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Angel & Faith # 25 Issue Discussion Thread(Full Spoilers)

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    Just wanted to give some brief thoughts on the end of Angel & Faith in season 10(issue 24 and 25)

    Overall I thought the last tow issies were fair.I think overall Angel & Faitrh was weaker this season so the ending was never going to be as exciting as the conclusion of Angel & Faith in season 9.

    I really liked noir feel of this season and character stuff.I think Koh worked better here then in Buffy last season.I thought Nadira's arc over the two season was good.

    Archaeus was a poor big bad IMO.

    Mixed reaction on the Illyria/Fred stuff due to another character being brought back.

    I think Angel and Faith's arc wasent as strong this season but again I think part of that is that I thought the season 9 storyline was stronger.

    Overall Angel & Faith this season was okay but not great like last season.

    I'll admit I'm also not as interested in Magic TOwn at this point so i'm hoping for a change next season.

    I think I'd rather have Angel & Faith play a role in Buffy next season rather then a monthly book.Maybe a Angel & Faith mini series or a limited run instead.


    • #17
      I would not like to have Angel and Faith coming over to the Buffy series - it's not practical page space dealing with all these characters - maybe for one arc but frankly I've had my fill of Angel and Buffy working together - to me it's taking a step backwards. I've been thinking same about maybe doing mimi series stories that would still feature Magic Town with perhaps one taking them on a totally different adventure away from the Magic Town primary story. I think there is still plenty of material in the Magic Town Tale that could be explored.

      Unfortunately for me, I am still feeling like Dark Horse is still trying to do "damage control" from The Twilight Times and the everybody loves Angel and his warrior partner Faith and his new team is bit heavy handed.

      Still totally dislike the bring back Fred element and to have Illyria being suppressed/control by Fred does not satisfy - why the hell is Illyria still this awesome powerful life form that is allowed to come forth as needed for muscle and yet normal human Fred is powerful enough to take control over her? They needed to give me more information on how and why this happens to make me believe this story element.


      • #18
        normal human Fred is powerful enough to take control over her?
        A human whose soul was supposed to have been completely destroyed, poof, gone, obliterated. I don't like the idea of her being back at all and they've never explained how she's back after aforementioned soul-poofing.

        You're right about DH being on damage control, but it would be less noticeable if the other side didn't seem to catch every bit of the fallout while Angel gets carried around on everyone's shoulders.

        I'm not a fan of the magic town thing. It just seems like a way to recreate Sunnydale's center of mystical convergence thing. It worked fine once, but now it feels forced.


        • #19
          Totally agree with you - I don't like that Bring Back Fred at all and she has been little more than boring since her return - there should be nothing left of Fred other than what Illyria wishes to bring forth as a temporary vision of Fred. Why not just work with a new original character that can become an important part of the story - they created the detective and then just threw him away as vampire army fodder. I did like Eldre Koh and the had the basis for more story with his shared history with Illyria - I would have like more from this storyline and it would have brought some continuity with the events presented in the Siphon/Severin/Illyria Deeper Well magic explosion that caused the transformation of Illyria.

          Oh well - I'm only a reader - not even sure I can call myself a fan - 'cause I really not the the Team Angel anymore but I love the Buffyverse and loved the Angelverse so much that I just keep wanting more -


          • #20
            They probably don't think fans will accept them, I guess. I didn't care for the Illyria/K'oh stuff. K'oh is interesting himself, but Illyria bothering to imprison him outside of time and all that? Just dumb. I doubt there would even be K'oh if Joss didn't create him. I wish they'd have kept him in the BTVS side because that thing needs a blood transfusion. It's the same old dynamics being redone over and over there.

            I don't get why they completely abandoned the Pearl storyline and instead opted for the Riley one. It created all kinds of problems verse-wide. I guess they wanted to have guns and explosions or something.

            Oh well - I'm only a reader - not even sure I can call myself a fan - 'cause I really not the the Team Angel anymore but I love the Buffyverse and loved the Angelverse so much that I just keep wanting more -
            I read them for the same reasons I read the old Dark Horse comics and the novels. I like Gen over shipper stuff, which is why I burned out on fanfic. It's hard to find gen fanfic. Plus the art has a novelty to it. I don't see these books any differently than the other official media put out from 98-03. I was a fan of Buffy and Angel the TV series, not necessarily the franchises themselves.