serenity: Leaves on the Wind"

                          Georges Jeanty discussed working on "Buffy" and "Serenity," and his reaction to seeing his Bishop design used in "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

                          Molina, Editorial Assistant

                          For years, Jeanty was the "Buffy" artist

                          As artist Georges Jeanty spoke during his spotlight panel at WonderCon, he emitted a sense of passion and joy as he spoke about his career in comics.

                          While Jeanty has been published in a variety of comics from Marvel, DC and Wildstorm, he's best known for for his contributions to Dark Horse's Whedonverse. But before he dove into a discussion of his time on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and his current "Firefly" work, Jeanty spoke about something different -- the look Bishop sports in the upcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past." With a huge smile on his face, the artist expressed how cool it was that the movie used his version of Bishop for the onscreen incarnation, a design he said was heavily influenced by rap artist Busta Rhymes and his long dreadlocks.

                          From there, Jeanty delved into his relationship with Joss Whedon, the comics he's worked on with him and how he's not afraid to speak his mind when it comes to the series' plots. Claiming that it was thanks to his "cojones" that he managed to secure the job illustrating "Buffy" in the first place, Jeanty said he didn't initially believe Whedon really wanted to hire him. It wasn't until an email from Whedon showed up in his inbox did he finally believe that the collaboration with the director was truly possible. "I think my little addition to 'Buffy' was that I was coming from it at a fresh point of view. I was really telling the guy after a while, well, do you think this is right? Do you think this should be the case? Joss was really cool about the character he created. He would say, 'Let me know why. Argue your point of view, and we'll see.' There were a couple times where he was like, 'Yeah, you're right.' I took him to task on quite a few things. Buffy sleeping with a woman -- I was the first to go, 'No, I don't get this.' The same goes for Giles being killed."

                          Jeanty spoke fondly about his collaboration and how his questions to Whedon would be ones the director would want to hear immediately, not farther down the road. "I was his first line of defense. If you explain it to me, then all of these other guys around here will be able to get with it."

                          Initially unfamiliar with the Whedonverse, Jeanty began exploring it after landing "Buffy," and he quickly developed an affinity for the series, expressing the joy it gives him to be able to contribute to its grand story. "'Buffy' is a part of my life that will stay with me forever. Sometimes when you need that little fix, there's definitely a 'Buffy' episode that's sort of your go-to episode; one that I can be associated with, and it'll make me feel good inside." Later, Jeanty confessed that his favorite season of "Buffy" is 6, even though a lot of fans argue that it's the worst out of the series.

                          Shortly after Jeanty's "Buffy" gig wrapped, he received another phone call from Whedon, this time asking if he would like to illustrate the "Serenity" comic with Joss' brother Zack on board as a writer. Jeanty happily accepted.

                          "Now is where we find out what happened after the film with the Alliance and with River being what she is," Jeanty said, explaining the set-up of "Serenity: Leaves on the Wind." "What that means with all of that, [is] Mal has the ship; Jayne is no longer with them, but the cute thing about that is, we're able to meet Jayne's mother. Obviously, Kaylee and Simon are together. They are like rabbits, those two. Of course Zoe's pregnant. Obviously, Wash is still there in spirit. Mal and Inara finally come together, but they're not really happy unless they can argue and have makeup sex. They don't stop arguing, but they understand at the end of the day to just meet in the middle and forget about that."

                          At one point, Jeanty commented on the kookiness of Jayne's mother and how the character's iconic hat comes into play in the comics. "I want to say it was Zack who put it in. There's a page where Jayne's mother is there, and she's knitting. She's actually knitting a sweater to the orange/yellow/red hat that he wears. As wild as that is to picture, there's going to be a whole outfit of that at some point. Of course, Jayne is a big momma's boy, so he's not going to say no to that outfit when it's done."

                          Though Jeanty was quick to praise the comic and its writer, there are no plans for additional "Serenity" comics in the near future. "'Serenity: Leaves on the Wind' is ending in June. Joss (Whedon) loves 'Buffy,' but I think he's more protective of 'Serenity.' This will probably be the only thing we get this year, for sure, of 'Serenity,' and hopefully somebody will want it to come back. I firmly believe that if Zack Whedon wasn't the writer of this book, I don't think it would have happened so quickly in this short amount of time. This will probably be the only 'Serenity' we'll get for at least a year or so. It's sad, but it's great we got something."

                          The highlight of the short but fun Q&A portion of the panel was his answer about what it was about the series that made him become such a rabid "Buffy" fan. "Have you ever watched the series? There you go. I've had this discussion, and I'm so passionate about this, just as passionate about how you guys are when you ask who Buffy should end up with. I am very passionate, and this goes beyond 'Buffy.' It's anything. It doesn't have to be a TV show. It could be any movie or music, anything that moves you, anything that provokes you, and in a lot of cases, anything that makes you cry.

                          "I find that people tend to possess that. You did something to me that is so personal, I now own you or you are mine. I claim you. Every 'Buffy' fan can cite certain scenes that they're so passionate about. I'm the same when [Buffy's mother] Joyce dies. If you had not cried in that episode, then you don't have emotions. I don't mean to be extreme, or I'll do you one better. The first time Oz leaves Willow, I am wrecked. Seriously. It's not even a TV show anymore. You have moved me to the point of where I can't think about it."



                            Top 300 Graphic Novels Actual--March 2014

                            BTVS SEASON 9 TP VOL 05 THE CORE was 17th bestselling Trade PaperBack of the month, was sold for $17.99 and 2,806 were the sales by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during March 2014.

                            Anyway, I assume that more buy the Trade PaperBacks through places like and maybe book stores and such than do at comic shops. And obviously there are such things at Kindle sales, and digital comics sales.


                            • 10 Most Bizarre Things In Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 & 9



                              • First Season 9 Hardcover solicitation.


                                Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Library Edition Volume 1 HC

                                On sale Jan 14
                                FC, 304 pages
                                HC, 8” x 12 3/16”

                                The world has lost its connection to magic, and a new breed of vampires has been born—zompires! Still, there’s more trouble for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: a magic siphon is loose, student loans have to be paid, Willow goes walkabout, and Buffy finds herself pregnant while coming to terms with her relationship with Spike. Collects Buffy Season 9 Volume 1 and Volume 2.

                                • Expanded sketchbook and deluxe oversized format